19 Perfect Promotional Father's Day Gifts

Best Promotional Fathers Day  Gift Ideas | Best Corporate Father's Day Gifts
Scott Kalapos on May 4, 2018

Every year when spring comes around, every business starts scrambling to come up with the best possible Mother's Day gifts to bear their logo designs. While it's definitely a great thing that we take the time to honor our mothers, it seems that Father's Day sometimes takes a back seat, at least in terms of the amount of buzz it generates and the amount of gift that are out there. It's this realization that sparked today's article, which will share with you our suggestions for the best promotional Father's Day gifts for 2018. Read on and find all of the best corporate Father's Day gift ideas to recognize the hardworking dads in your company and all of the fathers you to whom you wish to give some special recognition. 

Since we have a broad range of personalized Father's Day gifts to choose from, we're going to break our guide down into categories. This way, if you're looking for a certain type of gift or if you're in an industry that makes some gifts a better fit than others, you can immediately jump to the category that interests you the most. Conversely, if you'd like to get all of the best customized Father's Day gift ideas, you can read this article in its entirety. 

Promotional Father's Day Gift Categories

Personalized Father's Day Golf Gifts

Is your business in the golf game? Does it cater to any demographic that is? If either of these situations are the case, or if you just want to recognize some special golf-loving dads, our promotional Father's Day golf gifts are the way to go. We'll introduce you to three of them now.

Premium Golf Kit

With all of the amazing golf accessories it has to offer, our Premium Golf Kit certainly lives up to its name. These promotional golf accessory sets come in a sturdy 600D nylon case, which is imprinted with your custom business logo design. Each bag has an imprint area of 3½ inches wide by 2¾ inches high. A one color imprint comes standard, though for an additional fee, multiple imprint colors and locations are available. When it comes to bag color, you can take your pick among royal blue, green, black, or red. Each one ships 100% free of charge. 

 Inside of each case, recipients will find a combination premium bottle opener and divot tool, 3 tees, a 4 inch flex pen, a mole skin blaster cover, 2 antiseptic swabs, 2 alcohol wipes, 5 bandages, an ice pack, an After-Bite® sting stick, a container of sunscreen, a container of Muscle Jel®, an Aleve pain relief tablet, 2 eyeglass lens wipes, 2 burn aid packets, a poison ivy swab, a first aid quick card, 3 antibacterial swabs, and a 2 oz insect repellent spray can. We might as well call this one the Murphy's Law Golf Kit, as it protects against just about every possible golf course problem one can encounter. Would you believe that all of this fits inside of a 6 inch wide by 6½ inch tall nylon bag? if not, just take a look at the image below:

                                                                       Promotional Father's Day Golf Gift Bag Kit

Deluxe Shoe Bag Kit

Any seasoned golfer knows how important it is to have the proper footwear and to keep it in prime condition. That's why our personalized golf shoe bags make for such great Father's Day gift ideas for dads who can't get enough of the green. In addition to carrying shoes, as it obviously is designed to do, this particular customized golf gift bag also houses a golf knife, collapsible insulated cup holder, 10 tees, a 15 inch wide by 18 inch high golf towel with metal grommets and hooks, and three Pinnacle Rush golf balls. Each of these custom logo imprinted golf shoe bags has an easy-to-operate zippered opening. If you're out for a great deal, this one's for you - in addition to shipping for free, the Deluxe Shoe Bag Kit has absolutely no set-up fee! This means that your 7 inch wide by 3 inch high company logo imprint design appears on each bag, golf ball, can holder, tee, and knife for free. You also have a wide selection of colors when it comes to the tees and can holders.

