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Scott Kalapos on Mar 6, 2023

There's no doubt about it - time management skills are a must for anyone who wishes to be productive and achieve their goals. Not honing these skills can hurt a company or team's productivity. Fortunately, at 4AllPromos, we have an assortment of promotional time management tools that can help to build these skills and help anyone who might be struggling in this area. Read on to learn about our top 10 custom time management tool items, all of which have many features to help track time, manage daily responsibilities, and more features that will lead to users spending time efficiently. 

1.  Keen Wireless Charging Alarm Clock

Some of our best time-tracking promotional products are the ones that literally track time. This can be observed when looking at high tech promotional alarm clocks such as our Keen Wireless Charging Desk Clocks. These ultra-modern-looking desk clocks will work great when placed on a nightstand or bedside table, helping users to wake up on time to start their day. 

Silver in color, each of these clocks displays the time in digital format while also displaying the temperature. Settings allow for the temperature to be displayed in Fahrenheit or Celsius. As their name implies, these items also function as wireless chargers for phones and other small mobile devices. 

Add your logo to the top of these accurate time-tracking items so that users will see your logo first thing every morning. Your logo is imprinted on the top surface, just above the settings buttons. A single-color imprint comes standard, though a full-color design can be added for an upgrade fee. With a low minimum order of just 12 units, these products can be used as corporate gift items for employees, customers, and target market members.

Keen Wireless Charger & Alarm Clock

2. Time to Brush Kit

Once a person is up and out of bed, the next step is typically to head to the bathroom for a tooth-brushing session. Not everyone is a morning person, and it can be difficult to manage projects such as daily hygiene rituals without losing some time. That's why we offer our company logo dental hygiene product sets. Our Time to Brush Kits make great promotional giveaway products for dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons, and more.

Though they have a fun and kid-friendly design, these items can actually work as efficient time management tools for users of all ages. In addition to offering a travel-size toothbrush, toothpaste tube, container of dental floss, and holding case, each kit also comes with an hourglass-style plastic timer. The timer contains enough sand to ensure that just the right amount of time is spent on brushing one's teeth. They'll help kids to brush long enough and help groggy adults block distractions and get their teeth clean in a time-efficient manner.

Each set includes a decal with your logo that appears on the toothbrush case, timer, and dental floss dispenser. The link two paragraphs back will take you to a full description of this item, providing extensive details on imprint sizes, methods, and locations.

Time to Brush Kit

3. Shower Timer

Once the teeth are brushed, the next step is often to hop into the tub for a cleansing and eye-opening shower. This is another time when it can become difficult to stay focused, especially on a cold morning where leaving the hot shower is an uninviting idea, to say the least. Once again, we're here to help. This time, it's our custom imprinted shower timers that are the ideal products to help users stay on task.

Each of our Shower Timers is appointed with a suction cup to help it adhere to bathtub walls. Once it is up, the start button can be pressed to begin a five-minute countdown. A digital screen shows the time ticking by, providing a visual representation of the actual time left before the shower must be finished. In addition to being a great promotional time tracker tool, our Shower Timer is also eco-friendly, helping to avoid the wasting of water and excess burning of heating fuels.

Those who prefer a longer shower can reset the timer when it goes off to bump their bathing time up to ten minutes. Each unit is waterproof, comes with an AG10 battery inserted, and is imprinted with your company logo design below the digital display screen.

Shower Timer with Logo

4. Solar Star Wrist Watch

When describing our alarm clock/charger/thermometer combo unit, we mentioned the fact that some of our best time management tools are directly based on displaying the actual time of day. There are many other devices within our inventory that perform this task, with one great example coming in the form of our promotional solar charging wristwatches. Our Solar Star Wristwatch is one of our many great promotional watches and is great for tracking time while working on daily tasks, projects, commutes, and beyond.

These particular custom time management tools are of the eco-friendly variety. Charging them up in the light will allow them to run accurately for up to 30-45 days at a time. A stylish and comfortable silicone strap keeps the handsome face in place on users' wrists as they go about their days. A silver case and black face help to tell time with the assistance of a three-hand analog Japanese movement. The case is luminous and protects your logo design, which is imprinted just below the middle of the face. 

Though many people rely on their phones to tell time, there are instances where pulling a phone out of one's pocket isn't the most mannerly thing to do. There's also a certain professional air that a high-quality wristwatch brings, and these models have it in spades. They also have a low minimum order requirement of just 25 units.

Branded Solar Star Wristwatch

5. Daily Reminder 7-Day Pill Organizer & Container

After waking up, sprucing up, and dressing up, many people will then proceed to take their daily medications. Potential working time can be lost to time spent rummaging around in cabinets trying to find pill bottles and jars. Our wholesale pill organizers with logo imprints help to put a stop to this problem. One particular model that does an especially great job of this is our Daily Reminder 7-Day Pill Organizer & Container.

Brimming with important features that help to keep users healthy and cut down on how much time they spend locating medications, these items are a hit with all audiences. They're especially great promotional and giveaway items for pharmacies, physicians, hospitals, convalescent homes, and any other kind of medical facility. Each one ships 100% free of charge and is separated into 14 compartments. There are 2 compartments for each day of the week. One holds morning medications, while the other holds evening medications. Among the helpful features of this item is color coding to help distinguish between the day and night compartments.

