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Custom Team Spirit Giveaway Items
Scott Kalapos on Jun 27, 2023

If you represent a school, sports team, or a business that caters to the sports-loving crowd, we're sure that you're trying to identify the best ways of promoting your brand at every big athletic event happening this summer and beyond. 4AllPromos is here to help in this effort, as the products we sell can provide many solid ideas for supporting awareness of your organization while cheering on the home team. 

We've put together a guide to our top ten best spirit giveaways to support your favorite team all season long. Read on to get some awesome giveaway ideas for showing off fan pride and team spirit for schools, athletic organizations, local businesses, and more.

Promotional Foam Hands

Apart from custom ball caps, imprinted foam spirit hands and foam fingers with your team's logo are among some of the most iconic items out there for showing support for a school or team. Our foam hands and fingers come in many different shapes and sizes and can be ordered in your team's colors and imprinted with your team, business, or school name. They're lightweight, affordable, and lots of fun to wave around in the bleachers. 

Football fans, basketball fans, hockey fans, and more will love representing their favorite teams and athletes with these affordable fan giveaway items. 

Imprinted Foam Spirit Fingers

Wholesale Cheerleader Pom Poms

Pep rallies, homecoming games to kick off the football season, opening night ceremonies, and any other special event can provide a prime opportunity to market to fans with promotional items and giveaways. Our promotional pom poms are always a huge hit, both with the cheerleaders who use them as well as fans who wish to wave them from the stands. 

Their handles can be imprinted with a team name, company logo, school name, or other custom design. Like our foam finger items, these products are light, easy to carry and transport, and present a perfect tool for showing off team spirit.  

Pom Poms for Spirit Giveaways

Custom Noisemakers in Bulk

When you want to provide more than just visual proof of excitement and enthusiasm, custom printed noisemakers are a great way to go. From spirit horns to thundersticks to cowbells and beyond, we sell all of the best personalized noisemaker giveaways to rattle the opposition while pumping up the home team & crowd. 

Kids will love receiving these fun items on fan giveaway nights and will be sure to bring them along to future games and events. When the time comes to create some noise to cheer the team on to victory, our noisemakers will never fail to get the job done.

Wholesale Noisemakers for Schools & Sports Teams

Imprinted Pennants for Sports Fans

When attending baseball, basketball, football, or other games, it's not uncommon to see fans carrying custom felt pennants around when waiting in line for tickets, cheering from their seats, or lined up at concession stands. This is because they're fun and affordable team spirit & cheer products that never go out of style. We have many different styles of pennants, including plastic and felt models. 

Some are imprinted in a single color, while others feature full color logo designs or even full customization via dye sublimation. Decorate each in your team colors to create a unified scene in the stands to inspire players to their best possible performance.

Full Color Team Spirit Pennants

Bulk Stadium Cushions

The football season will be a long one for fans who have season tickets but lack comfortable seats. Our promotional stadium cushions present a smart solution to this problem. Made from durable materials designed for maximum comfort, support, and longevity, our stadium cushions. Order them in team colors or design them to match your corporate logo color scheme. Either way, these are promotional giveaways that will see a lot of use by fans of any sports team or league. 

Many shapes, sizes, materials, and colors are available, all of which are imprinted with colorful and impossible-to-ignore logos   

Customized Stadium Cushions

Personalized Hitch Covers

Some of the more unique ideas for promoting businesses and teams are ones that can be displayed on the way to and from stadiums. One example can be found in our customized hitch covers. Perfect promotional items for any vehicle with a trailer hitch, these products can be used to show team spirit or spread awareness of a special event. 

Each is designed with your company or team's logo and will be something that every sports fan will love to have within their possession. Your logo will be on prominent display along the highways and byways as fans travel to and from the big game or school events.

Team Logo Trailer Hitch Covers

Team Logo Car Magnets

Another popular method for cheering on a team while in transit is attaching custom car magnets to the bumper or side of a vehicle. They're fun for the whole family, creating an easy route when it comes to cheering on the local team to a league championship season. They go along quite well with our team schedule magnets, which can be used to keep track of games all season long. Whether promoting or seeking to raise funds with car magnets or schedule magnets, your organization is certain to encounter success.  

Promotional Car Magnets for Teams

Branded Stadium Cups

Any event venue that offers beer or other liquid refreshment will find our personalized stadium cups to be a perfect giveaway idea. Fans will be getting up to fill them at the beginning of the game and returning to get refills during the middle and late stages. We offer many different varieties, including glow-in-the-dark and color changing models, as well as small, medium, and large stadium cups. That's just the beginning though, so be sure to click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph to explore all of our options. 

Glow in the Dark Stadium Cups with Logo

Mini Baseball Bats with Logos

Memorable and highly popular team spirit items for baseball teams from little league all the way up to the MLB, our promotional mini baseball bats will be a huge hit with every audience. These baseball souvenirs come in varying sizes, with some being almost as large as regular bats at 34 inches in length. Others are small enough to take the form of baseball bat pens, with yet other styles falling somewhere in between. 

They're sure to make an appearance at future games after being received, causing your logo to be exposed to the public on multiple occasions and in multiple locations. 

Mini Baseball Bats for Fan Giveaways

Promotional Sweatshirts

We'll end things by discussing some of our team spirit apparel items. While a t-shirt with a team's logo is always a great buy, outdoor events such as baseball and football games will often require something a bit heavier. Enter our custom logo sweatshirts. Great for showing team spirit at any professional sports game or school event,  our sports team sweatshirts are a great way for showing fan status, whether attending a home or away game. 

Many colors, sizes, and styles are available, including hoodies, hockey style sweatshirts, crewneck sweatshirts, and more. They're a great item to put up for sale at college bookstores during homecoming and spirit week events. 

Team Logo Sweatshirts

Turn to 4AllPromos for the Best Promotional Team Spirit Products for Sports Team Giveaways!

We've now reached the final buzzer for our guide to the best sports fan promotional giveaways and team spirit promo products. Keep all of these items in mind for your next match, game, or school event, as these promotions will go a long way when offered as giveaways at stadiums, arenas, and other venues. Your brand can be part of all of the excitement when your logo is being shown off in the stands. Are you looking for something that's more geared to a specific niche sport? The link in the previous sentence has everything you need! If you have any questions about the items on this page (or anything else), feel free to contact us at any time.

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