                                                                               Custom Logo Imprinted Golf Shoe Bags

Prescott Short Sleeve Golf Polo Shirt

Fathers everywhere can enjoy a round of golf and look great while doing it when your company invests in our custom logo imprinted Prescott golf polo shirts. Another free-shipping item, these personalized polo shirts are highly versatile in that they can be worn in a number of situations. Their business casual appeal is just as impressive at the golf course as it is at a company party, lunch meeting, or summertime corporate seminar. They're made of jersey knit micropolyester, with flat knit collars, and matching button plackets with contrasting interiors. If that last part has you a bit confused, it just refers to the fact that the part of the shirt where the buttons are located is white, while the side where the buttons go through is the same color as the rest of the shirt. They're also built with anti-wicking properties, making them ideal at repelling moisture. Consequently, they're a great pick for a damp day or when a user expects to sweat. 

These personalized golf polo shirts are available in sizes from extra small through double extra large. Their comfort is matched only by their fashion appeal, with styled colors available in black, denim, steel gray, navy blue, and juniper, which is the green color in the image below this paragraph. A full color business logo imprint appears on the front left chest area of the shirt, in space measuring 4 inches in both width and height. For an additional charge, multiple imprint locations are available, as are embroidered logo designs. 

                                                                        Personalized golf polo shirts for Father's Day Gifts

Promotional Fishing Gifts for Father's Day

What father & son activity is more classic than a good old fashioned fishing trip? Your business can help fathers to rekindle fond memories and build new ones with our wholesale Father's Day fishing gifts.

Personalized Fishing Lures

When you want to reel in the catch of the day, you need to use the best lures. That's why we're sharing three of our best sellers with you in the following paragraphs. 

Rattlin' Rapala Lure

                                                                   Bulk Rapala Fishing Lures - Best Promotional Father's Day Fishing Gift Ideas

Picture above is our Rattlin' Rapala Fishing Lure. These promotional Rapala fishing lures are ideal for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. At two inches in length and ⅛ oz in weight, these easily fit into any tackle box and won't put excessive strain on your line. The "rattlin'" part of their names comes from the natural rapid jerking motion these lures make when cast into the water, which is known to attract many kinds of fish. Each is appointed with 2 treble hooks and comes with a single color and location personalized business logo design imprint. For an additional charge, multiple logo imprint colors and second sided imprints can be added.

Diving Rapala Lure

                                                                           Promotional Diving Rapala Lures - Best Custom Deep Sea Fishing Lures

Rapala is one of the best-known names in the world of customized fishing gear, and this is not without merit. For generations, they've been suppliers of some of the most high-quality and consistently successful lures on the market. That's why for this Father's Day, we're going to show you another gem from our Rapala collection.

The image above the preceding paragraph is of one of our promotional Diving Rapala lures. If your business is involved in the fishing industry or if you want your customers & target audience to enjoy a great day at sea, these are the lures to use. They're capable of quickly diving as deep as 16 feet into the water, which is a valuable asset when operating from a boat on a deep sea fishing adventure. Made of balsa wood and carrying internal weights, these lures are able to maintain their deeply submersed position much longer than other crankbait lure varieties. Their colors and tone contrasts, coupled with their natural wriggling movements are impossible for most fish to resist. Each one is 2 inches long and ⅜ of an ounce in weight. With thin tails and a tapered fuselage, they're shaped just right to catch the eyes of the biggest catches. Each one offers a inch wide by inch high one color logo imprint design, though additional colors and second-side logo imprints are available for an added charge.

Classic Spoon Lure

                                                                   Custom Business Logo Imprinted Spoon Lures for Corporate Father's Day Gifts

The third and final set of wholesale fishing lures that we'll talk about today are our Classic Spoon Lures. With a name derived for the resemblance they bear to the bowl portion of a spoon, our bulk spoon fishing lures with logo imprints make for perfect promotional Father's Day gifts for bait shops, camping supply stores, hunting outfitters, outdoor lifestyle stores, and many more marine-centric businesses. These spoon lures have a timeless shape and style that create a natural motion under the water that is alluring to a broad menagerie of fish species. Each of these customized metal fishing lures is 2⅞ inches long and weighs ⅜ of an ounce. They come with a single color & location logo design imprint, which is 1¼ inches wide by ¾ of an inch high. For an additional fee, multiple logo colors, locations, full color imprints, and pillow box packaging can be accessed.

