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Custom Retail Products for Promotions
Scott Kalapos on Oct 18, 2022

Most everyone knows that there are many benefits to offering branded items as promotional giveaways at trade shows & events, as corporate gifts, and in all kinds of external marketing efforts. One thing that a lot of people gloss over the fact that many of these same promotional products can be offered in a retail setting. Retail promotional products are one of the biggest industry trends of the 2020s. Many great ideas can be generated when it comes to offering impulse items and other products that customers will quickly snatch these fun and useful items. 

In this article, we're going to show you the top ten 4AllPromos promotional product category ideas for branded retail items that companies can customize and sell to promote their products and services while also pulling in some revenue. 

1. Keychain Promotional Items

Investing in our branded keychains are a great way to market on a budget while advertising to customers both in a store and out on the streets.These low price items are always a customer favorite and will create advertising impressions all over, as these are things that users will take everywhere they go. 

Creating a custom keychain is a fun way to show off your logo, especially when going with a fun or unique style such as in the image displayed below this paragraph. Helpful and handy, these can also be used as discount giveaway items for employees when handed out around the office. 

Customizable Keychains for Retail Promotions

2. Branded Luggage Tags

A common theme you'll notice as you read on is that many retail promotional products are also ideal items for low-cost corporate gifts to give to employees and loyal customers. This is the case with the current category we're discussing, which is our custom luggage tags. Any brand within the travel industry (and beyond) will find success when using these retail items to advertise its products and services. 

Our high quality luggage tags will lead to many retail sales, promoting your business whenever users take to the skies or travel by bus or train. Click the preceding link to shop our full selection to find the perfect promo product for boosting your brand. Don't have a retail location? No problem! Consider passing luggage tags out at your next event or trade show.

Branded Luggage Tags for Retail & Giveaways

3. Custom Ice Scrapers

Want to provide a constant sign of the great service your garage, auto dealership, or parts store has to offer? Shop our assortment of business logo printed ice scrapers! Another low price item that will see large sales numbers, our ice scrapers will stand out when offered as retail items in areas that experience intense winter weather. When your brand puts its logo on an item that users rely on for safety when heading home from the office, school, or anywhere else, the potential for long-term loyalty and emotional connection rises. 

These useful products can make your business logo a sign of security in the minds of all who use them. Consider stocking them near customer service counters, checkout areas, and other places of prominence that everyone will be sure to see when they come in to shop.

Wholesale Ice Scrapers for Retail Sales

4. Bulk Fidget Spinners

While promo fidget spinners are no longer among the latest trends, they still enjoy a high degree of popularity. Many brands can benefit by offering these fun fidget toys in a retail setting. They're great for helping people with autism and ADHD cope through self-stimulation, though they can absolutely be used in marketing toward the neurotypical population as well.

Customers who shop at your retail location will see these items at checkout counters and add them to your order, increasing sales revenue in step with advertising impressions. They can also be offered as free samples or as part of a favor/souvenir bag when used at a party venue or entertainment destination.

Bulk Retail Fidget Spinners with Your Logo

5. Logo Printed Stress Toys

Much like our fidget spinners, our custom logo stress toys are a customer favorite that can be sold as retail promotional products by nearly any business or brand. Giving them a quick squeeze (or maybe several squeezes) is an effective way to reduce stress and burn off excess energy while on the job, in school, or just getting through the day. That's why they have such broad appeal as promotional items. 

Brands of all kinds can imprint them with their logo for a low price and helpful retail item. If you're thinking of going the free giveaway route, we suggest handing them out in bags along with items such as mugs, custom pens, lanyards, custom water bottles, office supplies, and other giveaways.

Custom Printed Retail Stress Toy Promos

6. Promotional Snacks

Whether used as promotional giveaway items or retail promotional products, tasty treats are always a great plan for winning over customers. We have several different varieties of wholesale branded snacks with logo designs, many of which are a natural choice as impulse items. Businesses have been offering candy bars and similar treats near cash registers for ages, as they're something a customer will see and decide to indulge in spur-of-the-moment. 

When you add your logo to our custom snack bags, you create the opportunity to cash in quickly as customers will frequently decide to add them to their bags to enjoy a convenient snack for the road. They won't cost much money, leading customers to view them as great deals when they need a little something to fill up on in between meals. 

Promotional Retail Snacks in Bulk

7. Personalized Mini Fans

Helpful for cooling off on a hot day, our promotional hand held fans are a great tool for displaying your logo in a retail setting. All brands will benefit from having their logo displayed on these items as users take them to the office, ball games, school, and just about anywhere else. Print them with your brand artwork and offer them in your shop or on your company website to create an item that will see plenty of use while building recognition. 

Many of our fans also have spray misters included, increasing their cooling utility. They're an excellent idea for spring and summer promotions and will quickly prove an ideal promotional partner for your company. They're also a terrific item for displaying a logo for a sports team, school, or charitable organization. 

Mini Fans as Custom Retail Impulse Items

8. Wholesale Matches & Lighters

Shifting from cool to hot, the next category we'd like to speak about will literally get your brand and its client base fired up. Or course, we're referring to our custom lighters and promotional matches. They're sometimes given out for free at retail businesses such as convenience stores, particularly when a customer buys tobacco products. This is a winning strategy, though they don't necessarily have to be used to light smokables. 

Candle shops, pharmacies, supermarkets, department stores, outdoor lifestyle retailers, and barbecue specialty shops will all find matches and lighters to be successful products in promoting their brand and building loyalty. Every time someone needs a quick light, they'll whip these items out and in the process, be reminded yet again of the great service and wares they've come to rely on from your brand.

Wholesale Promo Lighters for Retail Sales

9. USB & Tech Items with Company Logo

One of the latest trends when it comes to retail promotional products is focusing on customers' tech needs. Since nearly everyone has a smartphone and often additional mobile devices, supplying a way to stay at a full charge is a great service to offer. If someone forgets their car charger, smartphone adapters, or needs to power multiple devices with a custom USB hub, your brand can be there to help.

Tech promotional items bearing your logo are a certain success when supplied at your retail shop or on your company website. Stock them near checkout counters and points of sale alongside other frequently used items such as pens, sunglasses, sticky notes, and more to form a display that shoppers simply won't be able to pass by without making a few selections. Contact our support team to get an idea for the minimum quantity your business will want to stock for its unique purposes. 

Wholesale Imprinted Retail Car Chargers

10. Fun Branded Apparel Items 

Sometimes, the perfect products to offer in a retail setting are things that people can wear. Logo branded apparel products such as custom t-shirts, personalized hats, or even business logo visors are great tools for making perpetual marketing impressions. When these items are purchased, your logo will automatically be displayed wherever users travel, putting out a constant sign to remind people of your company, team, charity, or other organization. 

Shop our full collection of promotional wearables to find the articles of clothing you'd most like to see boosting your retail sales and displaying your logo. In addition to the category choices listed in the previous paragraph, you'll also find headbands, sweatpants, jackets, vests, dress shirts, socks, bathrobes, and more. 

Promotional Retail Apparel Items

4AllPromos is your source for the top promotional retail items & quality merchandise!

With that, we've reached the end of our guide to the top promotional product categories for use as retail items in your upcoming marketing campaigns. These promotional products will work on multiple levels, as they'll get your name and logo out there while also generating an immediate profit. If you have any questions or would like further advice, please contact us. We want to help you find the perfect promotional product to make your retail marketing efforts a smashing success!

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