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Promotional Men's Apparel Products
Scott Kalapos on Apr 4, 2023

There's no denying the fact that promotional apparel is one of the most effective tools for helping businesses in any industry to build brand awareness. Since these are items that people wear, they'll travel everywhere that users do. In addition to handing branded men's clothing out as giveaways, a business can also purchase the items in our online store to create custom logo company uniforms. In this particular article, we'll be taking a look at the many different categories of custom branded men's clothing that 4AllPromos has to offer. Stay tuned to our blog, because we'll be rolling out a guide for the ladies in the near future as well.

We'll now get some of the leading categories and styles of customizable men's apparel that brands can shop for on our site.

Branded Men's T-Shirts

One of the most prominent categories that we'll be taking a look at can be found in our custom t-shirts for men. Great as giveaways for sports teams, colleges, charities, and nearly any other organization, our personalized men's t-shirts are versatile and fun tools for building brands. Many material choices, colors, sizes, and styles are available. 

Whether used for casual wear or as part of an employee uniform, these are products that will create countless mobile advertising impressions on behalf of your brand. When customized with your logo printing or embroidery, these garments will make a big statement on behalf of your company, school, charity, or sports team. High in quality yet low in price, our personalized men's t-shirts are a product category you won't want to pass by.

Promotional T-Shirts | Men's Apparel Items

Custom Sweatshirts for Men

Need something for cooler conditions? We have you covered. Our promotional men's sweatshirts will make a great impression when used as workwear, handed out at trade shows, used as souvenirs for company events, and beyond. Several styles can be found on our website, including traditional crewneck style sweatshirts as well as customized men's hoodies. They're handy for fundraising, building a sense of group unity among employees, and showing off your company's logo, contact information, and/or products and services. Much like our men's t-shirts, our personalized sweatshirts and hoodies for men come with both logo imprints and logo embroidery.

Branded Men's Apparel - Hooded Sweatshirts

Company Logo Men's Dress Shirts

When stepping out of the office and into the outside world, you'll want your team of employees to look professional and unified. Whether attending a service call, fundraising event, trade show, or any other function, your company will always want to put its best face forward. You can do just that when you invest in our high quality custom men's dress shirts and promotional men's polos

Shop our broad selection of men's dress shirts  for customized apparel items that will excel as part of uniforms, look and feel great out on the golf course, and make a memorable impression at any event. We have both long and short sleeve button down shirts for men, custom polos for more casual situations, moisture-wicking dress shirts for peak performance under high temperatures and hard work, and much more.

Customized Men's Apparel Products | Logo Embroidered Dress Shirts

Personalized Men's Jackets & Outerwear Branded Apparel

Looking for apparel items to outfit your staff or team in when the weather turns harsh? We have just the custom branded clothing items you need. Our large assortment of company logo jackets for men consists of rain jackets, vests, winter coats, embroidered fleece pullovers, and much more. Users can show off their favorite brands when they wear our men's outerwear apparel items all over town and beyond. 

When you provide outerwear garment items such as jackets, vets, fleeces, and safety apparel, you'll be sure to elevate brand awareness. Customers, employees, and target audience members will display your logo and promote your brand as they walk about over the course of the day, showing off your branded image in a countless number of settings and situations. Ski resorts, charities, sports teams, campus bookstores, and more will find these custom men's apparel items to bring a big boost to their promotional power.

Promotional Men's Apparel - Custom Jackets

Promotional Men's Bathrobes

Spas, resorts, hotels, and high-end gift shops will all find great branding value in our custom bathrobes for men. Ideal garments for grabbing some well-deserved rest and relaxation, our bathrobes are unique apparel items that can help your brand stand out when given as corporate gifts and souvenirs. We have several different styles of custom men's bathrobes. Varying lengths, materials, colors, and textures can be found when you shop our site. We carry kimono style robes, checkered bathrobes with piping, and even personalized bathrobes that are packages together with logo embroidery slippers. 

Every time users see a custom bathrobe with your logo hanging up in their closet or bathroom door, they'll be reminded of your brand and all of the great products and services it provides. They're also sure to be conversation starters when worn lounging poolside. They're sure to assist tanning salons in generating return business and recruiting new customers when employed as men's apparel giveaways.

