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Custom Corporate Awards for Employees & More
Scott Kalapos on Mar 4, 2022

Branded award items are an excellent way to congratulate employees, students, athletes, and other top-performers on a job well done while building awareness for your organization. Items such as award ribbons, lapel pins, trophies, 3D photo crystal awards, and more will work wonders in building confidence among your organization and a strong image among the general public. Whether your efforts are on behalf of a company, school, athletic league, or sports team, we have the custom imprinted and engraved award items you need. Read on to learn more about the many types of corporate & athletic awards and custom employee recognition awards that 4AllPromos has to offer.

Create Custom Lapel Pins

Our promotional award lapel pins present some of the most affordable options when it comes to our collection of custom award items. There are many different varieties and styles to choose from. Exactly which ones best fit your organization and those it seeks to recognize can vary based on the situation. That's why we'll share some of our most prominent styles to help you get some ideas flowing.

Custom Molded Award Pins & Bulk Stock Award Lapel Pins

Instead of being imprinted or engraved, some of our personalized lapel pins are molded into shape. If you're looking for an especially cheap giveaway item, either for trade show purposes or to hand out awards in bulk, we suggest taking a look at some of our wholesale stock award pins. These come in standard designs and have solid and secure backings to stay in place. While they are not personalized, they can still be ordered to fit specific activities and accomplishments. Just a few examples would include our promotional band award pins, bulk academic pins, and wholesale wrestling award pins. We also have custom molded lapel pins that come in your choice of metal finishes and can be crafted to form logos or other chosen graphics and text.

Custom Small Lapel Pins | Personalized Molded Award Lapel Pins

Promotional COVID-19 Lapel Pins

As we continue to fight (and win) the battle against COVID-19 (Coronavirus), vaccination and other prevention programs are still hard at work. Your organization can help those who have just been vaccinated or employees who for any other reason need to show their status with our custom Coronavirus lapel badges. Available in square, rectangle, and round versions, we have styles to fit all needs and aesthetic tastes.

COVID-19 Vaccination Square Pin | Custom COVID Vaccination Pins

Custom Cloisonné Pins & Promotional Epoxy Dome Logo Lapel Pins

Two additional styles of personalized award lapel pins that you'll find on our site are custom epoxy dome award pins and personalized cloisonné lapel pins. Both styles provide an ideal way to recognize worthy achievements, efforts, and victories in business, academics, sports, and beyond. They can also serve as company and role ID badges. The latter is especially true of our epoxy dome lapel pins. These award items feature colorful designs and custom text that is covered by a thick yet transparent dome for an attractive appearance and enhanced longevity. Our cloisonné pins present a unique and high-end style that features layers of brightly colored materials that are crafted and molded together, with the colors separated by strands of wires. Many different kinds of materials and finishes can be employed to create a truly memorable design.

1" Cloisonne Lapel Pins | Personalized Cloisonne Lapel Award Pins


Promotional Award Ribbons with Logos

The second category of corporate awards we'll examine concerns our custom printed award ribbons. Our wholesale award ribbons can be found in a grand array of styles, shapes, colors, and materials. An ideal fit for all kinds of recognition and identification purposes, there's something in our collection to suit any organization's needs. The next three paragraphs will provide a look at some of our top-selling award ribbon styles.

Bulk Stock Placement & Identification Ribbons

Our wholesale placement award ribbons and custom stock identification ribbons are among our more affordable options. However, they certainly do not sacrifice anything in terms of quality or utility. Our placement ribbons are ideal for schools holding field days, fairs, carnivals, charity events, or any other function where individual performances are recognized. We have ribbons to recognize those finishing from 1st through 9th place, as well as participant and honorable mention award ribbons. In addition to our stock placement ribbons, we also have stock ribbons for winners of specific events or athletic competitions. Our wholesale stock identification ribbons are useful at trade shows, corporate events, and even day-to-day office functions. They help identify people in roles such as volunteers, guests, chairman, president, officer, host, VIP, and more. If your organization is really looking to get creative, we also provide wholesale satin ribbon rolls for crafting your own awards.

