Top 10 Customer & Employee Appreciation Gift Ideas

Top Corporate Appreciation Gift Ideas
Scott Kalapos on Nov 2, 2022

Just two months ago, we published an article about some of the best holiday thank-you gifts for showing gratitude toward customers, employees, and valued contacts during the Christmas season. Today, we're going to get into our suggestions for ten of the best recognition gift ideas that work year-round, beyond just the holiday season.

Whenever an employee, loyal customer, or anyone else who contributes to the success of your organization goes above and beyond, it's only right to show them that you appreciate their efforts. 

This situation also provides a great opportunity to engage in relationship marketing, as these are the kind of items that can build emotional ties. They also present yet another opportunity to get your brand and logo out there, making multiple advertising impressions on behalf of your brand each and every day. With this said, we'll now get rolling with our guide to the ten best ideas for business appreciation gifts.

Custom Thank-You Cards

While it's a simple and small way to show gratitude, sending custom thank-you cards can go a long way in helping people feel as though they and their efforts are appreciated. Our large collection of personalized greeting cards can go right to the point with a "thank you", as shown in the image below. We also have a variety of other cards that can add your gift of thanks along to wishes for a happy birthday, happy holidays, and many other occasions. 

You may even want to include them as a little something extra to accompany some of the great employee appreciation gifts & customer appreciation gifts we'll discuss as this article goes on. Our thank-you cards can be personalized with a greeting of your choice along with an imprint of your logo, contact information, or other desired content. Much like a handwritten note, they're a nice way to speak directly to your recipient, saying something special and personal to reflect their value to your organization.

Corporate Thank You Cards

Personalized Corporate Awards

Do you want to express gratitude toward loyal customers, a team member, or even other companies who have provided you with great service?  If so, our customizable corporate awards are a perfect way to celebrate accomplishments & provide recognition. Gifting a person with an item they can display on their desk in the office (or at home if they work remotely) is sure to build pride and strengthen relationships while showing appreciation on behalf of your whole team.  

If you're looking for the right gift within this category, it's important to stop and think of who your recipient audience is. Are you gifting one person or are you passing out promotional products in bulk to everyone who's contributed to your company? The star shaped acrylic paperweight trophy pictured below this paragraph has a relatively low minimum order number of 25, making it a good fit for a large corporation, small business, or anyone in between. 

We also have award ribbons and custom award lapel pins which are helpful for bulk appreciation gifts as well as personalized award crystals which have no minimum order requirement at all. 

Star Paperweight Awards for Appreciation Gifts

Cosmetic, Amenity, and Wellness Appreciation Gifts

It's often said that looking good helps one to feel good. With this in mind, it's not hard to see why custom wellness items and promotional cosmetic & amenity kits make great gifts for vip clients, top employees, bosses, or even the whole team on staff. We have several items that help people to stay in great health, fine-tune their appearance for meetings & interviews, or even just heading out to one's favorite coffee shop with a bit more confidence. Lip balm, sunscreen, compact mirrors, and items infused with essential oils are just a few examples of these practical yet powerful appreciation gifts.

The promotional cosmetic bags pictured below are ideal giveaway items for any special event, but also fit quite well as staff appreciation gifts or as part of an employee appreciation program. They're fun, handy, and useful, ensuring that your company logo will be seen while making recipients feel appreciated & valued. You can also offer them along with some of our other items in this category to make curated gift boxes that everyone will be sure to love.

Amenities Bag with Mirror | Customized Thank-You Gifts

Plant & Gardening Items

Custom plant & garden gifts are wonderful giveaways for an employee appreciation day, reaching out to help remote employees feel connected, or just providing something special for someone who is vital to your company's success. A beautiful plant helps to add some life and beauty to an office or home, and when your company adds its personal touch, it equals out to the perfect gift. 

With customer and employee gifts that require care and attention, recipients will build a deeper bond with your organization. They'll see their plants prosper just as they help your business to prosper. We have many affordable promotional plant gifts, including the Wooden Cube Blossom Kit, pictured below. They make a great gift for your company to use as a message of appreciation & gratitude that will last for a long time to come. 

Research shows that talking to plants can help them to grow, so they can even provide some companionship to remote workers who may be feeling a bit lonely in their home office.

Wooden Cube Blossom Kit | Best Corporate Appreciation Gifts

Imprinted Microfiber Cloths

While branded microfiber cloths may seem like a strange item to include on a list of corporate recognition gifts, hear us out. Many times, a gift that is useful will be the most appreciated. It'll also lead to the most exposure for your company logo, creating multiple advertising impressions each and every day. Our microfiber cleaning cloths are a prime example.