Mobile Odyssey Duke Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Our Mobile Odyssey custom logo imprinted waterproof Bluetooth speakers allow users to add a soundtrack to their days on the lake or at sea. Each one ships without charge and has a handy suction cup base, allowing it to be firmly attached to nearly any flat surface. It has a long battery life, with the ability to play music non-stop for up to 6 hours. When it's time to recharge, the unit can be brought back to full power within 2 hours. It has a noise range of 33 feet, so Dad will be able to keep listening to his favorite tunes even if he has to leave the boat/pier for a bit. In addition to being used for music, they can also be employed for the purpose of making conference calls. Each one is gray and measures 3½ inches wide, 3½ inches high, and 1½ inches deep. They feature 5 buttons: Power, Play/Pause, Skip Forward, Skip Backward, and Phone. Your one color personalized company logo imprint design appears in an area of 1 inch wide by ¼ of an inch high, located in your choice of directly above or directly below the buttons.

                                                             Promotional Wireless Speakers - Best Father's Day Fishing Gifts

Wholesale Father's Day BBQ Gifts

If you know some fathers who are keepers of the flame, you'll want to take a look at our personalized BBQ gifts for Father's Day. We have a couple of deluxe custom logo imprinted BBQ aprons that we'd like to tell you about in the next two paragraphs.

Grill Master Apron Kit

The Grill Master Apron Kit is one of our finest promotional grilling gifts for Father's Day. As its name indicates, it's more than just an apron; it's a full-on BBQ bonanza. Every one comes with a padded oven mitt, grilling towel, detachable bottle opener, and several pockets. One of these pockets is adjustable in size and is insulated for keeping drinks nice and cool as the fire grows hotter. It's a great way to keep refreshed and avoid dehydration when grilling on a hot summer day. These customized grilling aprons are machine washable and are 24 inches wide by 32 inches long. They come with an imprint area of 5 inches wide by 5 inches high, which is where your personalized company logo design will appear. As upgrade options, you can go for multiple imprint colors or even an embroidered logo design. Available in your choice of red, camouflage, black, royal blue, or red, the Grill Master Apron Kit ships 100% free of charge.

                                                                        Best Promotional Grilling Gifts for Father's Day

BBQ Now Apron & 3 Piece BBQ Set

Our BBQ Now Apron & 3 Piece BBQ Set is another great promotional Father's Day gift idea for dads who like to grill. Perfect as promotional giveaways for propane dealerships, grill accessory stores, and cookware companies, these personalized BBQ apron kits are made of extra durable 600D polyester. Adjustable at the neck and back, these customized grilling aprons are 19 inches wide by 24 inches high, with one size fitting most anyone. In addition to it's host of handy pockets, this particular barbecue apron gift also features a set of grilling tools. Grilling forks, tongs, a grilling mitt, and salt & pepper shakers come with every unit. Everyone will think of your business during their sumptuous summer feast when they see your customized logo imprint design, which appears in a 3½ inch wide by 2½ high space on the front bib area of the apron. For an added fee, you can upgrade to include multiple colors in your company logo imprint.


                                                                         Promotional BBQ Aprons with Grilling Tools - Best Corporate Father's Day Gifts

Promotional Drinkware Gifts for Father's Day

Unwinding with a cool drink or starting a day with a piping hot one is an experience that many people enjoy. Dads are not an exception to this rule, so it is in this spirit that we'll introduce to you our picks for the best personalized drinkware items for Father's Day.

