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Promo Products for Obscure Holidays - Part Two
Scott Kalapos on Jun 5, 2023

Welcome to part two of our guide to the best promotional products and corporate gift items for celebrating obscure national and world holidays! This post is going to pick up where our first obscure holiday promo product guide left off. Once again, we'll introduce a holiday for each month of the year. Each one will likely be a celebration you're unaware of. They all provide a chance to market your brand in a unique way, offering some fun and laughs to your target audience. Some of the holidays have a more serious tone, which creates an opportunity to reach specific niche markets and raise awareness for worthy causes.

January 1 - National Hangover Day

In most cultures around the world, January 1st is known as New Year's Day. It's a holiday filled with hope, football, time off from work, and hopes for a new and better reality. It's also one that people tend to start with a bang and end with a whimper - particularly if they've partied too hard after the clock strikes 12. This last aspect of New Year's Day is the reason why January 1 has also been designated as National Hangover Day.

To get into the spirit of the holiday, we suggest offering your employees, customers, and target audience members our promotional Hangover Kits. These wellness gift sets are packed with everything people will need to feel better after partying just a bit too hard. As can be seen in the image below, each kit contains lip balm, breath mints, antacid tablets, Advil, an eye mask, ear plugs, two Queasy Drops, and Purell wipes. They make an especially great giveaway for hotels, bars, event venues, breweries, and more.

Custom Hangover Kit

February 16 - National Almond Day

Many people associate the middle of February with Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day, and cold temperatures. However, there's another important yet often overlooked occasion that takes place during this time of the year. February 16 serves as National Almond Day. It's a day on which we can all take some time to appreciate the great taste and many health benefits offered by these scrumptious nuts. High in fiber, Vitamin E, and magnesium, almonds can also help to lower cholesterol, strengthen the heart and the skeleton, and even boost one's libido.

Show your company's love for almonds on National Almond Day by putting out a custom logo imprinted giveaway item that everyone will love. Our top suggestion comes in the form of our imprinted Chocolate Covered Almond Bags. Each consists of a clear bag that holds a serving of tasty almonds covered in milk chocolate. Your custom logo design appears on top of each bag, decorating a 2 inch round label. The full color imprint design you choose will serve as a great way to build branding while providing your audience with a fun and nutritious treat.

Chocolate Covered Almonds with Logo

March 28 - National Weed Appreciation Day

While one might assume it to be on April 20, National Weed Appreciation Day actually falls on March 28. Now that marijuana has been legalized in varying capacities in many states, our promotional cannabis accessory items have really been taking off. Still, the legal status varies from location to location. Additionally, some people may choose to abstain from use even where it is legal. This doesn't mean that anyone has to miss out on the fun of this holiday, and we have a great giveaway item to prove it.

Our bulk cannabis leaf shaped keychains also double as bottle openers for a handy multi-tool. Bars, dispensaries, breweries, music festivals, concerts, trade shows, and event venues are just a few of the businesses, events, and locations for which these items will make perfect promotional gifts. Each comes with a key tag in the shape of a bright green cannabis leaf that features a built-in bottle opener. A keyring attachment is also present, allowing users to attach keys to their vehicles, homes, and more. This makes these items ones that will be used on a daily basis, showing your imprinted logo off everywhere users travel.

Cannabis Leaf Bottle Opener Keychain

April 5 - National Self Care Day

As of 6am on April 2 (or 12pm on April 1 during a leap year), we reach the point where we're one-quarter of the way through the year. It's not a bad time to take stock and see how things are going when it comes to keeping up with any resolutions that were made back in January. For many people, one of these resolutions is always taking better care of their mental and/or physical health and overall well-being. With this in mind, it only makes sense that on April 5, we celebrate National Self Care Day.

Since self care can mean many things, we've decided to go with a product that approaches the discipline from multiple angles. Our Modern Sprout Shine Bright Take Care Sunflower Kits are personalized self care item & planter kits that everyone will adore. Each of these corporate self care gift sets comes with a bottle of organic citrus and sunflower face mist as well as a container of vegan honey and tumeric sugar scrub. Both of these items help to keep skin healthy and looking its best.

Along with the skincare items, these kits also include a logo imprinted planter with non-GMO sunflower seeds. Caring for the sunflowers and seeing them prosper is a good way to help with mental health and stability, as it provides a productive daily activity that produces beautiful results.

