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Custom Promotional Swimming Items
Scott Kalapos on Mar 21, 2023

Sports promotional products are a fun and profitable way to build awareness of a brand and to promote and support a team, school, business, or even a charity. Today, we're going to focus on our selections for the top ten best promotional products for swimming. These run the gamut from apparel to safety items to accessories and beyond. We encourage you to customize each with your custom logo or message as an easy way to get your face out there at a trade show, competitive swimming event, company party, around the pool, or any other place where swimmers and those who love them will show up. 

With that, we'll break into some of our favorites among the vast variety of wholesale swimming promos and giveaway items that are available on our site. 

1. The Porpoise Adult Swim Goggles with Case

We'll start off our list with an item that competitive swimmers will need at every event. A terrific giveaway item as well as a product that surf shops and other businesses can sell as retail products, our Porpoise Adult Swim Goggles are always a hit. Even those who aren't on swimming teams and just want to get some exercise or enjoy some fun in the sun will enjoy the utility these items bring.

Enabling users to see underwater and to swim at high speeds without getting water in their eyes, these custom goggles come in their own protective case that is printed with your logo design. They're made in an adult size, being 7 inches in width. Black and gray in color, they have lenses that have anti-fog properties and offer UV protection. They're made from sturdy silicone and have an adjustable silicone strap to help users find the perfect fit for comfort and effective use. If you're looking for something for the kids, worry not. We also have Porpoise promotional goggles for children

Porpoise Promotional Adult Swim Goggles

2. Mesh Water Resistant Wet/Dry Bag

Once you choose your promo product favorites for your swim team or business, you'll want to provide handy totes to help users carry them in. This is where our Mesh Water Resistant Wet and Dry Bags come into play. These promotional water resistant tote bags are ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time in the pool or at the beach. Each offers a separate pocket area for wet items and dry items. They serve to protect users' possessions, keeping wet clothes, toys, and accessories away from items that need to stay dry. 

These stylish water friendly totes will make the life of any swimmer, dive team member, or lover of the water a bit easier. Each is made from PVC coated 210D polyester along with a black polyester mesh zippered compartment in front. The pocket compartment for wet items closes with a roll top and snap buckle, while a removable shoulder strap provides a weight tolerance of 22 pounds. In addition to swimmers and divers, these products are great for water park customers, hotel guests, gym members, and more. Each is imprinted with your company logo print in one color, but can include a second color for an upgrade fee.

Custom Mesh Water Resistant Wet/Dry Bag

3. Stock Sports Ribbons

Any school, team, YMCA, camp, or other organization that's in search of a way to celebrate team & individual achievements find our wholesale sport award ribbons to be useful tools. These colorful and festive ribbons can be used to congratulate race winners, tournament champions, top performing teams, and more. They're of the stock variety, coming with a pre-designed image of a swimmer in motion, though ribbons for other sports are available as well. 

Each one comes with a card to add names of recipients, dates, events, and other key details. They're 2 inches wide by 8 inches long and come in your choice of assorted finish styles. An eyelet is included for easy hanging and display. These swimming award ribbons can be personalized to reflect 1st place through 8th place finishes, as well as in a participant model. 

Wholesale Stock Sports Award Ribbons

4. Beach Towel

After a dip in the pool or swim in the surf or on the lake, users will need a comfortable way to dry off. Your brand can provide them with just that when you order and customize our custom beach towels with your logo, information, or special message. Low prices (in fact, guaranteed lowest prices) are always a part of the picture when you shop for beach towels and other promotional products on every page of our site. The particular beach towel we're showing you now will speak to this statement, as in addition to its low price, it also comes with free shipping!

At 60 inches wide by 30 inches high, these great branded beach or pool towels are made from a soft and absorbent cotton terry velour material. Your logo imprint can be added in a vertical or horizontal orientation. Each towel is white in color, but comes with a single color imprint design. For an added fee, you can choose a second color to add to your logo design. This requires an order of 72 units or more. Another upgrade option is to set up an embroidered logo. Please contact us to learn more.

In addition to being used to dry off, they can also be placed on the ground by anyone who wishes to sit in the shade or possibly dip their feet in the pool to test the water. They're a great promo product giveaway for any swimming competition or other summer fun event.  

Customized Beach Towels

5. Blues Brothers Sunglasses

When you want to sell customers, guests, and athletes on style, there are few better places to start than with our personalized Blues Bros Sunglasses. These customized sunglasses make a powerful fashion statement, showcasing a timeless look and style that just seems to get more popular each day. Crafted in adult size and bearing your logo imprint, these sunglasses will have users looking great at the beach or lounging by the pool. 

In addition to the style points these sunglasses score, they also serve to protect eye health. Each pair has UV400 protection to offer some safety from sun damage. They're made from black plastic and contain a single color logo imprint on one arm. Both arms can be printed with your branding for an upgrade fee. Multiple colors can be added as well, but these modifications will result in a slightly longer production time.