Etched Glass Beer Mug

All fathers will know you think they're #1 when they knock back a cold one via one of our 25 oz custom sandblasted beer mugs. These low minimum order promotional beer mugs have a required order quantity of only 6 units, which means you can personalize each one for each specific recipient. They're wonderful promotional gifts for bars & restaurants to hand out to their best customers, as well as being among the best corporate Father's Day gift ideas for nearly any other business imaginable. Each one holds 25 oz of liquid and has an easy to grip sturdy C-shaped handle. The sandblasting technique used to decorate these personalized beer mugs provides a deeper and more consistent cut than traditional engraving methods and also makes them dishwasher safe. Each mug is 4 inches wide by 6⅝ inches high, with an engraving area of 2½ inches wide by 3⅘ inches high.


                                                                        Promotional 25 oz Beer Mugs for Father's Day Gifts

Custom Engraved Flask & Card Set in Wood Box

Looking for the best corporate promotional Father's Day gifts with low minimum orders? You've just found one of them in our custom logo engraved flask & playing card sets. These are perfect gift for when Dad wants to get together with the guys for poker night. These customized flask gifts are presented in genuine rosewood gift boxes, which are sealed with a silver latch. Inside, users will find a 7 oz drinking flask along with a shot glass, funnel, poker card deck, and 5 red dice. Both the flask and the box are custom engraved with your business logo design or personalized message. When all put together in the box, this gift set measures 8¼ inches in width by 8¼ inches in height by 2⅜ inches in depth. The engraving area is 1 31/32 inches wide by 1 9/16 inches high. Since only six sets are required per order, each one can be  personalized to the highest extent.

                                                                          Personalized Engraved Flask & Card Sets - Best Father's Day Gifts for Businesses

Two Tone Himalayan Tumbler

Fans of the YETI® line of promotional drinkware will love our Himalayan promotional drinkware line, which offers a very similar product at an affordable price. Any father would love to start his day with a large supply of hot coffee that will stay hot throughout the morning. That's just what these promotional stainless steel tumblers bring to the table. Their double-wall vacuum insulated construction enables them to keep drinks hot for up to 6 hours and cold for even longer. They're topped with spill-resistant snap-on lids, which are appointed with a slide-lock closure. Free of BPA and meeting all FDA requirements, this promotional travel mug also has a non-slip lower surface to make it even more spill proof. Its outer surface is finished with powder coating for a soft look and feel and is available in black, lime green, navy blue, red, and white. Holding 20 oz of liquid and standing 7 inches tall, our Himalayan travel tumblers offer an imprint area of 2½ inches wide by 2 inches high. Alternately, you can opt for a wraparound imprint which is 5 inches wide by 2 inches high.

                                                                       Best Promotional Insulated Tumblers for Father's Day Gifts

Promotional Tools & Customized Father's Day Gift Tool Sets

If you're looking for the best promotional Father's Day gifts for hardware stores, department stores, camping supply stores, or any other DIY oriented business, this is the section you won't want to miss. The next three products we're going to highlight all fall within the personalized tool gifts category. Even if your business isn't in the hardware sector, all of these are still great buys for any father who prides himself on his craftsmanship.

WorkMate Pro 16 Function Multi Tool in Gift Box

As is the case with many of the custom logo imprinted Father's Day gifts we've shown in this article, the WorkMate Pro 16 Multi Tool ships free of charge. That's only one of the many great features these personalized Father's Day tool gifts sets have to offer. The title is certainly not a deceptive one, as each of these customized multi tools holds contains hardware elements capable of performing 16 different functions. This ensures that it will be handy for all tasks around the house, in the garage, and on the road. Each one contains three knives, three flathead screwdrivers, one Phillips head screwdriver, one bottle opener, one can opener, one wire cutter, one dual function file, one fish scaler, and a set of pliers. 

Our WorkMate Pro 16 Function custom imprinted multi tools feature reddish brown woodgrain style panels on the top and bottom, with the rest of the exterior presenting a metallic silver color. Included in the price is a custom business logo imprint on one side of the outward-facing silver surfaces. This design appears in an imprint area measuring 1.75 inches wide by 0.31 inches high. Also included is a black gift box/carrying case. When packaged, every unit measures 10 inches wide, 4 inches high, and 2 inches deep.

