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Personalized Parking Permit Stickers for Cars

Custom Parking Permits - Decals, Mirror Hangers & More

Is your school, business, apartment complex, or other organization in need of outside parking permits? If so, make the most of the situation by ordering them imprinted with your brand name. Permit stickers on a vehicle's windshield or hanging from a rear view mirror provide mobile advertising wherever users travel. They're efficient promotional products that will get the job done without breaking the bank! We have a few types of wholesale parking decals to choose from, so be sure to read on and get the information you need to pick the best parking decals, stickers, and tags to meet your promotional needs!

Personalized Parking Tag Mirror Decals in Bulk

We stock custom rear view mirror hanging decals in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and material styles to help meet your parking permit needs. When purchased, these items add an extra bit of security in a parking lot or other parking areas at the workplace and in housing communities. They're just what is needed to ensure that only authorized residents and employees park in limited access areas. Consecutive numbering is just one of the many upgrade options available when it comes to these custom parking permits.

Custom Parking Permit Stickers & Decals

Window decals and bumper decals are another excellent form of custom parking permits available for purchase at 4AllPromos. Our customizable exterior window parking permit decals are sticker permits that can be applied to bumpers, a rear view mirror, or a vehicle's windshield. These durable parking permit stickers come with many options, such as reflective surfaces, multiple imprint colors, consecutive numbering, and much more. Our parking stickers are large enough to be easily visible, yet small enough to not be distracting to drivers.

Cheap Custom Mirror Decals & Hangers

If your customers, employees, or target market members require bulk car windshield or mirror decals, you'll want to pick a style that can save on money. Fortunately, we have cheap personalized hanging parking permits to address this situation. Affordable, effective, and printed with your branded artwork, these affordable mirror tags are suitable for schools, businesses, apartment and condominium parking areas, and much more.

Create Custom Parking Decals Printed with Your Logo

Looking to customize hang tags or a parking permit sticker with your company logo or other personalized artwork? If so, we're here to help. Our talented team of professional artists works with businesses to create their own logo designs or to work off of templates to create high quality, attractive designs that will draw plenty of eyes to your signage. Our custom printed parking stickers, hang tags, and other promotional vehicle decal items can help to control traffic on your property, whether it's for residential parking, a concert, sporting event, trade show, other big event, or just a typical day at the office.

No matter which style you choose, our parking permits & decals are guaranteed to meet and exceed your expectations, while providing a constant source of branding impressions on behalf of your business.

Branded Parking Permit Decals - FAQ

Do you have business logo parking decals with free shipping?
We absolutely do! We have multiple high quality parking decal models that ship 100% free of charge.
Can your parking permit stickers be purchased in custom shape formats?
That's another yes. We have models available in numerous shapes and sizes to best fit the needs of your organization as well as its customers, employees, and residents.
What are mils?
Mils are a unit of measure for designating the thickness of an item, typically when it is made from plastic. Our car window stickers and handing windshield permit tags are measured in mils, with ten mils being equal to one-hundreth of an inch.
What is better - a parking permit sticker or a rear view mirror parking tag?
It's honestly in the eye of the beholder; neither option is essentially superior or inferior to the other. Sticker style parking decals can be affixed to the exterior of a car and are often smaller. Hanging mirror parking permit decals are larger and stay on the inside of vehicles. A sticker will take up less space, but a hanging tag will usually have a larger imprint area.