5 Fantastic 40 oz Tumblers for Promotional Drinkware

Best Custom 40 oz Travel Tumblers
Scott Kalapos on Oct 23, 2023

We can all relate to how great a nice hot sip of coffee is in the morning, or a refreshing cold drink of water can be in the afternoon. Tumblers help us keep our drinks at the right temperature for hours on end.

Tumblers have become so popular that the market for them is expected to reach $933.5 million by 2027. There has never been a better time to have promotional tumblers made for your business. 

Custom 40 oz tumblers are a constant reminder of your brand day in and day out. You can have people carrying your brand all day when you have 40 oz tumbler giveaways or give them as employee gifts.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Promotional 40 oz Travel Tumblers

To help you capitalize on the tumbler trend, we’ve highlighted five items from our catalog to guide you through making a choice for your promotional gear. What is the best 40 oz tumbler? These 40 oz tumblers tend to be some of the best because they’re used on a daily basis and last for years. This also makes them one of the best promo drinkware giveaways and corporate swag gifts that money can buy.

1. Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Straw Tumbler

The first product on our list is the Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Travel Tumbler. We love this 40 oz tumbler because as their name implies, it is environmentally friendly. The interior of this travel tumbler is 100% recycled food-grade plastic. It is protected by a strong and sturdy stainless steel exterior, making it durable and great for on the go. 

The green grade still goes higher because, with every sale of a Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Straw Tumbler, a donation is made to non-profit organizations that protect the environment. These 40 oz travel tumblers carry enough to quench even the biggest of thirsts. With this much room, they can hold enough coffee to power anyone through a hard day of work, be it at the office or in the great outdoors.

Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Straw Tumbler

Because of the large capacity, the bottom portion is tapered to ensure that your customers can fit them in automobile cup holders on the go. The press-on lid with a swivel closure prevents spills and leaks too, and the silicone gasket with the included straw makes it easy to keep in place. Finally, a large and sturdy handle makes gripping these large-capacity Thor tumblers easy for anyone. 

Each tumbler is imprinted with your personalized company logo design. Your logo can be to the left or the right of the handle. Each Thor 40 oz Eco-Friendly Straw Tumbler stands 10 1/3 inches tall and has an imprint area that measures 3 1/8 inches wide by 3 inches high.

2. Harriton 40 oz Vacuum Travel Mug

If you’re looking for a high-quality, insulated travel mug with a low minimum order quantity, our logo-engraved 40 oz Harriton Travel Mug is perfect for you. These large drinkware items are a great idea for gifts and special occasions. They can be reserved as rewards for top-performing employees or your most loyal and valuable customers. 

These Harriton 40 oz Vacuum Travel Mugs feature double-wall stainless steel construction with vacuum insulation. What is vacuum insulated? Vacuum insulation is when air is removed between the exterior and interior walls of the tumbler, creating a vacuum that prevents heat transfer.  

The exterior of the Harriton 40 oz Vacuum Travel Mug is built to be resistant to condensation. This prevents sweating and leaving pools of water behind, so you won’t have to worry about water rings on the conference tables.

Custom Engraved Harriton 40 oz Travel Mug

Commuters love these mugs with the tapered at the bottom for cup holders, a slide closure that helps to prevent spills, and a home for the included straw. The straw resides at the top of a clear push-on lid which is easy to remove when it’s time to clean the mug.

The four color choices make these mugs great to display and sell at coffee shops, bakeries, restaurants, bars, or other outdoor-themed businesses. Pick your favorite among black, khaki, dark charcoal, and dark navy blue. 

Each mug is engraved with your custom logo design in a space measuring 2 ½ inches wide by 3 inches high. The design area can be located with the handle to either the left or right.

3. Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 40 oz Tumbler

Stanley is a big name in the world of drinkware, that includes within the promotional products industry. The Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler certainly upholds its well-earned reputation for quality. 

Available in your choice of charcoal or cream color, these premium 40 oz travel tumblers are built to impress and built to last. A Stanley tumbler will provide years of branding impressions on behalf of your business.

Custom Stanley tumblers are made from 90% recycled 18/8 stainless steel. Double wall construction and vacuum insulation help them to keep contents at ideal temperatures for hours at a time. Can you put boiling water in a stainless steel tumbler? Yes, stainless steel tumblers, especially double-walled tumblers, are designed to hold and keep the temperature of the liquid inside. We do recommend exercising caution with extremely hot liquids though.

