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Top 12 Custom Reusable Water Bottles with Logos
Scott Kalapos on Jun 9, 2022

Keeping users healthy & hydrated, protecting the planet, and building brand awareness make for quite the enviable combination. What company wouldn't want to pull off all of these feats at once? We're pretty sure such an organization has yet to exist. After all, attaching your brand name to environmental responsibility, quality products, and customer satisfaction can have nothing but positive results.

All of the above is pretty obvious. The only question that remains is finding a method to achieve all of these ends. Fortunately, the promotional products experts at 4AllPromos have just what you need. The Holy Grail in this quest presents itself in the form of our eco-friendly and reusable promotional water bottles. Imprinted with your logo, these items will see constant use, generating advertising impressions for your brand just about everywhere. Read on to meet 12 of our picks for the best reusable imprinted water bottles for evergreen advertising.

1. Recycled 22 oz Eco Cycle Sports Bottle

We'll start things out with one of our cheap wholesale reusable water bottles. The model we'll examine is the 22 oz Recycled Eco Cycle Sport Bottle. These bulk multi-use water bottles come in your choice of 9 different colors and have a capacity of 22 oz. Each is free of BPA and is constructed from recycled high density polyethylene. With its wide contoured grip and wide mouth opening, it offers a comfortable and easy drinking experience. They're also easy to clean, as they're top-rack dishwasher safe. A twist on lid with a spill resistant push-pull spout is included. They're sized such that they'll fit well in many cup holders for a more well-hydrated road trip. Much like the bottle, the lid comes in 9 different colors. You can match lid & bottle colors, though mixing it up is perfectly acceptable too. A single color and location imprint comes standard, with multiple color designs being available for an upgrade fee. These recycled & recyclable custom bottles are a great way to save money and the planet at the same time!

Recycled 22 oz Eco Cycle Sports Bottle | Bulk Reusable Water Bottles

2. 24 oz Cool Color Change Bottle

If your company is interested in novelty eco-friendly water bottles, our 24 oz Cool Color Change Bottle will be an ideal fit. These fun and Earth-friendly items are made from a type of BPA-free plastic that changes color with the addition of cold liquid. Top-rack dishwasher safe, these products are easy to clean and equally easy to bring along to games, practices, work, and more. Each holds 24 oz and comes with a single color side or wraparound logo imprint. For an added fee, your logo can appear in multiple locations or be imprinted in full color. A black screw-on, push-pull lid tops bottles that come in your choice of blue (turns purple), frost (turns blue), green (turns blue), pink (turns purple), or yellow (turns green).

24 oz Cool Color Change Bottle | Promo Novelty Reusable Water Bottles

3. 30 oz BPA-Free Poly-Clear Gripper Bottle

Item #3 on our list is the 30 oz BPA-Free Poly Clear Gripper Bottle. These promotional eco-friendly water bottles are made with pride in the USA. They come in your choice of 5 different translucent colors, each of which comes with a matching flip lid with snap closure. The lid is especially resistant to leakage, helping to prevent spills. This bottle is also adept at not retaining tastes or odors, making for a refreshing drinking experience each time it is used. It's a favorite among bikers, hikers, campers, runners, and more. Their reusable nature cuts down on excess consumption and waste, making these plastic water bottles a natural choice for an environmentally responsible demographic. A single color logo imprint comes standard, with multiple logo colors being available as an upgrade option.

30 oz BPA-Free Poly-Clear Gripper Bottle | Reusable Sports Bottles with Grips

4. 28 oz Transparent Bottle with Flip Straw

When targeting athletes, campers, and anyone else with a big thirst, a 28 oz water bottle is an excellent item to have in your arsenal. Our custom 28 oz Earth-friendly water bottles are a prime example. This particular specimen is called the Transparent Bottle with Flip Straw. It's a name that fits, as these bottles come in assorted transparent colors (10 in total) and are topped with a screw-on lid that's equipped with a flip straw lid opening. Multiple lid colors are also available, allowing for a matching look or a colorful clash to catch the eye. They're made from recycled materials. To be specific, their main material is BPA-free PETE. A single color imprint is included on these customized water bottles, though more can be added for an upgrade fee.