Promo Men's Clothing | Custom Logo Bathrobes

Custom Logo Men's Sweatpants in Bulk

We've talked a good deal about customized men's clothing for the upper body, but we haven't said much about pants yet. That's about to change, as we're now shifting focus to our assortment of wholesale promotional men's sweatpants. These are apparel items that make great giveaways retail items for sports teams, colleges & universities, gyms, and more. Their comfortable and casual nature make them fun and pleasurable to wear, while their quality construction and attractive design make for branded apparel items that will catch eyes in any location. Clients and employees alike will proudly wear your company logo or team colors & name when you create men's sweatpants with your design in screen printing or embroidery.

Custom Printed Sweatpants | Branded Apparel Items for Men

Promotional Athletic Shorts for Men

Another excellent category of promotional apparel for men that you can shop on our website is made up of our company logo men's shorts. Designed for peak performance at the gym, on the court, or in the field, our promotional men's shorts are a winning choice every time. Athletic organizations, charities, schools, clothing stores, athletic supply retailers, and more will see success in building awareness and loyalty when they add their logo to these promotional apparel items. They appeal to a diverse audience of all ages and in addition to providing an assist in showing off your business, they also encourage exercise and healthy physical activity.

Promotional Athletic Apparel for Men | Custom Athletic Shorts

Wholesale Men's Headwear

Customized men's hats and caps comprise another branded men's apparel category that is well-represented on our site. Hats and caps, whether they carry your logo via screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer designs, are a great way to advertise your business on the go. They really have no limit when it comes to industry type and user demographics. There's also very little limit when it comes to the number of styles you can go with. We have promotional camo caps for men, patriotic models, custom dad hats, men's sandwich caps, promotional one-size-fits-all hats and caps, and much more. 

These custom apparel items can be ordered to match vests, t-shirts, and other company uniform pieces for an extra coordinated and polished look. They can also be used as giveaway items on fan appreciation nights at stadiums, souvenirs for events, hunting season promotions, general retail sales items, and beyond. No matter if they're used for workwear or more casual purposes, you can always trust that our custom caps for men will be shipped and delivered on time and be of the highest quality. Learn some more about our custom men's hats with our blog post about structured vs unstructured hats.

Custom Headwear Apparel for Men | Embroidered Caps

Customizable Men's Socks with Logo

If you want to add some creativity into the mix of your company apparel advertising efforts, we suggest taking a look at our promotional men's socks. Brands can capitalize on these fun and unique apparel accessories, as they present a new and out-of-the-box sort of way to show off a brand. This can be observed in the models pictured below, which are fully customized via dye sublimation. Whether at home, in the office, out for a walk down the street, these apparel items will refuse to go unnoticed. Tube, crew, and ankle are all available varieties, so we have something to fit all style preferences. 

Promotional Socks for Men | Wholesale Apparel Items

Personalized Men's Gloves

Is your company in search of a high end corporate apparel gift for customers? How about wearable accessories that break from the offerings most businesses put out there? If either of the above apply, your company is an ideal candidate for our branded winter gloves for men. There are many models and styles to select from, giving your business and its target audience the power of choice. 

We have custom smartphone gloves for men that help to eliminate the hassle that traditional gloves can bring when it comes to operating a phone or other mobile device. We also stock personalized men's driving gloves, handy gardening gloves for men, company logo waterproof gloves, and more. We have wholesale men's gloves as well as low minimum order varieties that can be used to promote brands in both cold weather and in warmer conditions. Shop our full collection to find the perfect type to meet your promotional needs.

Custom Men's Touchscreen Gloves | Branded Winter Apparel for Men

4AllPromos is your #1 Source for the Best Custom Branded Clothing & Customized Apparel for Men

We've now reached the end of our guide to the best company logo clothing giveaways & promotional apparel items & accessories for men. Your brand will go far when it chooses to purchase and create these products for its customers and employees. Booming brand awareness and increased customer loyalty will surely be in store for companies in any industry when buying from 4AllPromos. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. Our team of talented professional artists and customer service representatives wants to play a role in making your branding dreams come true!

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