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Custom Promotional Products for Carnivals & Fairs
Scott Kalapos on Jul 17, 2023

If you're looking for fun, affordable, and effective promotional product ideas for carnivals, fairs, summer or winter festivals, or any other big & festive event, you've come to the right place. We're about to share with you our picks for the top 10 branded prizes for carnival games as well as custom printed items that will help to make any fair or carnival your business participates in a smashing success. Traveling carnivals, school carnivals, fairs put on by charities and local organizations, and similar events all present a prime opportunity to get your brand out to the public in a fun and memorable way. 

We invite you to browse through the following paragraphs to find the category areas and ideas that are the best fit for your organization.

1. Custom Printed Wristbands

Before the fun can get started (at least at any event that requires payment for admission), attendees will need to be able to show that they've paid the price of entry. This can be made easier when supplied with custom printed event wristbands. Imprinted with your logo, design, or message, these items can be color coded to indicate VIP status, child/senior discounts, staff membership, event access, and much more. 

They're simple and cheap promotional products, most of which are designed for one-time usage. However, we do have models that can be used for multi-day events and for multiple occasions.

Bulk Event Wristbands

2. Branded Tote Bags

Our promotional tote bags are a great giveaway to hand out when running a carnival or fair. They provide users with a place to store any items they buy or prizes they win. They also provide mobile advertising for your business, showing off your logo throughout the space the event occupies. They can see ongoing use after the carnival has ended, creating advertising impressions for your brand in a countless variety of locations. 

Whether given to guests as winter carnival promotional products for summer, spring, or fall events, our custom totes are always crowd favorites. Our aptly named Carnival Tote Bag is pictured below.

Logo Imprinted Carnival Tote Bag

3. Bulk Award Ribbons

Carnival games always manage to provide lots of fun and smiles for everyone in attendance. If you're putting on a school carnival or a business or fundraising event, you'll want to be able to provide something special for game winners and top performers. Our stock ribbons are a perfect tool for doing this. 

Our wholesale stock ribbons can be used to honor winners of 1st through 6th place in a pie eating contest, relay race, talent show, or most any sort of carnival game. Among the available selection, you'll also find ribbons for participation, honorable mention, and a general award of merit. These ribbons make a great souvenir and will help everyone to remember what a great time they had. 

Bulk Stock Award Ribbons

4. Wholesale Stuffed Animals

If you'd like to create some classic carnival prizes, there's nothing quite like customized stuffed animals. Carnival games such as the ring toss, balloon darts, target shooting, whack-a-mole, and many others can offer stuffed animals as prize giveaways for those who perform well. The cute promotional stuffed horse pictured below is just one of the many stuffed animals within our selection. To browse our full inventory, simply click the link at the beginning of this paragraph. 

Stuffed Horse - Stuffed Animals for Carnival Prizes

5. Custom Candy & Tasty Treats

Carnivals, fairs, and circus events under the big top are all occasions that call for sweet treats. We have plenty of candy promotional items that are perfect for these kinds of events. Pictured below is one of our promotional gumball bags with a full color imprinted header. If gumballs aren't your lead choice, we also have chocolate candy, gummy worms, mints, and much more. These items will show off your company logo when sold at vending booths, given out as awards for carnival games, or tossed out by walking vendors in the crowds at the circus or sporting events. 

Gumball Prize Bags with Imprinted Headers

6. Logo Printed Pennants

Yet another great category of promotional items that fit perfectly at a carnival or fair consists of our custom pennants. They're favorites for showing team spirit, but can also be imprinted with fair, carnival, or circus logos to serve as souvenir giveaways for guests. They can be added to scrapbooks or hung up on walls or bulletin boards to serve as a reminder of both the good time that was had as well as to come back again next year. Click the link at the beginning of this paragraph to browse our full collection of pennants to find the style that best fits your needs.

Custom Imprinted Pennants

7. Personalized Toys

Much like stuffed animals, branded toys are a classic prize idea for carnival games. In addition to the custom wooden airplane gliders pictured below, we also carry toys such as yo-yos, stress balls, Magic 8 Balls, promotional fidget spinners, light-up toys, and much more. Check out our wacky promotional products page for more ideas of toys and novelty products that you can offer at your next carnival.

Personalized Balsa Gliders

8. Temporary Tattoos in Bulk

If you want to give out a unique prize that brings plenty of creative amusement to people of all ages, our wholesale temporary tattoos are a great choice. Users can enjoy a little bit of skin art without taking on a mark that will last for life, as a traditional tattoo does. These are cheap and affordable prize giveaways that can show off your logo as kids and the young at heart have some fun in the sun. 

Temporary Tattoos for Carnival Prizes

9. Promotional Novelty Giveaway Prizes

If you're in search of non-toy items that still make for whimsical carnival prize items, the Wacky Ideas page we linked to a few paragraphs ago has plenty to offer. Novelty keychains, unique drinkware items, bubble soap, rubber ducks, kazoos, cowbells, and custom piggy banks are just a few of the many available products. We also stock multiple styles of promotional light up sunglasses, as can be seen in the image below.

Custom LED Flashing Sunglasses

10. Spinning Wheels for Carnival Games

Once all of your prize and award items have been selected, it never hurts to add a few extra carnival games to the fold. Our custom spinning prize wheels can be a game in and of themselves. These game kits offer all the fun of appearing on a game show, as users get to spin a big wheel to win a great prize. In addition to being used at carnivals and fairs, these are also great items to have at car dealerships, grand opening ceremonies, charity functions, trade shows, and retail display areas.

Custom Spinning Prize Wheel Kits

Shop 4AllPromos for the Best Custom Printed Carnival Giveaways!

That brings us to the end of our guide to the best company logo promotional items for carnivals, fairs, and festivals. Whether you're looking to create a memorable giveaway for a business, school, or charity to offer at a carnival or under the big top, these products will have you ready for success. If you have any questions, please contact us and we'll be happy to provide help in any way we can.

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