                                                                   Promotional Custom Imprinted Multi Tool for Giveaways

WorkMate Tool Apron

Here's another promotional WorkMate hardware item that makes for an excellent corporate Father's Day Gift. This one is the WorkMate Tool Apron, which is one of our best-selling custom business logo imprinted tool belts. These are tool belt giveaways that any and all fathers will be delighted to receive on their special day. Made of extra durable polycanvas, each one has 13 pockets in addition to two holding loops. Ten of the pockets, which are arranged in a double-tier style, are of a slightly smaller size than the others, as they are meant to house individual tools. For example, one could hold a wrench, while another holds a large screwdriver, while another holds a level, and so on. The three larger pockets are designed to carry bulk tools, such as screws, nails, nuts, bolts, dowels, and any other group of small tools accessories that a user wants to keep organized. As mentioned above, this customized tool belt also has two loops, which can be used for holding hammers, extra long wrenches, or anything else that's too long for the pockets that's still needed to get a job done. 

These promotional tool belts are ergonomically designed to keep everything within hand's reach at all times. The back features an adjustable belt with a snap buckle closure, allowing it to adjust to fit users of nearly any size. Black in color, these wholesale tool aprons are 22½  inches wide by 9¼ inches long. Each has a three inch wide by three inch high imprint area, where a single color business logo imprint will appear. For an additional charge, full color logo imprints are also available.

                                                                 Best Promotional Tool Aprons for Giveaways - Corporate  Father's Day Gifts

Roadside Rescue Kit

A breakdown in the middle of nowhere can give even the most steel-nerved among us a bit of a scare. Give the gift of peace of mind to the fantastic fathers who work for your business and the ones you'd like to target by providing them with the Roadside Rescue Kit. These promotional auto emergency kits make great giveaway items and promotional products for auto parts stores, garages, car dealerships, hardware stores, and any other business that caters to motorists. With all of the emergency supplies they contain, it's truly amazing that these custom imprinted breakdown accessory sets are able to fit into a compact duffel bag measuring 11 inches in width by 6 inches in depth. Each one has an imprint area of 3 inches wide by 4 inches high, which is where your one color logo imprint will appear. A second logo design color is available for an added fee. In terms of bag colors, you can choose among black, blue, orange, and yellow.

Now that we've described the exterior of the Roadside Rescue Kit, it's time to talk about its contents. Get ready, because the list is a long one. Each bag holds a 60" x 80" mylar blanket, a set of 8 foot 10 gauge booster cords (with instructions), a flashlight (powered by 2 AA batteries, included). a 23 piece First Aid kit, 6 plug-in fuses, a lightweight reusable safety vest, reusable lightweight poncho, 14" elastic tie down cords with metal hooks, 2 pairs of PVC work gloves, and 24 hour roadside assistance.

                                                             Customized Roadside Emergency Kit for Automotive Giveaways


Custom Professional Father's Day Gifts

This category is for the consummate professional. Hard-working fathers who love their jobs will all appreciate these personalized executive Father's Day gifts. They're a great corporate Father's Day giveaway gift idea for nearly any business, but especially those who see a lot of work at desks and around the office.

Typhoon Deluxe Briefcase

For flawless fatherly fashion for a dad who's dedicated to his job, we suggest our Typhoon Deluxe promotional briefcases as a corporate Father's Day gift giveaway idea. These are premium customized briefcases that are built to last. Each one is made of sturdy 600D polyester and has a front flap & buckle closure to ensure that no needed items slip out. They boast a generous amount of storage options, including front and back zippered pockets, and a primary interior compartment which breaks down further into an interior organizer and still more zippered pockets. An adjustable shoulder strap makes these wholesale business logo briefcases easy and comfortable to carry anywhere a man needs to go.

