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Custom Logo Printed Automotive Giveaways
Scott Kalapos on Sep 5, 2023

Cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and other motor vehicles have a strong presence in pretty much everyone's life. Most Americans need them in order to get from point A to point B. Even those who do not still rely on motor vehicles to get the products they need to the places where they buy or use them. That's why we felt it was high time for us to create a blog article surrounding our many automotive promotional products. Read on and we'll share with you some of the top 4AllPromos picks for auto accessories and other products that you can design with your logo for the perfect trade show giveaways, promo products, and branded retail items.

Top Categories of Automotive Promotional Items at 4AllPromos

While we recommend reading this article in its entirety, you can use the table below to navigate to any specific category of interest.

Bumper Stickers & Magnets

We'll get started with some promotional products that customers and employees can place on the exterior of their cars and trucks in order to provide your brand with some mobile advertising. The first of these is our collection of custom bumper stickers & logo printed car magnets. Great for outdoor use on vehicles as well as indoor usage inside of dealerships or around the office, these are fun and affordable items that can help any car to make a statement.

Our car magnets provide a bit of an extra advantage, as they are repositionable and can be removed from and added to bumpers and doors whenever desired. Some of our repositionable bumper stickers, such as the Extra Large Circle Bumper Sticker (pictured below) have this quality as well.

Custom Printed Car Magnets

Car Flags

Another great category of automotive promotional products that we encourage you to browse is our assortment of imprinted car flags. Sports fans will love attaching these items to their doors and windows to display support for their team during the season, and in many cases, the whole year long. It's certainly an intimidating sight and a quick way to get into the minds of opposing teams when a convoy of fans travel to the big game with their fan flags flying high and proud.

You'll find several models of full color imprinted car flags to choose from, all of which are sure to leave a great impression on all who see them.

Promotional Car Flags

Trailer Hitches

Another fine area of automotive promotional products you'll find on our site exists in the form of our promotional trailer hitch covers. There are many top-sellers among them, all of which are terrific when seeking to promote a car dealership, moving company, marine supply shop, trailer rental company, and much more.

Round, rectangular, and oval shaped hitch covers can all clip securely in place to show off your brand and the products & services it provides. Consumers can mount a full color rectangle trailer hitch cover to their car or truck to broadcast the word about your brand wherever they travel.

Custom Trailer Hitches

License Plate Frames

Any business that wants to market to consumers by providing items that can act as affordable yet prominent customizations to their vehicles will want to invest in our personalized license plate frames. These giveaways are perfect for advertising an auto dealership or motorcycle dealership, ensuring that their brand name and information is visible every time customers go out for a spin. 

Our car and motorcycle plate frames can include your logo, address, website, slogan, and other key information. They're also fun giveaway items for kids who might engineer some creative ways to mount them on a bike, scooter, or moped.

Personalized License Plate Frames

Ice Scrapers

When the colder seasons come around each year and low temperatures hit, nobody will want to be without a trusty ice scraper. Our custom ice scrapers come in all sorts of color, size, shape, material, and functionality options.  A small credit card ice scraper can be taken just about anywhere, whereas our long handle ice scraper and snow brush combos will help to clear ice and snow off cars when getting ready to head off to or home from work on a winter day.

No matter which sort of ice scraper you go with, you can be rest assured that you'll have a high quality product in your arsenal for your next big event or trade show. They can also make a great addition to any gift pouch or bag any dealership hands out as a premium for clients who have just purchased a new car.

Branded Ice Scrapers

Cleaning Cloths

Though they're often associated with the tech world, customized microfiber cloths can also work very well as automotive promotional products & giveaways. They can be used to gently and smoothly clean the exterior of a car without leaving scratches or unsightly smudge marks. When printed with a business logo or information, they can create a highly effective tool for advertising a garage, body shop, auto dealership, parts store, and most any other business in the automotive sector.

If you'd like a visual aid, take a gander at the Large Weslyan Microfiber Cloth, which is pictured just below this paragraph.

Custom Auto Cleaning Cloths

Automotive Tool Kits

If your goal is to build brand recognition for a garage, auto body shop, or automotive parts store, a custom automotive tool kit is one of the best promotional products to go with. Employees and customers will both find a great deal of utility and convenience in every kit we sell. Filled with all kinds of tools for working on automobiles and other projects, these make great corporate birthday, retirement, and appreciation gifts.

We also have several kinds of breakdown kits. This style of automotive kit is designed to help anyone whose vehicle breaks down and needs to quickly improve their situation. Not everyone has roadside assistance or will break down near a garage, so this kind of a tool kit can be a true life saver.

Company Logo Automotive Tool Kits


Some of the most affordable automotive promotional products we're going to discuss are our wholesale keychains. These cheap auto accessories are great for high volume giveaways, such as at trade shows, concerts, and fan appreciation nights. They can also be used to increase brand awareness for a dealership, garage, auto insurance company, golf course, or automotive supply store.

Our company logo keychains come in a grand array of different styles. Browse our collection for novelty styles, handy grip keychains, light-up models, custom shaped key tags, floating keychains, and much more. Whether imprinted or engraved with your logo, they'll have customers and employees viewing your logo every time they take a drive.

Keychain Giveaways

Air Fresheners

Nobody wants to go for a ride in a vehicle that smells bad. That's why car rental services, dealerships, and parts shops everywhere will want to invest in our custom auto air fresheners. We have many different style options, ensuring that there's a type of air freshener to fit the needs of all consumers and the businesses that serve them. We have vent clip air fresheners that grip and stay secure to air vents to keep the good scents flowing. We also have other styles that can hang from rearview mirrors, ensuring that they're visible to anyone who walks by after a vehicle has been parked.

Branded Auto Air Fresheners

Car Window Shades

Finally, we're going to tell you a few things about our custom car window & windshield shades. These automotive giveaways are designed to keep the heat off of seats, dashboards, and steering wheels when the mercury rises. They'll help to make the interior of a vehicle to stay a big cooler on an uncomfortably hot day. They come in a broad variety of shapes and styles to fit all kinds of automobiles and the needs of their drivers.

You can go with a single windshield shade or a custom car shade kit with multiple pieces. Whichever type you choose, your company will have a perfect tool for promoting to motorists as well as the businesses they patronize.

Wholesale Car Window Shades

Shop 4AllPromos for the Best Car Promotional Items & Automotive Giveaways

We've now reached the end of our guide to the 10 best automotive promotional items to drive brand awareness and create customer loyalty. We hope we've managed to provide your business with some solid ideas and choices when it comes to car and truck accessories & giveaways for reaching existing and potential clients. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and contact us at any time. We're ready, willing, and able to help match your company up with promotional products to make your brand recognition dreams a reality!

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