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Promotional Products for Niche Sports
Scott Kalapos on Jan 5, 2023

If you follow our blog, you'll know that we've already written articles about promotional products for several sports & sports teams. If you're looking for a promotional team giveaway for baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, or football, the preceding links will all get you where you need to be. However, if you're looking to appeal to a sports fan or to sports teams who are passionate about a more niche game, this article will prove to be a great resource.

Read on to find great giveaways for building brand awareness and team fandom for success that will last all season and beyond. Your brand, team, school, business, or other organization will score a win when promoting with these niche market sports products. All of them offer top quality, style, and efficiency, and provide the maximum benefit for your money.

Lacrosse Promotional Products

While lacrosse is a sport that is growing in popularity, it still doesn't have quite the same level of exposure as games such as basketball, baseball, and some of the other big players in the athletic industry. While one may assume it's completely impossible to find lacrosse promo products, we're here to prove that assumption wrong.

We have custom giveaways for lacrosse teams that work great as gifts, retail items, fan giveaways, or souvenirs for celebrating a championship. One such example is the Lacrosse Stick Pin featured below. It's a great way to congratulate all members of winning teams or to recognize participants in a summer sports camp. This is one of our many wholesale sports award pins. We have other products within this collection for courting hockey fans, tennis enthusiasts, and more.

Lacrosse Stick Pin | Wholesale Lacrosse Giveaway Items

Custom Bowling Giveaways

Bowling is a classic sport that has many loyal fans. However, it's not a game that tends to draw a lot of media exposure, and therefore it can sometimes be a challenge to find  promotional bowling products for customers who love to hit the local lanes at the local bowling alley. Don't worry, as we haven't dropped the ball when it comes to providing the best bowling giveaways for casual fans, seasoned pros, tournaments, trade shows, and beyond. 

Pictured below is our Bowling Pin Squeezies Stress Toy. It's a fun novelty item popular with children and adults alike. Users will enjoy giving it a squeeze in order to feel a bit more secure during times of stress or boredom. Consider offering these items by shoe rental or checkout counters in a bowling alley or as an affordable yet memorable giveaway in a trade show booth. 

If your company is looking to put together promotions with multiple items, adding these products to tote bags that also carry gifts such as a logo printed  t-shirt, hats, pens, a sports bottle, or all of the above can prove a winning strategy.

Bowling Pin Squeezies Stress Toy | Customized Bowling Items with Logo

Company Logo Swim Team Items

Swimming is an excellent way to get exercise, whether outdoors or inside. Fans of casual and competitive swimming are sure to love our  promotional swimming gear & giveaways. A giveaway appealing to athletes who perform in the pool is a fun and memorable way to market your organization. Of course, we provide plenty of sports promotional items for swimmers and their fans. 

If you'd like to see an example of the great giveaways we provide for the sport of swimming, simply take a look at the image below this paragraph (or click the link in the previous paragraph). It showcases our Porpoise Adult Swim Goggles, which come in a logo printed case. Ideal as promotions for swimming tournaments or colleges and high schools that have swim teams, these goggles are durable, attractive, and offer top performance. They're also a great fit for other games, such as water polo, beach volleyball, diving, and more.

The Porpoise Swim Goggles | Promotional Swim Team Products

Wholesale Skiing Swag

Custom  team logo skiing products are another tool for brand, company, and school promotion that can work very well as gifts, giveaways, retail items, and athletic apparel. Whether the skiing event your organization is involved with happens during the day or at night, the custom Touchscreen Ski Gloves pictured at the end of this section will fill a need for winter athletes who need to cover up and keep their hands warm. 

These gloves come with features such as a zipper storage pocket, waterproof lining, grip palms, and touchscreen fingertips. These special fingertips allow users to operate phones, tablets, and other such devices without having to expose their hands to the cold. In addition to being a perfect fit for competitive skiers, these items also make great giveaways for the friends, family members, and fans who support them. 

Place these custom skiing gloves into company logo bags along with insulated bottles for refreshing cold drinks or soothing hot drinks. Customers are sure to love the convenience of having such items placed together in bags filled with other related goodies such as a hot chocolate set, custom beanie hat, or perhaps a custom vest, scarf, or towel.