                                                                           Custom Logo Imprinted Briefcases for Father's Day Gifts


Focus Ballpoint Pen & Rollerball Pen Gift Set

                                                                     Custom Laser Engraved Pens for Promotional Father's Day Gifts

Next up, and pictured above, is our Focus Ballpoint Rollerball Set. These corporate luxury pen gifts come in a handsome wooden gift box that measures 6¾ inches wide by 2⅞ inches long. Inside, you’ll find two custom laser engraved pens, with one being a ballpoint pen and the other a rollerball pen. Both pens are black with chrome and titanium trim and are engraved with your personalized logo or message in an area spanning 1¼ inches in width by ¼ of an inch in height along their barrels. Each set ships 100% free of charge. If you’re wondering what the difference is between ballpoint pens and rollerball pens, this handy table below will help you out:

Difference Between Ballpoint Pens & Rollerball Pens Price Ink Type Best Uses Cap Use
Ballpoint Pens Affordable and great for bulk orders Oil-based ink that is less likely to run Bulk orders, school promotional products, and basic, informal situations Cap is used to prevent pen from unintentional markings.
Rollerball Pens Higher price, but typically smaller minimum order numbers Fully liquid ink with a very smooth writing experience Extra formal situations, excellent as an executive pen style Cap is used to prevent ink from running and/or drying

Personalized Tech Gifts for Father's Day

Last but not least, it’s time to talk some tech. Whether you’re a computer repair business, web design firm, office supply store, electric company, or any business related to the tech sector, our promotional power banks are a great idea for corporate Father’s Day gifts. We’ll introduce two of them to you now.

Bolt Aluminum Power Bank

The Bolt aluminum power bank is one of our most popular personalized smartphone power banks. With a battery life of 2200 mAh, this power bank has all the juice you need to fully charge an iPhone, Android, iPod, MP3 player, or just about any other small mobile device. It features a green LED indicator light to let you know when a device is fully charged. These custom laser engraved power banks are available in colors of black, silver, red, lime green, and royal blue. Each unit is 3⅝ inches long by ⅞ of an inch deep. Their engraving area spans 2¾ inches in width by ⅜ of an inch in height. These chic, sleek aluminum power banks all ship 100% free of charge.

                                                                   Custom Laser Engraved Power Banks with Business Logo

Bamboo Power Bank - 5,000 mAh

For the ideal mix of rustic esoteric appeal and cutting-edge modern technology, we submit the Bamboo Power Bank for your approval. Like the aluminum power bank mentioned above, our promotional bamboo power banks ship for free. Unlike the previous model, these personalized power banks have a capacity of 5,000 mAh. This means they’re more suitable for charging larger items, such as iPads and other tablets, though they can still charge small items just as effectively. Each one is powered by a Grade A lithium ion battery and sports a series of blue LED indicator lights to show how much battery life is remaining.

Every one of these wholesale bamboo power banks comes with a dual output as well as a USB to micro USB cable. This cable can be used to either charge the power bank or to use the power bank to charge another device. A single color and location logo imprint comes standard, but as an upgrade, multiple color logo imprints and laser logo design engraving can be accessed. You can choose to either have your logo imprint vertically oriented in a 2 inch wide by 3 inch high pattern, or horizontally oriented in a 3 inch wide by 2 inch high pattern. The power bank itself is 4⅞ inches wide by 11/16 of an inch wide by 2 11/16 inches long.

                                                                         Promotional Bamboo Power Banks - Best Promotional Tech Giveaway Items

That’s it for our suggestions for the 19 best promotional Father’s Day gifts for 2018. Did you find any new favorites among this bunch? Were there any categories we left out that you would have liked to have seen covered? If so, leave us a comment on here or on our Facebook page, or give us a call. We want to work with you to help your company make this Father’s Day it’s best yet!

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