28 oz Transparent Bottle with Flip Straw | Eco-Friendly Reusable Drink Bottles

5. Reusable Straw in Bottle Opener Case

The next item on our list is unique in that it's not a bottle at all! Rather, this is one of our fun and eco-friendly custom drinkware accessories. Our Reusable Straws in Bottle Opener Cases offer multiple drinkware accessories in a single unit. The case doubles as both a home for the reusable straw and a bottle opener for those hard to remove caps. A carabiner is attached to make it easy to clip to a belt loop, backpack, or other surface for easy transportation. Inside of the case, a flexible & reusable straw can be found. These straws are great for drinking out of glasses, cans, bottles, and more. They're a great choice for the environment, as they cut down on the use of disposable plastic straws. They're also an investment in a greener future due to the fact that for every unit sold, a percentage of the profits go toward non-profit environmental organizations!

Reusable Straw in Bottle Opener Case | Custom Eco-Friendly Accessories

6. 25 oz Aluminum Bike Bottle

Whether used in races, commutes, or casual rides for fun, our 25 oz Aluminum Bike Bottles with logo imprints are always a big hit. With a relatively low minimum order quantity of 36 units, these reusable bike bottles are accessible to most any business.  These aluminum water bottles are available in 7 different metallic colors for a smooth and modern look. A leak resistant, screw-on lid with a sip top tops each. With a height of 9.5 inches and a capacity of 25 oz, these items will quench a big thirst while easily fitting into bicycle bottle holders, backpacks, and tote bags. This product can be personalized with your logo via a one-color screen printed design. Please contact us to learn of potential upgrade options for these sports bottles, such as multicolor designs and additional imprint locations.

25 oz Aluminum Bike Bottle | Custom Reusable Bike Bottles

7. 18 oz Mondello Custom Water Bottles

Tech companies, design firms, and any other business that wants to promote in an Earth-friendly way with a modern twist will appreciate our Mondello Bottle. These 18 oz branded reusable bottles are made from sturdy stainless steel and have a tall, slim body. Though the bottle is on the slim side, the opening is of the wide mouth variety. This helps to create an easy drinking experience, as does the slip resistant rubber grip. Each is sealed tightly closed by way of a cork finish pattern lid for a little retro-meets-modern effect. Several colors are available, with both matte and metallic finishes being among your choices. They're sure to do well in campus bookstores, sporting goods shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, and more.  A single color imprint on one side comes standard. Please reach out to us to learn of further personalization options.

Mondello Water Bottle | Custom Reusable Sport Bottles

8. 20 oz Satin Vacuum Tumbler with Bamboo Lid

Here's another low minimum order option. Our 20 oz Stain Vacuum Tumbler with Bamboo Lid can be ordered in quantities as low as 24. Great for workouts, work days, hiking, camping, jogging, and much more, these imprinted reusable insulated bottles hold 20 oz of one's chosen beverage. Their stainless steel construction and double wall vacuum insulation enable them to keep drinks refreshingly cool for hours at a time. They come in four color choices, which consist of white, red, blue, and black. A satin finish creates a smooth and upscale look that will add an air of refined quality to your logo imprint. An attractive bamboo lid with an attached carrying handle makes these eco-friendly reusable promotional bottles aesthetically pleasing as well as easy to transport.