Stock Placement Ribbons | Wholesale Stock Award Ribbons

Imprinted Flat Ribbons

There are many different styles of custom flat award ribbons available on our site. They can be purchased in small, large, medium, and extra large sizes and can be ordered with many different finish styles. Available in finished and pinked tops and in full or single color printing, these award ribbons fit all price points and style preferences. Many of them come with accessories such as eyelets and strings for hanging. Several of them also come with cards on the back which can be filled out to personalize each ribbon for its respective recipient.

2" x 12" Custom Flat Award Ribbons | Company Logo Award Ribbons

Personalized Rosette Ribbons

If a flat ribbon isn't your company's preferred style, worry not. We have a vast inventory of promotional Rosette Ribbons to choose from as well. These are the ornate and elaborate ribbons that most people have come to associate with prizes given at county fairs, art shows, pet shows, science fairs, and similar events. Each has a rounded top portion from which between one and three streamers extend downward. Color, shape, size, and detail choices abound. Our rosette award template collection currently sits at 25 models and is always growing. Each of those 25 can be imprinted with your logo or special message and in your choice of color scheme.

Promotional Rosette Ribbon | Personalized Award Ribbons

Premium Corporate Crystal Awards, Employee Recognition Trophies & More

The 4AllPromos family of custom corporate awards extends far beyond just lapels and ribbons. We also offer 3D photo crystal award trophies, custom clock awards, employee recognition award plaques, premium awards in custom shapes, imprinted and engraved award paperweights, and much more. The following three paragraphs will provide a bit more information about some of our more elaborate award options.

Promotional Corporate Crystal Awards

Within our collection, you'll find many different personalized 3D crystal award trophies and custom acrylic awards for employees, teams, organizations, and more. These are the kind of large crystal awards that are often seen in locations such as car dealerships that have been voted best in the state or county. However, they are by no means limited to the automotive sector. Any business, sports team, or academic institution would be proud to win or distribute such beautiful and elaborate awards. They're the kind of prizes that inspire all who see them to greater heights and leave a lasting impression of honor and excellence. Along with conventional brick and tower shaped awards, we also offer acrylic and crystal awards in custom shapes. One example can be found in the form of our personalized #1 crystal awards, as can be seen in the image directly below this paragraph.

Zenith #1 Crystal Award | Personalized Number One Crystal Awards

Personalized Employee Recognition Awards

Valued employees who hustle day in and day out to make your organization as successful as possible deserve a pat on the back every now and then. Your company can let any outstanding employee know just how appreciated they are by providing them with one of our custom engraved employee recognition awards. These can come in many different forms. We have custom etched paperweight awards, stately promotional award clocks, and more. Promotional full color photo awards are another choice that's always well-received and admired.

Enterprise Full Color Curved Award | Custom Photo Employee Recognition Awards

Unique Corporate Award Items

When your organization wants to give out an award that is sure to gain plenty of notice, going with a style that dares to be different can be a sound strategy. If this is your goal, we suggest considering an award item in the vein of our custom art glass award trophies. These unique corporate recognition items feature a unique curvy shape and a blend of multiple colors. Etched with your personalized text, they truly say a lot to all who receive them. Their minimum order size stands at just 6, allowing them to be reserved for only the very most deserving recipients. To some people, bigger means better. For this crowd, we suggest one of our extra large personalized crystal awards. Our 3XL Crystal Award Towers, Bricks, and Prestige Trophies are big enough to be easily seen wherever they're placed. Their large size allows for a huge imprint area. This is in contrast to their low minimum order size, which is only 3 units.

Fusion Art Glass Awards | Unique Personalized Corporate Award Products

4AllPromos is your #1 Destination for the Best Promotional Awards & Recognition Products

We're proud to be your top source for all of the best corporate awards and personalized employee recognition items. We hope that seeing our assortment of custom lapel pins, promotional logo printed award ribbons, and unique crystal & acrylic awards has provided you with some solid ideas. Of course, we've only covered a few of our many styles. We encourage you to examine them all and find the award items which truly speak to your organization and the individuals it seeks to recognize. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We thank you for taking the time to read this post and want you to remember that you are always #1 in our book!

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