Stanley Quencher FlowState 40 oz H2.0 Travel Tumbler

Each of these tumblers is topped with a signature Stanley FlowState lid. These lids can sit on the mugs fully closed, with an open drink spout, or in a non-splash straw quencher mode.

Convenience and style reign supreme with the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState Tumbler. The slick look of these travel mugs is complemented by an ergonomic design. The sturdy carrying handle with comfort grip inserts makes holding these tumblers nice and easy.

Narrow bases on the Stanley Quencher H2.0 FlowState 40 oz Tumbler make it easy to fit in cup holders. Each can be imprinted with your custom logo design or laser engraved for an added fee.

4. 40 oz Swig Life Mug

If you’re looking to give out something stylish and slick, we recommend some Swig swag. The 40 oz personalized Swig Life Mugs are a hit in gift bags.  

Swig Life mugs make it easy to keep hydrating throughout the day with water or stay energized with some hot coffee. These mugs are 100% BPA-free and feature double-wall, vacuum-sealed insulation. They can keep hot drinks at temperature for up to 9 hours and cold drinks for an astonishing 24 hours!

In addition to their temperature-retaining abilities, these insulated travel mugs are also easy to use and maintain. They’re microwave-safe and have easy-to-remove snap-on lids for when it’s time for cleaning. The lids are also spill-proof and come with a drinking straw in a matching color.

40 oz Swig Life Mug

Speaking of color, these 40 oz tumblers can be ordered in white, orange, aqua, coral, black, lavender, olive, navy blue, light pink, hot pink, royal blue, or gray. With a relatively low minimum order quantity of just 24, these products are a great promotional mug for businesses of any size. 

Each stands 10 inches in height and has a decoration area that is 2 inches wide by 2 inches high. This space is filled with your custom laser-engraved logo or other chosen design. By default, your logo will be engraved on one side of the mug. For an upgrade fee, double-sided engraving is available.

5. Hydro Flask All Around 40 oz Travel Tumbler

Rounding out our fab 5 travel mugs is the Hydro Flask All Around 40 oz Tumbler with Straw. They’re excellent items for use both indoors and outdoors. The large capacity is a natural choice for anyone who is focused on staying well-hydrated or needs something that can keep temperature through the whole day.

Which tumbler keeps drinks hot the longest? Hydro Flask has a reputation for keeping drinks hot for up to 12 hours. Made from double wall TempShield pro-grade insulated stainless steel, this high-quality make-up also enables them to keep drinks cold for up to 9 hours at a time.

Hydro Flask All Around 40 oz Travel Tumbler

Each has a snugly fitted press-in straw lid and a tapered shape for fitting into the cup holders of your cars and trucks. The leakproof lid is joined by a strong handle that is designed for a firm yet comfortable grip.

Order these 40 oz tumblers in your choice of black, trillium, or birch. Engraving of your logo to the left of the handle is standard and has dimensions of 2 3/10 inches wide by 4 inches high. In addition to showcasing your logo and giving your audience a great drinkware product, these tumblers also contribute to a better world. Hydro Flask supports making parks more enjoyable and accessible for all with upkeep and improvement through their nonprofit Parks For All (opens in a new window).

Tips for Choosing a Promotional Tumbler

To pick the best 40 oz tumbler for your promotional products, consider your target audience first and foremost. Some considerations to keep in mind include:

Material - Stainless steel is common, but there are plastic options too. The exterior of the tumbler you choose can determine how your logo is displayed, whether it is imprinted or engraved. 

Lids - Most lids are plastic and leak-proof, but some are opaque and some are clear. Will your customers want to be able to see the content in their tumbler or have them concealed? 

Ease of Cleaning - You want your promo item to be convenient so that it gets the most use. Choosing a tumbler that is easy for people to clean means that they are more likely to carry your logo around with them.

Appearance - While function is essential, you still want your brand to look good. Some tumblers come in more stylish shapes and colors than others. 

Brand Reputation - Some brands are renowned for their quality and durability like Stanley and Yeti. Consider the reputation of the tumbler when you decide to associate your brand with that product. 

The 5 tumblers we’ve mentioned here will be a hit for your next promotional giveaway. They’re the best tumblers at this capacity and they’re all durable, keep temperature, and a great way to show off your brand. Get started with your custom tumbler order today.

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