Touchscreen Ski Gloves | Custom Logo Ski Gloves for Giveaways

Imprinted Tennis Promo Products

A tennis match or tournament is an event at which your company, school, or charity can take a shot at showing off its logo to a crowd of potential customers. That's one of the many reasons why our customizable tennis giveaways are such a hit. Tennis is another of those athletic games that has a loyal following, but doesn't have quite as big of a built-in audience as basketball, baseball, or football. As a result, tennis giveaway items can be hard to find, but this won't be a challenge when you search and shop our collection.

We have several custom logo tennis items, such as the full color logo printed tennis balls pictured below. They make great promotional gifts for most any tennis related event and also can do very well when offered as retail products or displayed at an industry exhibition. They'll show off your logo with pride at the stadium, in the park, and any other location to which people head for a good time.  

Full Color Tennis Balls with Logo | Promotional Tennis Products

Branded Volleyball Giveaways

If you seek a relatively low minimum order item, the Fiber Reactive Volleyball shaped towels displayed at the end of this section are sure to be a success. These top-notch athletic towels can be supplied as souvenirs to all who occupy the seats at an indoor volleyball championship game at the stadium or a summer beach volleyball competition outdoors.

These promotional volleyball products are just shining star within our collection. We also have custom t-shirts and custom logo athletic shorts that can make a perfect combination for a volleyball uniform. Search our site for USA-made volleyball giveaway items and products for promotions that are always on point when one wishes to corner the volleyball-loving community demographic .

Fiber Reactive Volleyball Towel | Custom Volleyball Items

Promotional Giveaways for Track Teams

Some of the most unsung athletic heroes in the world are participants in track & field games. We have the best promotional products for running & track teams as well as custom items for those who participate in events such as the shot put, high jump, javelin toss, relay races, and more. Our custom track giveaway items and promotional gifts fill a hole by providing a marketing resource for a niche sport that's often overlooked by the mainstream.

Giving out products such as logo imprinted sports bottles or the Top View Pedometers pictured below is the perfect way to stay in the minds of potential customers and those who love and support track athletes and cross-country squads. 

Designer Top View Pedometer | Promotional Products for Track Teams

Promotional Fishing Merchandise

Fishing is another niche sport whose devotees are fiercely loyal. Therefore, it should be no surprise that our  wholesale fishing giveaways are always in demand. These custom fishing items consist of products such as fishing knives, keychains, key tags, fishing bobbers, and lures. Pictured below is our Classic Sports Lure, which makes an excellent low cost gift item to show support for your favorite fisherman. 

Our assortment of custom fishing products features a blend of low minimum order items for gifts and wholesale affordable items that are designed for bulk giveaways. It also includes company logo fishing hats, perfect for blocking out the sun while spending a relaxing day on the lake or at sea. 

Classic Spoon Lure | Promotional Fishing Gear Items

Personalized Winter Sports Apparel

In addition to skiing, other winter sports such as snowboarding, bobsledding, curling, ice skating, and several others have a fanbase that deserves to be recognized in marketing efforts. Offering products such as  custom jackets for winter sports can prove highly rewarding, especially if your custom logo design is seen on athletes zipping down the hill on their boards or appearing at live and even televised winter sporting events.

In addition to our custom logo printed and embroidered jackets, we also offer promotional winter hats, personalized winter gloves, logo embroidered scarves, and other winter apparel items that can be used for a wide variety of cold weather games.

Whistler Light Down Jacket | Promotional Ski & Winter Sports Apparel

Customizable Cheerleading Items

Though cheerleaders may often be thought of as part of the pageantry of a big sporting event, cheerleaders are truly athletes in their own right. Promotional cheerleading products such as the Metallic Pom Poms with 500 Streamers (pictured at the end of this section) are a wonderful way to show support for those boost morale and push athletes and their teams on to victory.

Cheerleading promotional products are an excellent way to promote at nearly any kind of event, athletic or otherwise. They can be employed on game night, at tournaments, victory celebrations, pep rallies, grand opening ceremonies, company parties, corporate celebrations, and more. Sports teams and cheer camps will also find these to be among the best possible items for building awareness and reaching customers. 

Imprinted Metallic Pom Poms | Customized Cheerleading Products

Buy the Best Niche Sports Promotional Items for Teams & Sports Fans at 4AllPromos!

That completes our guide to the best promotional products for niche sports and the teams that play them. Of course, we have several more items and categories within this area, so be sure to search and shop our site to see them all. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us via phone call, email, or live chat message. We look forward to setting you up with the best possible sports products to promote your business, school, or team!

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