Sunflower Grow Kit with Body Scrub

May 3 - National Cross Day

May 3 is the first calendar date on which it can be said that we've truly reached the middle of the year. That is because it’s the 123rd calendar day, making it the first full day where more than 1/3 of the year has passed.  It's another good opportunity for taking stock of what's been accomplished, what work remains, and which new goals should be set. It's also when National Cross Day is observed. The fact that it falls on the 3rd day of the month makes sense, when one takes the Holy Trinity aspect of the Christian faith into account.

For many Christians, faith plays a central role in their daily lives. It also can be a big motivator for making positive changes and toughing it out through difficult times. Your company can mark National Cross Day by giving away a special and meaningful gift to Christian employees, customers, and target market members. Our logo engraved Cross Keepsake Boxes are perfect for such an occasion. Additionally, with only 6 units required to make an order, they're a low minimum product that is accessible to organizations of all sizes.

Each of these silver boxes is made in the shape of a bible and features a large cross on the top cover.  The exterior of the box has a non-tarnish finish, while the interior is lined with blue velvet for protecting one's most prized possessions. They make wonderful First Communion and Confirmation gifts, both of which are ceremonies that tend to take place in early May.

Logo Engraved Keepsake Box with Cross

June 15 - National Smile Power Day

It has been said that a smile is worth 1,000 words. A cheery expression can be contagious, helping to lighten the mood for everyone in the room. That's why on June 15, the USA takes a day to celebrate smiles via National Smile Power Day. A happy demeanor and positive outlook can often bring about favorable results, so having a holiday dedicated to such cheer is certainly a good idea. It's also one that your business, school, charity, or other organization won't want to pass up as an opportunity for reaching out to the public.

Our Goofy Group MopTopper promotional smiley face stress toys are a natural fit for Smile Power Day. Each of these colorful characters is designed with a silly smiling face that you can't help but love. They're great for giving a little squeeze to help calm down or to build a bit of confidence during a stressful moment. They're also appointed with hair in the form of black microfiber cloth strips. This can be used for cleaning computer and mobile device screens, giving these stress toy giveaway items a second and equally valuable method of use.

Goofy Group MopTopper Stress Relievers

July 21 - National Fragile X Awareness Day

As we stated at the beginning of this article, some of the holidays we'll talk about today are on the more serious side. Such is the case with National Fragile X Awareness Day, which takes place every year on July 21. Fragile X Syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes a deficiency or absence of FMR1, a protein that is needed for brain development. As a result, those who are infected with Fragile X Syndrome are at a high risk when it comes to developing intellectual disabilities as well as autism. The only way this disorder can be confirmed as a diagnosis is through medical testing, but the National Fragile X foundation has put together a list of signs & symptoms of Fragile X Syndrome (opens in a new window) that are worth taking a look at.

As is the case with many conditions, Fragile X Syndrome is recognized with an awareness ribbon color. The color for Fragile X is teal, and therefore, we recommend our teal promotional Awareness Ribbon phone wallets as the ideal products for observing this holiday. Teal is also the color for Ovarian Cancer Awareness, which is why that inscription is included on the image below this paragraph. Shipping free of charge, these handy custom smartphone wallets are a great place for holding money, credit cards, ID cards, and other small personal items that are needed on a regular basis.

Awareness Ribbon Phone Wallet

August 17 - National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats are most often associated with Halloween. Despite this fact, they actually have their own official holiday. August 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. It's an important observance, as black cats unfortunately are the victims of plenty of discrimination and false beliefs. They've long been held as a symbol of bad luck, though this reputation is wildly inaccurate. Sadly, many people hold onto this belief, and as a result, black cats are the least likely to be adopted from animal shelters. They're also horrifyingly subjected to acts of outright cruelty from time to time.

We feel it's important to dispel false beliefs surrounding black cats and to celebrate them for the beautiful, wise, and intelligent creatures that they are. That's why we encourage you to invest in our black cat and pumpkin themed wholesale Halloween candy tote bags. These bags feature a black cat perched above a pumpkin patch. A set of safety tips is presented, helping to make the cat a representative of fun and safety rather than one of misfortune. Ordering them in August ensures that there will be plenty of time for them to be designed and shipped by Halloween.