20 oz Satin Vacuum Tumbler with Bamboo Lid | Earth-Friendly Water Bottles

9. 20 oz Contigo Chug Chill Reusable Water Bottles

When convenient and attractive reusable stainless steel water bottles are needed, the Contigo Chug Chill is here to answer the call! These 20 oz personalized water bottles are made from stainless steel and come in your choice of white, matte black, or natural stainless. They've vacuum insulated, which helps them to excel at temperature retention. Both hot and cold contents will be kept at ideal temperatures for hours. This makes them a great pick for camping, long hikes, strenuous workouts, commuting, school days, and more. An eco-friendly option that discourages the use of disposable plastic drinking vessels, these items must be washed by hand and should not be placed in microwaves. A handy carabiner is attached to the autospout threaded lid. Also included is a spout shield, carrying handle, lid lock, and single touch push button for drinking access. These durable custom bottles will keep any cold drink well contained while providing a sign of your company's eco-friendly ways.

20 oz Contigo Chug Chill Bottle | Eco-Friendly Promotional Water Bottles

10.  22 oz Thor Copper Vacuum Bottle with Brush

If your business is in the market for a promotional eco-friendly reusable water bottle kit, we have an item you'll want to study closely. Our Thor Copper Vacuum Bottle comes with its own sturdy cleaning brush. This implement makes keeping the bottle clean an exercise in simplicity. Each bottle is constructed from double wall 18/8 Grade stainless steel with copper lining for superior insulation. They can keep drinks warm for up to 12 hours and keep cold beverages cool for up to 24! The lid has a handle to make carrying easier, something that is sure to be appreciated on hikes, camping trips, and walks about town. Each bottle is imprinted with your company logo design, with several upgrade options being available. Nine color options are available for the bottle. Both the promotional water bottles and native wood brushes come packaged together in a handy box.

22 oz Thor Copper Vacuum Bottle with Brush | Logo Engraved Reusable Water Bottles

11. 16 oz Vortex Tumbler

The only other item on this list that's not technically a bottle is our Vortex Tumbler. These promotional eco-friendly tumblers hold 16 oz of fluid and come in your choice of clear, blue, and red. Their double wall acrylic construction gives them strength and also enables them to accommodate both hot and cold drinks. A thumb slide lid can easily be pushed and pulled for drinking access and anti-spill safety. These fun items are BPA-free and come with a single imprint color. Multiple color designs are available for an added fee. Contact us for information regarding matching color straws. This makes a perfect promotional product for gift shops, supermarkets, fitness centers, gyms, sports teams, athletic supply retailers, camping stores, and much more. They'll keep customers happy & hydrated at your next event or trade show and beyond.

16 oz Vortex Tumbler | Eco-Friendly Water Bottles

12.  25 oz CamelBak Recycled Tritan Eddy+ Personalized Water Bottles

The final customizable Earth-friendly water bottles we'll introduce today are our CamelBack Recycled Tritan Eddy+ models. These bottles have a 25 oz capacity and come in colors of true blue, cardinal, and teal. Their name is derived from the fact that they're constructed from 50% recycled material Tritan Renew plastic. This material is BPA-free and has a focus on serious longevity. These personalized reusable water bottles are shatter resistant as well as being highly resistant to odor and staining. The wide mouth opening is easy to fill and is topped by a secure black lid with a spill proof flip open bite valve. Cleaning is simple and easy, as these bottles are top-rack dishwasher safe. They're great for all kinds of outdoor events,but perform very well indoors as well. This makes them a versatile & great giveaway for your next event. Please contact us to learn more about how these large capacity recycled water bottles can be imprinted with your company logo.

25 oz CamelBak Recycled Tritan Eddy+ Custom Reusable Water Bottle

Turn to 4AllPromos for the Best Custom Eco Friendly Water Bottles

We've now arrived at the end of our guide to the top 12 promotional eco-friendly water bottles. Whether handed out as a giveaway, trade show item, souvenir, or retail product, these reusable bottles will show your company's commitment to avoiding excess consumption and environmental waste. Feel free to search our whole collection in addition to the items detailed on this page to find the eco-friendly promotional bottles that best fit your price range and branding needs. A healthier future for our planet is possible, and these items are a great first step that we can take together. Any questions? Need assistance or search help? Feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

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