Custom Parking Permits

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Identify which vehicles belong in your parking lots with custom parking permits. Using custom parking decals in your apartment complex, business, university, or school helps manage which cars are supposed to be there and offers the additional benefit of having your brand travel wherever else the car parks.

The Perks And Practicality Of Custom Parking Decals 

Parking permits are used to allow vehicles access to restricted areas and control parking. Your business can order custom parking permits for employees and customers to access a private lot. These parking stickers can also be a tool to keep track of how many spaces your parking lot has available for visitors and guests. 

What are the benefits of custom parking permits? Custom parking permits offer a functional use for controlling who can park in private parking spaces. Personalized parking tag hanger decals make it easy for security to spot cars that should or shouldn’t be in a specific spot. Custom parking decals offer the additional benefit of being a marketing tool for spreading awareness when they display your logo around town. 

Customize your own parking permits to easily identify violators at your businesses, apartment complexes, or large events like music festivals. Unlike our promotional custom bumper stickers usually feature consecutive numbering and are displayed on a vehicle’s windshield. 

Types of Custom Parking Permits

4AllPromos carries different types of parking permits to make sure you can easily keep track of the cars in your lot.

Custom Rearview Mirror Parking Permits

Rearview mirror hangers are larger than a sticker parking permit. They are easily visible from a distance and can be transferred between cars. Custom parking permit hang tags may be larger, but because they’re removable they won’t block the driver’s view. You can use this type of parking permit for visitors or for employees to be permitted into designated areas.

The base color for all our customized parking permits is white, but you have the option to add full-color branding or one-color imprints to the decal permit to better grab the attention of security personnel and potential customers. 

Custom Parking Permit Stickers

If your clientele uses permits daily, parking stickers are a more convenient option. These parking permits cling to the windshield, so drivers don't have to worry about putting them up when they enter the lot. Our parking stickers can withstand the weather, letting authorized motorists park rain or shine. Additionally, parking stickers that are adhered to the windshield are more likely to be seen by passersby when the user is parked elsewhere, making them a branding tool as well as a way to control parking areas.

Buy Parking Permit Decals and Hangers in Bulk

Make sure you have enough custom parking decals for your lot by ordering parking permits in bulk. When you order in bulk quantities you not only have enough product, but you get cheap parking decals too. The larger your order the lower the price per item will be. 

FAQs About Custom Parking Permits and Decals

What sizes are available for custom parking permits?
We have small, mid-size, and large options to choose from. Our printed parking stickers are our smallest at 2” x 3 ½” and our largest is a mirror hanger that offers a 3 ¼” x 7 ¾” imprint area.
What materials are custom parking stickers and custom parking decals made from?
Parking permit stickers are made from vinyl and most of our hanging decals are thin plastic.
Do you have business logo parking decals with free shipping?
We have multiple high-quality parking decal models that ship 100% free of charge.

Secure Your Spaces and Permit Peace of Mind

Organize your parking control and make it easy for new patrol with branded parking decals.  Choose from the flexibility of rear-view mirror hang tags or the permanence of decals for your permits. Whichever style you choose you offer a secure, visible solution to your parking needs. 

Parking permits are Ideal for schools, venues, and residential apartment complexes to not only streamline parking control but also offer a chance for branding. Browse our collection of custom parking stickers and permits today and help your audience park with less stress.

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