Black Cat & Pumpkins Treat-or-Treat Bag with Safety Tips

September 3 - National Tailgating Day

Whether it's for a sporting event, concert, convention, or any other fun gathering, tailgating is always a good time. That's why September 3 has been set aside to celebrate this act in the form of national Tailgating Day. With Labor Day and the beginning of football season falling right around this time, an early September date is quite logical for a time to celebrate the tradition of tailgating.

One of the most essential aspects to a successful tailgate party is to provide snacks, meals, and drinks that everyone will enjoy. To this end, we suggest supplying your target audience with our Weekend Explorer customized grill and cooler combos. With a low minimum order requirement of only 10 units, these can be used as giveaways for small businesses, raffle prizes, or as awards for top-performing employees or especially loyal customers.  Each set includes a handy portable grill along with a cooler that is large enough to house ten 12 oz beverage cans. Each comes with a case that holds the grill, while the cooler is stored inside of the grill when everything is packed up.

Portable Grill with Cooler

October 15 - Global Hand Washing Day

If going through the whole COVID-19 situation taught us anything, the importance of keeping hands clean is right at the top of the list. Washing one's hands before eating and drinking (or after coming into contact with anything dirty or potentially contaminated), is a vital practice when it comes to staying in good health. Take some time out to remember this each year on October 15, which just happens to be Global Hand Washing Day.

To celebrate Global Hand Washing Day, we suggest adding your custom logo design to our Hand Soap Sheets in Compact Travel Cases. These promotional travel hand soap sheet cases make great giveaways for pharmacies, grocery stores, hotels, airlines, bus companies, and anyone else in the travel, hospitality, or camping industries. Each set comes with a clear or translucent blue case that holds 30 sheets of hand soap. When water is added to the soap sheets, they'll dissolve for quick and easy hand washing. These items are imprinted with your logo design, are in compliance with FDA requirements, and are also airline carry-on compliant.

Hand Soap Sheets in Travel Container

November 30 - National Personal Space Day

There are a lot of people who really value having some time and space to themselves. Nobody likes to be constantly crammed in as a sardine, and everyone at times needs a break from the hustle, bustle, and noise that come with being in a crowd. That's why on November 30, the USA celebrates National Personal Space Day. Whether a person is solitary in nature, happens to be an introvert, or just needs a peaceful break from time to time, this holiday is a great time to consider their needs. It's also a good day for caring for your own needs for space and quiet.

Taking all of the above into consideration, we've decided to put up our Skullcandy Venue branded noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones as our recommended promo product for Personal Space Day. Even when there's limited physical space, these custom noise-cancelling headphones allow users to block out nearly all ambient sound, creating some personal space in any environment. Black in color and imprinted with your logo, these wireless headphones have a playback time of up to 24 hours. Each comes in a circular zippered case that is part of a two-piece gift box. Also included are a 47" Micro USB charging cable and a 3.5 mm auxiliary cable.

As these are high end, top-notch headphones, they have a very low minimum order requirement of just 2 units.

Skullcandy Noise Canceling Bluetooth Headphones

December 31 - National Champagne Day

We'll end the year just as we began it - introducing another obscure holiday. Every year on December 31, the world celebrates New Year's Eve. Perfectly going along with this tradition, the 31st day of December has also been declared to be National Champagne Day. People are sure to down plenty of the bubbly in celebration of the end of the current year and the start of the new one. Many bars, restaurants, clubs, and other businesses hold special events on this day. If yours happens to be one of them, we have the perfect giveaway item for you.

Our Light Up Champagne Glass with Black Base makes an excellent giveaway for any restaurant, watering hole, hotel, casino, or event venue to offer to their customers and guests on New Year's Eve. That's why these promotional light up champagne glasses are our pick for National Champagne Day. Each glass has a 7.5 ounce capacity and has a clear bowl with a black stem and base. High powered LEDs in three different colors are included inside of every glass, allowing them to put on a colorful and festive light show in 7 different color modes. The top and bottom of the glasses snap together for a quick and easy assembly. Each glass is imprinted with your company logo design, with imprints with multiple colors being available for an upgrade fee.

Novelty Light-Up Champagne Glasses

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We've now come to the end of Part 2 in our guide to fun customizable promotional products for lesser-known holidays. Hopefully, you've acquired some good marketing ideas from reading this, as well as learned a few knew facts and had a laugh or two. Would you like to see a Part 3 in this series?  Contact us and let us know!

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