Perfect for managing and organizing needed medications, these customizable pill holders are imprinted with your logo in one color. For an upgrade fee, they can display imprints in multiple colors and in multiple locations. Feel free to give us a call, email, or live chat message to learn more.

Daily Reminder Pill Organizer & Medication Manager

6. On the Go Car Charger

Once medications have been taken, breakfast has been eaten, and all of the in-home preparation tasks have been completed, the time comes to get into the car and head to work. Commuting hours present a great opportunity to charge up phones and other devices so that the need to do so doesn't interfere with productivity later on in the day. This is the driving principle behind our On the Go personalized USB car chargers.

When plugged into the lighter port of an automobile, these productivity-enhancing tools can go to work, powering up users' phones as they drive to the workplace. One of the many tools & features they boast is an LED indicator light to show charging status. They come in a broad assortment of color choices and are rated for a 12 to 24-volt input with an output of 5V/1A. They're great promo products to buy in bulk, as anyone who owns a vehicle will get plenty of use out of them on a daily basis. Each is imprinted with your logo in a single color and location, with multiple imprint colors and locations being available for an upgrade fee.

On the Go Car Charger

7. Weekly Desk Calendar with Colorful Mount Design

We have several more promotional time management tools that can be put to use once the commute is over and the workday has officially begun. Some of these include our several varieties of promotional planners and calendars. One of our best sellers is our Weekly Desk Calendar with a Colorful Mount Design.

These handy time and project management tools can be mounted to bulletin boards and cubicle walls, making them easily accessible for office staff and other team members to access, edit, and check as the day goes on. They're also a great fit for any home office. They can be used to create to-do lists, track important tasks and dates, record numbers for phone calls, provide reminders for appointments, and much more. A spiral-bound calendar holds a year's worth of dates, with each page being dedicated to a single week.

Your customized logo design and contact information will appear at the top area of the attractive wall mount from which the calendar pages hang. Several different design options are available for the wall mount, allowing you to customize them to fit the taste of employees and team members as well as customers and other target audience members. A black imprint design is included, though colors can be added for an additional price.

Weekly Desk Calendar with Colorful Mount Design

8. Monthly Planner with Two Page Spread

If you seek to improve productivity with an item that can sit inside of or on top of a desk, we suggest making an investment in our custom monthly planner books. Certain tasks can slip one's mind easily, so having a planner book that contains space to help track tasks and schedule tasks 365 days per year is a sound strategy.

These personalized monthly planner books open up to reveal a two-page layout for each month, making it easy to view the whole month without having to turn pages. The pages are 9 inches wide by 11 inches high, creating plenty of space for reading and writing. Setting a schedule is crucial to successful time management. That's why a task manager book such as this is so useful. Workers can use these items to record daily tasks, appointments, and other notes that they need to make to keep their affairs organized and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Order these time and project management tools with your logo imprinted on the front cover for a product that will be helpful for employees, students, customers, trade show attendees, and just about everyone else who has daily responsibilities to manage.

Monthly Schedule Planner with Two Page View

9. Budget Promotional Monthly Pocket Planner

Sometimes the best way to manage your time is to have a visual reminder of each project and obligation on your personal docket. Our Budget Promotional Monthly Pocket Planners are affordable logo-printed planner books that make a great time management tool for employees, customers, students, and more. These affordable items are excellent as trade show giveaways, employee gifts, and corporate gifts for potential and existing customers, particularly when the start of a new year is looming. 

Each of these planners has pages for 14 months, allowing users to get over a full year of use out of them. There's space for jotting down important numbers, names, and notes for every day. Made in the USA, these products have a marbled color in your choice of 4 different colors with a glossy finish. It provides the look of elegance at a price anyone can afford. At 3.5 inches wide by 6 inches high, they can easily fit into pockets and glove compartments for convenient access while on the go. Each is imprinted with your desired text in gold lettering on the front cover. Logo imprints and special fonts are also available for an upgrade fee. 

Budget Promotional Monthly Pocket Planner with Marble Cover

10. Essentials Sleep Kit

One of the most important time management skills is to ensure that there's plenty of free time in the schedule to grab a proper night's sleep. Getting proper rest is essential to mental and physical wellbeing, as well as to top performance on the job. That's why we stock our Essentials promotional sleep kits. These are handy logo-imprinted gift kits that will do wonders when it comes to helping customers, employees, and target audience members get the quality rest they need. 

After a day of well-used and managed time with the items we've already detailed, people can turn to our Essentials Sleep Kit when they're ready to shut down for the night. Each one includes ear plugs to block out noise, a sleep mask to block out light, and a convenient mesh zippered tote with a carabiner for easy transportation. With the noise and light reduction that these items provide, it will be much easier for those who use them to fall asleep and stay asleep through the night. They make great promotional products and giveaway items for hotels, transportation companies, hospitality businesses, sleep centers, and more. Each is imprinted with your logo on the mask, but can also include a full-color decal on the ear plug case for an upgrade fee.

Essentials Sleep Kit

4AllPromos is Your Top Source for the Best Time Management Tools with Logos!

We've now arrived at the end of our guide to the top 10 best branded time management products. Armed with these, your business will improve time management techniques, as will any customers it chooses to market toward. Having your custom company logo imprinted on these helpful promo tools will aid users in making progress toward more efficiently managing and meeting time management goals and increasing productivity. Whether using these items in-house or as part of a marketing campaign, these products will help your business to better develop, organize, and develop even stronger loyalty among existing and potential customers. 

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and contact us at your convenience.

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