The Seven Deadly Sins of Product Promotion

7 Deadly Sins of Product Promotion
A well-conceived product, advertising campaign, or innovation in service can be a gold mine for any business. When executed and promoted correctly, any of these things can lead to a brand dominating and industry and becoming a household name. Conversely, promotional... 7 Worst Ways to Promote a Product

Stay Cool with Back to School Promotional Lunch Bags

Promotional Back to School Lunch Bags
It may only be July, but there's no time like the present to get ahead of the competition and start thinking of the best promotional back to school items for your business. While we offer many promotional school supplies and other promotional items for children, today's... The ABCs of Promotional Lunch Bags

Catch a Branding Wave with Promotional Designer Sunglasses!

Promotional Designer Sunglasses
Well here we are. It's summer again. The kids are out of school, gas prices are shooting up to the sky, and the ever-running air conditioners have checkbooks everywhere seeing stars. Yes, summer has its disadvantages, but it's not all bad. Vacations, lazy days at the beach... Keep Summer Hot with Custom Sunglasses

Do You Remember These 13 Obsolete 90s Tech Items?

Obsolete 90s Technology
It seems like just yesterday that it was the turn of the decade and you couldn't go five minutes without hearing someone loudly proclaiming, "It's the 90s!", a phrase which gradually became more annoying every time it was uttered. Now we're halfway through 2017. 1990 is now... Take a Trip Back in Time with 90s Tech

Beat the Heat with Our Promotional Stainless Steel Bottles

Best Promotional Stainless Steel Water Bottles
While summer won't officially start for another eight days, many of us in the Northern Hemisphere are already dealing with scorching temperatures. When you're out working in the sun, mowing your lawn, playing a game of baseball or beach volleyball, or just relaxing out on... Buy Water Bottles for Summer Promotions

What Are Fidget Spinners and Where Did They Come From?

Wholesale Promotional Fidget Spinners
What are fidget spinners? It has to be one of the most commonly asked questions of 2017. They're well known within the business promotional product industry, but we're hardly the only ones who are aware of them. Schools, offices, and homes around the world are suddenly... Learn About Custom Fidget Spinners