Crafted in an adult size, they're still small enough to fit inside of purses, glove compartments, handbags, or most any other personal item container. When the whole swimming team is outfitted with these trendy sunglasses, they'll present a look of professional unity that is sure to build spirit while intimidating the competition.

Custom Logo Blues Bros Sunglasses

6. Coast Large Sunscreen Packets - SPF 30

Whether having fun swimming in a pool or lake or getting a tan at the beach, it's important to take proper measures when it comes to protecting skin against sun damage. Your brand can be the face of safety when it supplies our large promotional sunscreen packets as giveaway items. Our Coast Sunscreen Packets ship 100% free of charge and contain a sunscreen lotion with an SPF rating of 30. These packets come in your choice of gold, silver, or white, helping to provide options to best match your logo design.

These important safety products can be passed out to kids and adults alike at events, trade shows, games, or a beach party. They're also a great choice as a summer giveaway for beachside hotel and resort guests. The sunscreen is packed with water and includes sweat resistant ingredients to provide a non-oily sensation that users will appreciate at home or away. This product is most recommended for people with dry/normal and mature skin types. Up to three logo imprint colors are included in the sales price, so be sure to check the ones you'd like when placing an order.

Bulk Sunscreen Packets with Logo Imprints

7. SPF 30 Sunscreen Sprayer

Nothing ruins a fun day at the beach or a great outdoor party quite like a sunburn. Worse yet, unprotected skin that is exposed to harmful UV rays for prolonged periods of time is at risk for far worse forms of damage and illness than a simple sunburn. You can protect your customers, employees, team members, and guests by providing them with our logo printed sunscreen spray pens

Great for use at the beach, by the pool, or in any other area that gets a lot of sun, these low cost sunscreen giveaway items have an SPF rating of 30. Offering protection against UVA and UVB radiation, these sunscreen pens are hypoallergenic and won't irritate users' skin. They come with a cap that has a clip on the back, making it easy to attach them to belt loops, shirt pockets, backpacks, pocketbooks, handbags, and more. Each features a white label that bears a print of your full color logo design.

Logo Imprinted Bug Spray Pens

8. UV Exposure Safety Meter Card

Any business looking to shop for safety products for swimmers and outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty of use in our custom UV exposure meter cards. Produced in the shape and size of a credit card, they're easy to fit into a wallet, pocket, glove compartment, drawstring bag, purse, or most anywhere else. Each of these imprinted sun safety tools ships completely free of charge. On the front, users will find a meter that rates the intensity of UV rays at the present moment. Spaces are marked for low, moderate, high, and very high intensity. 

Made from 30 mil white plastic, each of these UV exposure meter cards is decorated on the front with your full color logo artwork. On the back, a set of single color stock instructions is provided. Stock art can also be added to the front if desired. For an upgrade fee, a punched hole can be added to an upper corner area. This creates a space for a keyring or other attachment to poke through for easy and consistent carrying.

Custom Printed UV Exposure Meter Safety Card

9. 20 oz BPA Free Sports Bottle

You can order all kinds of custom sport bottles on our website. One particular model that we'd like to share with you that's a great fit for swim teams is our promotional 20 oz BPA Free Water Bottle. These low price personalized sport bottles have a 20 oz capacity and are among our best-selling products. They're an eco-friendly choice, as they're made from BPA and BPS-free high density polypropylene, a fully recyclable material. 

These bottles are favorites for outdoor events and competitive athletes. They have a simple squeeze design and a push-pull lid for a simple and convenient drinking experience. They'll look great when imprinted with your team, school, or business logo design. Each is produced in a white or frost color, but comes with your choice of assorted lid colors. They're made with pride in the USA, are top rack dishwasher safe, and are in full compliance with FDA regulations.

20 oz BPA Free Sports Bottles with Company Logo

10. Slide Flip Flops in Mesh Bag

We'll finish up our guide to the best swimming promotional products by showing off some of our footwear. To be specific, we'd like to tell you about our custom logo printed flip flops. They're called Slide Flip flops as users can slide their feet into them, securing a good fit via the hook and loop fastener tops. These flip flops don't include the thongs that are present in typical sandals, which many people find an uncomfortable presence. 

Triple layer sole construction makes for a comfortable and well-supported walking experience, while the included mesh drawstring carrying bag keeps the flip flops off the ground when not in use. They're perfect for spas and pools, particularly for when swimmers want to keep their feet covered but don't wish to get their socks or sneakers wet. They come in your choice of black or blue and are available in sizes Small through Extra Large. Your logo appears on the top strap of each flip flop. These items have a particularly fast turnaround time, so they're a good choice for last minute orders.

Branded Slide Flip Flops for Giveaways

4AllPromos has the best promotional swimming products for teams, trade show giveaways, and great summer fun!

That brings us to the finish line of our guide to the top ten best swimming products to promote your business, brand, team, charity, or school. We hope we've created some useful ideas for your company to employ going forward. Of course, there are lots more where these came from. If you're curious about other custom swimming products to which you can add your logo personalization, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect items to help your organization meet its promotional needs!

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