Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Best Promotional Camping Supplies!

Custom Promotional Camping Products
Scott Kalapos on Jul 5, 2023

Enjoy the Great Outdoors with the Best Promotional Camping Supplies!

Does your brand cater to lovers of the great outdoors? If so, you'll certainly want to consider adding your branding & personalization to our customized camping gear. Items that your loyal customers and employees can use while hiking, camping, and otherwise enjoying nature will see repeat usage and will generate countless advertising impressions on behalf of your brand. Read on to find some of the best camping promotional items and personalized camping gifts to make the best possible impression on your target audience.  

1. Company Logo Outdoor Apparel

When people brave the elements, they're going to need certain pieces of outdoor gear to make things work. As staying warm is crucial, our promotional outerwear items are going to be a key part of any package of camping promotional items. Custom vests and imprinted jackets will help keep users warm and dry on camping and hiking adventures. 

Pictured below is our 3-in-1 Valencia Jacket, which has a detachable hood and removable fleece lining, making it a great fit for all kinds of temperature and weather conditions. This is just one of our many great personalized outerwear products. To see the page that displays our full assortment, simply click on the first link in the previous paragraph.

3-in-1 Valencia Jacket | Custom Jackets for Camping

2. Branded Outdoor Tools

If your brand is looking for giveaways and gifts that campers are sure to get plenty of use out of, we suggest taking a look at our collection of custom multi-tools and promotional pocket knives. These items have the strength and durability to tackle all kinds of jobs. Customers who are camping or enjoying other outdoor adventures and activities will think of your company often as they use these tools to help set up a tent, cut fishing line, open bottles, cut wood, manage screws, and more. No matter the task, our collection of outdoor tools will rise to the occasion. A perfect example can be seen below, in the form of the Victorinox Swisschamp personalized Swiss Army knife

Victorinox Swisschamp Swiss Army Knife | Outdoor Pocket Knives

3. Custom Printed Snacks & Treats

When camping, attending a company picnic, or going on a road trip, it's always important to bring along plenty of snacks to keep everyone going along the way. Promotional snacks are an especially important thing to provide to clients while they're out in nature, as they might not have luck catching dinner out on the lake every time. We carry handy snack items such as trail mix, popcorn, peanuts, candy, power bars, and more to provide sustenance on the go. 

However, there's nothing quite like freshly made S'mores around the campfire. That's why we've included an image below of our S'mores By the Fire Camping Mug Set. These gift sets consist of a 16 oz steel campfire mug along with a packet of hot chocolate mix and a single-serving s'mores kit.

S'mores By the Fire Personalized Camping Mug Set

4. Promotional Coolers

As we've already stated, food and drinks are a highly important part of any camping trip or other outdoor event. In order to keep food and beverages healthy, fresh, and tasting their best, they need to be kept at the right temperature. This is where our promotional coolers enter the picture. We have custom cooler bags which are great outdoor gear items for hiking and shorter stays in the great outdoors. However, a big camping trip is going to require a bigger cooler. One of our large promotional camping coolers can be seen below.  

Our USA-Made 54 Quart Coleman Classic Cooler is decorated with your custom logo and is built with maximum cold retention and security in mind. It even has a leak-resistant drain to allow melted ice and other fluids to drain away without users having to tilt the cooler. These particular coolers have a low minimum order quantity, with just 3 units being required to place an order.

54 Quart Branded Coleman Camping Cooler

5. Personalized Insulated Mugs & Food Jars

Of course, there are additional food & drink related camping promotional items within our collection. When one leaves the campsite or simply wants to enjoy a cool or warm treat by the fire, our promotional insulated food jars & custom insulated mugs are a great resource. They're perfect for sipping on coffee in the morning or enjoying a hot meal long after it's come off the grill. Each is imprinted or engraved with your business logo, contact information, or special message to ensure promotional success. Search & browse our full assortment of insulated food and drink containers for items that will be just as popular with the team in the office as they will be with campers in the woods. 

Logo Personalized Food Jars

6. Logo Printed Grills

Whether staying in tents or cabins, customers, employees, and other target audience members who go camping will need a tool for cooking their food. Fortunately, we have several different promotional portable grill style options to choose from. One of these items is our Portagrillo Portable Grill, which can be seen just below this paragraph. It has folding legs, two sliding surfaces for preparing food, a generous grilling surface, and a built-in igniter. We also have multiple models of custom grill & cooler combos. These custom logo camping gear items are handy for tailgating at sporting events, serving food & beverages at company picnics, and providing top-level snacks and meals while camping in the woods.

Portagrillo Portable Camping Grill

7. Custom Folding Tables

Once your customers, employees, or other target market members have cooked up their outdoor meals, they're going to need somewhere to eat them. Our assortment of custom camping gear covers this concern, as our promotional folding tables provide the perfect solution. Lightweight yet durable and easy to pack and transport, our branded folding tables are a must-have for any outdoor meal. Another part of the beauty of these items is how easy they are to set up and assemble.

In addition to being able to serve a purpose for mealtime out in the world of nature, these products can also be used to display your branding at a trade show booth or other business event.

Custom Lightweight Folding Table

8. Branded Camp Chairs

One category of custom camping gear that goes along perfectly with folding tables is wholesale camping chairs. Much like our tables, our camping chairs are sturdy, attractive, comfortable, and easy to ship to any needed destination. Models such as our Reclining Camping Chair, pictured below, have many features that set them apart from the competition. These include adjustable positioning, a large storage pocket, insulated beverage holders, and even a matching tote bag. Imprinted with your logo, they're perfect outdoor furniture items for lounging around outside of the tent or sitting by a campfire. 

Company Logo Reclining Camping Chair

9. Wholesale Lanterns & Flashlights

When night rolls around, your customers, both potential and existing, are going to need something to help light the way. Our promotional flashlights and company logo lanterns make excellent promo products and custom camping gifts. They're great for shedding some light on the subject, both within the tent and while spending time outdoors. They help to protect users from injury, while also helping to locate any items they may need. They'll pair very well with products such as first aid kits and other custom tent supplies & gear.

The lanterns in the image following this paragraph are assorted color options of our Mini COB Camping Lantern. They come with 3 AAA batteries included, helping to save users from the worry of having to find a way to power them up for their initial usage. Iron handles make them easy to carry or hang up above the campsite to brighten the way for everyone.

Mini COB Camping Lantern Flashlight

10. Custom Blankets with Your Logo

The last items we'll cover in this guide are our promotional outdoor blankets. We have many different styles of stadium blankets, sherpa blankets, and branded picnic blankets to choose from. They all provide an excellent way to stay warm and dry while sleeping in a tent or lounging outside. Also useful for sporting events and company picnics, our outdoor blankets make top-notch gifts and giveaways for anyone in need of high quality camping gear. Print or embroider your logo on each to ensure that your brand gets plenty of exposure every time they're used. Many styles roll up for easy storage, such as the Heathered Gray Fold Up Blanket, pictured below. 

Custom Embroidered Heathered Gray Fold-Up Blanket

Shop 4AllPromos for the Best Custom Camping Gear for Outdoor Events!

That's a wrap to our guide to the top ten best ideas for personalized camping gifts and promotional camping supply products. As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. We look forward to helping your business make its camping promotions a huge success that customers and employees will never forget! 

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