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Promotional Kitchen Giveaway Items
Scott Kalapos on Aug 15, 2022

Is your organization is in search of giveaway items that will do a great job of building brand awareness and customer loyalty? If so, offering products that can be used every day around the home and office are a great way to go. A good place to start on this quest is with cooking and housewares products. Our promotional kitchen giveaway items will be used in home kitchens, office break rooms, restaurants, culinary schools, and beyond. Each time they're employed, your company logo will meet users' eyes, keeping your brand on their minds.

We'd like to help you find the best item to get the results your company is looking for at a low price. Therefore, we'll now get started with introducing you to our wide selection of branded kitchen giveaway items.

Bulk Oven Mitts

Whether given away at a trade show, offered to employees, or passed out at a grand opening ceremony, oven mitts with your logo are excellent products for reaching a broad audience. Search and shop our selection today to access high quality oven mitts in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Your brand will be front and center with a custom imprint, ensuring solid advertising impressions with every use. Save with our cheap branded oven mitts or go for the gusto with heat resistant baking gloves and fully customizable dye sublimation oven mitts.

Blue Oven Mitt | Branded Oven Mitts with Your Logo

Wholesale Pot Holders

If your company is investing in new products for giveaways, we suggest pairing some oven gloves up with our wholesale pot holders. This item category presents many affordable options to ensure great branding results at a low price. We have personalized heat resistant pot holders for taking on heavy jobs as well as custom pot holders with pockets. We have many different item choices within our pot holders collection. Some even ship 100% free of charge. Be sure to check through all of the details in every product description to find the many ways in which your business can save while reeling in customers. Contact us for more helpful savings information.

Pot Holder with Teflon | Custom Heat Resistant Pot Holders

Branded Jar Openers

Another good item for promoting your brand in kitchens at home and away can be found our custom printed jar openers. These handy little products are affordable to purchase and effective in showing off your logo to the masses. Search our jar openers page to find an item in a fun custom shape that users are sure to love. Their low price and small size makes them easy to purchase in bulk. Stubborn lids are never fun to grapple with. Arm your target market with our promotional jar openers and they'll have an item that will help them to open containers with ease. They're also a helpful tool for users with arthritis.

Light Bulb Jar Opener | Imprinted Jar Openers in Bulk

Company Logo Food Containers

Storing leftovers and portioning out snacks and school lunches can be both a bore and a hassle. Our custom imprinted food containers present an item category that will cut down these often irritating chores. Whether used at home, in office kitchens, or in restaurants, our handy food storage containers will keep contents fresh and tasting their best.

Add your logo art to our large assortment of these storage kitchen tools and you'll have an item that will create powerful advertising impressions each and every day. They'll also serve as a sign to your company's commitment to quality and ensuring the rights of customers to enjoy tasty food without having to work their tails off to get it. We even offer items for holding meals & treats for pets!

3 Piece Better Lunch Box Set | Wholesale Food Containers

Promotional Measuring Cups

Cooking schools, bakeries, restaurants, and kitchens within the home will all need plenty of measuring items to check and make sure that recipes come out just right. The following link goes to our branded measuring cups page. This is where you'll be able to search for the perfect item to promote your business for a low price. In fact, we guarantee the lowest price on all of our products! Many of our company logo measuring cups and measuring spoons ship free of charge, so be sure to look out for the Free Shipping flag while browsing our collection.

In addition to custom measuring spoons and cups, you can also buy handy spray bottles and portion plates. All of these items come together to make sure that users get optimum results while cooking. These kitchen tools will also ensure that your business gets the best possible results in its efforts to build awareness & loyalty.

Cook's Choice Measuring Cup | Measuring Cups in Bulk

Personalized Kitchen Timers

Searching our site for an item that is certain to be used every day in many ways? If this is the case, our kitchen timer giveaways will prove an ideal match. Our custom timers can be printed with your logo, contact information, or any other desired sign or piece of art to create a truly memorable item. They come in several shapes, ranging from the traditional to the unique. Search our website to buy fun novelty kitchen timers shaped like apples, burgers, chefs, and more. We also carry imprinted digital kitchen timers and timers equipped with analog clocks.

Side Setting Digital Timer | Promotional Digital Kitchen Timers

Custom Chopsticks & Other Fun Cooking Utensils

If you're looking to introduce some fun new products to your company's promotional powerhouse, going with an item that's fun is an excellent place to start. By breaking from the mold, your promotions stand to gain staying power in the minds of all who see and use them. Our custom chopsticks are one fine example, but there are several others. We also offer item choices such as color changing ice cream scoops, stylish & eco-friendly beach picnic lunch sets, and much more. Another item group that goes perfectly with our kitchen supplies is our custom first aid kits. These wellness products keep everyone prepared for any mishaps that might happen during meal preparation.

Bamboo Chopsticks in Cello Wrapper | Custom Chopsticks in Bulk

Promotional Baking Pans

Bread, muffins, cupcakes, cookies, stromboli, and more will come out in prime shape & ready to serve with our custom bread pans and promotional baking sheets. Add in our company logo muffin tins for the perfect trio of baking accessories. These are all items that will prove highly useful in private kitchens as well as commercial ones. Any culinary school will be proud to provide their students with these excellent kitchen tools. All of them are quite versatile and have many different applications when it comes to preparing delicious desserts and other dishes.

Prime Chef Bread Pans | Customized Baking Pans with Your Logo

Branded Pizza Cutters

Our custom pizza cutting wheels are products that making slicing up a fresh pie simple and easy. Users only need to roll them over a pizza in their desired pattern to produce attractive and symmetrical slices for all to enjoy. Many come with guards attached, helping to avoid spills, splatters, and stains. Our cutters can be used for items other than pizza, such as garlic bread, bruschetta, flatbreads, focaccia bread, and several other delicious treats. They're an ideal item for adding into a gift kit or a gift tote for trade show and event attendees.

Pizza Cutter with Bottle Opener | Company Logo Pizza Slicers

Corporate Logo Knife Sets

The last item category that we'll cover in this article is our personalized kitchen knife sets. These are premium giveaway products that often have low minimum order quantities. As a result, they can be reserved for the best, brightest, and most deserving. They come in sturdy and attractive blocks or boxes and are engraved with your personalized company logo design. They're terrific gifts for culinary students, loyal restaurant customers, and those who just happen to have a passion for cooking.

If your company doesn't wish to invest in knife sets but would rather offer an item than can be given away in bulk, we have you covered. We have an excellent selection of imprinted & engraved cutlery items that include paring knives, bread knives, cheese knives, and much more.

Engraved Triple Rivet Steak Knife Set | Custom Cutlery Gifts

4AllPromos is your #1 source for the best custom kitchen supply giveaways!

That concludes our tour of the best promotional kitchen items, available for purchase every day on our site. Feel free to browse all of the above categories to find the perfect new products to offer to customers, both existing and potential. Reach out and contact us with any questions you have regarding the products we've described as well as any concerns relating to art, making a sample request, or any other topic. We wish you the best of luck in wowing your audience and beating the competition with the best giveaway kitchen tools in the business!

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