Handy for cleaning screens on smartphones, tablets, and other touchscreen devices, logo personalized microfiber cloths are things that users need to use on a daily basis. They can also help with cleaning annoying smudges off of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Consider a custom microfiber cloth cleaning kit as an affordable yet memorable way to express the appreciation your company has for all who contribute toward its success.

Custom Microfiber LCD Cleaning Kit | Tech Appreciation Gifts

Premium Pens

Personalized pen sets are a classic recognition gift for employees as well as a timeless gift to celebrate the achievements of a friend or family member. We have several to choose from. The example linked to earlier in this paragraph consists of a gift box containing a premium wooden pen and pencil set. These office supply items are practical and sentimental at the same time. Engrave them with your logo or maybe even your recipient's monogram to express your gratitude in a personal and professional manner.

Pen Sets for Business Appreciation Gifts

Shop our collection of custom wooden pens to find personalized employee gifts for the home and office. Each makes a terrific appreciation gift and is certain to be treasured for the long haul. 

Lunch Bags

Much like the pens and microfiber cloths we've already discussed, branded lunch bags are promotional items that will see daily repeated usage. Whether they're used to bring lunch and snacks to the office each day or provided to family members for their work/school lunches, these promo gifts will generate a lot of exposure for your brand. 

We have several styles of lunch bags, including custom insulated lunch bags that help to keep contents at ideal temperatures for hours at a time. These products will help sandwiches, soups, a water bottle, and other food & drink items taste their best while staying healthy & fresh. Would you rather provide a retro metal lunch box as a personalized employee appreciation gift? If so, click on the following link to view one of our top-selling custom lunch boxes.

Branded Lunch Bag Cooler | Back to School Appreciation Gifts

Travel-Friendly Gifts

If your business is in the travel industry or if your recipients happen to be enthusiastic globetrotters, a travel related product can make for a great employee appreciation gift. Shop 4AllPromos to find a broad selection of travel-friendly giveaways that make ideal employee recognition gifts for those who frequently have to travel for work or those who like to hit the road, skies, or seas for fun in their free time.  

Some of our best customer and employee appreciation gifts within the travel category include personalized luggage tags, branded sleep kits, and promotional garment bags. Garment bags are a perfect appreciation gift idea for business travelers who need to carry formal attire with them as they traverse the country and the globe, putting in hard work to make the best possible impression on behalf of your company.

Executive Garment Bag | Travel Appreciation Gifts

Baby Products & Supplies

Do you have several customers or employees who have just welcomed or are expecting the arrival of new family members? If this is the case, promotional baby products can be some of the best employee appreciation gift ideas for your company. They're sure to be used often and with enthusiasm, helping to remind recipients of how much they're appreciated by your business. 

Our Baby Brush & Comb Sets are top-flight customer and employee appreciation gift ideas for first time mothers as well as those who are becoming moms to a second, third, fourth, or any additional child. They're fun gifts to pass around the office on an employee appreciation day, corporate baby shower, or even just to send out by mail as an appreciation gift to a highly valued customer and their family.

Baby Brush & Comb Sets | Infant Appreciation Gifts with Logo

Something Fun, Unique, and Just a Bit Different

A company's success depends on the hard work of a lot of different people. Managers, owners, staff members, customers, contacts, consultants, and more are all part of the team that comes together to make your company excel. One of the best ideas for showing appreciation to any and all of the above groups of people is to give them fun gifts that are surprising, practical, and memorable. 

There are several unique and downright wacky promo products that just plain work as appreciation gift ideas. Our company logo Magic 8 Balls are one item that stands out. They can work as a funny and lighthearted appreciation gift idea for bosses & managers who want to leave the decisions up to somebody else once in a while. 

Other wacky & fun customer and employee appreciation gifts your company could pass out include bubble soap, whoopie cushions, foam dart guns, putty eggs, and all of the other items you'll find when you click on the link at the beginning of the previous paragraph.

Company Logo Magic 8 Ball | Fun & Unique Business Appreciation Gifts

4AllPromos is where to buy the best corporate appreciation gifts & employee appreciation gifts!

That brings us to the end of our guide to the best ideas for customer appreciation gifts and appreciation gifts for anyone else who helps to make your business a success. If you have any questions about what we've talked about today (or the items we've displayed), feel free to contact us at your convenience. You can reach our customer service team by email, phone, or live chat message. We're willing, ready, and able to put in the hard work to get your search for the best corporate appreciation gifts off on the right foot!

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