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Custom Reusable Promo Products
Scott Kalapos on Apr 11, 2022

One trend that shows no sign of showing is that of the general public's growing commitment to environmental safety and sustainability. One key component of this philosophy is the importance of cutting down on consumption. When fewer disposable items are used, fewer resources need to be consumed and therefore less production is necessary. This can lead to numerous benefits for the environment, which is why it's such an essential part of the going green game plan. At 4AllPromos, you'll find several reusable promotional products that have the durability and quality construction to last for the long haul. In the process, they'll provide your business with years of repeated advertising impressions in countless settings. In this post, we're going to cover our top ten best reusable promo products & giveaway items.

1. Custom Reusable Tote Bags

Some of our most popular reusable giveaways are our promotional tote bags. These come in handy at retail locations of any kind, as they eliminate the need for single-use plastic and paper bags. Our custom tote bags come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether it's a traditional company logo shopper tote, sturdy canvas boat bag, or a fancy upscale metallic gift tote, we have reusable bags to fit every purpose. Our wholesale tote bags come with strong and comfortable carrying handles. In addition to being used to bring items home from stores, they can also be used to bring books to and from the library, carry supplies around schools and campuses, bring personal items to the beach for some fun in the sun, house promotional item gift sets, and much more.

Metallic Mini Tote | Custom Reusable Advertising Items

2. Promotional Fruit Infuser Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are another big hit. They're a powerful weapon in fighting the war against discarded cups littering the landscape as well as a great alternative to the use of styrofoam cups. Our custom fruit infuser bottles also encourage healthy eating and drinking habits. These promotional drinkware items feature a chamber into which chopped fruits, vegetables, and even mint can be added. The contents make their way into the surrounding water, adding extra flavor and giving users incentive to stay well hydrated. We offer glass infusers, sturdy plastic infusers, and even custom vacuum insulated bamboo infuser water bottles.

Welly Vacuum Insulated Tumbler | Custom Reusable Drinkware Products

3. Personalized Travel Tumblers

Continuing with in the vein of drinkware, we now come to our company logo travel tumblers. Designed to fit easily inside of automobile cupholders, our custom travel tumblers are great for commuters. Like the infusers mentioned before them, many of our tumblers are insulated and can keep beverages at ideal temperatures for hours at a time. They're a great giveaway idea for virtual and hybrid events, since they can be enjoyed on the road, in the office, and at home. Our imprinted and custom engraved tumblers are popular promotional products for car dealerships, often being given away as premiums to customers who have just purchased a new vehicle. They're another great choice for cutting down on the use and production of single use plastic, paper, and foam cups.

Engraved Travel Tumbler | Reusable Promotional Giveaways

4. Custom Reusable Face Masks

Eco-friendly items and practices have also found their way into the world of personal protection equipment. The promotional PPE items we're going to focus on in this article are our stylish, durable, and versatile branded reusable face masks. Available in many colors, materials, and fit styles, our reusable face masks present an environmentally responsible way for people to take extra precaution against COVID-19 and other undesirable elements. They're washable and can be worn over and over again. Since many areas and establishments are still requiring face masks for entry, these are items that can have your logo displayed to countless people in countless locations each and every day.

Reusable Cotton Face Mask | Custom PPE Items

5. Wholesale Lunch Bags

If the idea of using disposable paper bags for snacks and lunches every day is upsetting to your organization (or its target market), we have just the items you're looking for. Our personalized reusable lunch bags can be used to take food and drinks to school, work, daycare, and anywhere else one's daily travels may bring them. Our custom lunch bags and company logo lunch cooler bags can be filled and emptied with delicious and nutritious contents each day. They're easy to wash and are built with longevity in mind. These eco-friendly lunch bags make terrific promotional products for schools, grocery stores, recycling centers, food distribution companies, children's charities, and much more.

Budget Lunch Cooler | Reusable Lunch Bags with Logos

6. Custom Socks

While branded socks may seem like a bit of an unusual item to have on this list, it actually makes a great deal of sense when you stop and think about it. Sock are worn on a daily basis and are often left exposed for viewing, especially when the weather is warm. We have personalized socks for men as well as promotional socks for women. Unisex styles are also available, as are crew, ankle, and tube socks. These make terrific giveaway items for fundraisers and charities, as well as promotional products for sports teams and clothing stores. They'll serve as a reminder of an event or cause much longer than a disposable item such as a sticker or single-use wristband.

Dye Sublimated Crew Socks | Promotional Apparel Giveaways

7. Eco-Friendly Branded Watches

Sport watches and other timepiece giveaways are often employed for promotional purposes. However, most of the time, the watches provided are rather cheap and aren't kept around for very long. The promotional watches offered by 4AllPromos proudly buck this trend. Our personalized watches are of the highest quality and are built to last for years and often decades. Some models, such as our custom engraved bamboo watches are made from sustainably harvested and renewable materials, making them an even more eco-conscious choice.

Engraved Ebony & Bamboo Watch | Eco-Friendly Promo Products

8. Personalized Money Clips

As is the case with our company logo watches, our customizable money clips are also promotional gift items that have a very long lifespan. Our personalized engraved money clips take up far less space in one's pocket than traditional wallets. They're also free of animal products. Some have a decidedly formal air, while others are more casual and work well with most any outfit. They're superb giveaways and promotional products for banks, financial institutions, high-end gift shops and clothing stores, and much more. Our branded multi-tool money clips, which come with a swing-out knife and nail file, are a great idea for promoting both hardware stores and beauty shops.

Engraved Multi Tool Money Clip | Reusable Branded Items


9. Refillable Mechanical Pencils with Company Logos

Imprinted office supplies are another area where companies can get in on the act of offering reusable promotional products. Many people prefer to write with our promotional mechanical pencils over traditional wooden models. This is because they don't require repeated trips to the pencil sharpener, are able to write in more fine and detailed lines, and often have a more lightweight feeling in the hand. When looking to go green and build brand awareness at the same time, your company would be well suited to invest in some of our custom refillable mechanical pencils and bulk mechanical pencils with retractable erasers. Both of these items offer a significantly longer lifespan than typical pencils. As a result, they are perfect for promoting schools and office supply retailers.

Twist III Jumbo Eraser Mechanical Pencil | Promotional Writing Items

10. Reusable Event Bracelets

The last, but certainly not least of the top ten reusable promotional products we'll cover in this article are our custom reusable event wristbands. Imprinted event wristbands are a great way to promote a business while also keeping track of event attendance and preventing unauthorized entry. Many event bracelets are of the single-use variety, though we also have more than a few that can be used multiple times. The great thing about these items is that they can continue to be worn as fashion accessories after an event is over. They can also serve as souvenir items to remind people of the great time they had at concerts, carnivals, museums, picnics, sporting events, and any other affair at which they're offered. In the process, your company logo becomes a part of someone's favorite memories, helping to forge powerful relationship marketing bonds. These are items that allow for some fun and creativity, especially in the case of our promotional slap bracelets.

Reusable Event Bracelets | Personalized Green Giveaway Items

4AllPromos is Where to Buy the Best Reusable Promo Products for Trade Shows & More

Our mission in creating this post is to arm your business with the best ideas for promoting and spreading brand awareness with reusable logo imprinted items. Whether used for trade show giveaways, promotional retail items, handouts to employees, or any other purpose, these are products that will help to market any brand while staying environmentally responsible. The 10 product areas mentioned in this post are hardly the only reusable products available on our site. Take a look through our inventory and find all of our excellent multi-use promotional items to best reach your audience. If you have any questions for us about this or any other topic, please feel free to reach out to us for answers.

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