Ten Great Promotional Holiday Decorations to Brighten Up the Office & Home

Custom Holiday Decoration Ideas with Promotional Products
Scott Kalapos on Oct 3, 2023

Keeping the office well-decorated is a great way to build morale among clients and employees during the holiday season. The good feelings can last all year long when your brand provides promotional Christmas decorations and other holiday decorations that users can receive as giveaways that will be held onto for a lifetime. When the halls are decked with logos, your brand has the chance to capitalize on some big-time relationship marketing. Read on to see our picks for 10 of the best customized decoration items for reaching out to your target market.

Top 10 Custom Christmas Ornaments & Other Personalized Holiday Decoration Ideas

We pride ourselves on providing the best promotional products all year long. However, the holiday season is a time when most people are especially enthusiastic about decorating. Therefore, the promo products you'll be meeting today are ones that are focused around spreading some seasonal cheer, though others can be adapted in ways that make them ideal for usage at any time of the year.

Plush 6" Animal Custom Holiday Ornaments

The first item we'll present for getting customers into the holiday spirit are our 6" Plush Animal Christmas Ornaments. These are adorable ornaments that users can hang and display on Christmas trees, door & wall hooks, or place on a desk to adorn workspaces. With dog, penguin, reindeer, and bear styles all being available, these products make a great corporate gift item for animal lovers. 

Each ornament consists of a cute plush animal made from 100% soft polyester wearing a Santa hat and small tee shirt. The tee shirt can be customized with your company logo, while the top of the Santa hat contains a loop for easy hanging. These adorable ornaments are appropriate for all ages, making them a great gift idea for any business.

Plush Dog Holiday Ornament

Snap in Place Photo Wreath Ornament

If your company is interested in branded ornaments that offer a double function, our Snap in Place Photo Wreath Ornaments will get you into that festive spirit. As their name would indicate, these thoughtful gifts function as both Christmas ornaments as well as mini picture frames. Coming in your choice of green or red, each one has a wreath design with branches, berries, and bows. The center features a clear window, behind which a photo can be placed for easy viewing on the tree or anywhere else during the Christmas season. 

Great as giveaways for corporate holiday parties and events, these are two-piece ornaments. The back can be snapped into place once the picture has been inserted, ensuring that everything stays in place for the best possible presentation.

Snap-In Photo Wreath Ornament

Christmas Tree Snow Globe

When spreading holiday cheer with promotional gifts, one need not limit their thoughts to strictly ornaments. To illustrate this point, we present our promotional Christmas Tree Snow Globes. Clear in color and formed into the shape of a Christmas tree with a star at the top, these company logo holiday gifts are designed to sit atop mantles, desks, and other prominent places of display. The top star and bottom base can be removed in order for users to be able to slide in a photo for an extra personalized touch. Once the picture is inside, the top and base can be attached to the snow globe once again.

The inside of the tree globe has colorful dots in the shape of ornaments, along with white glitter snowflakes for a classic wintry look. Customize each with your logo or other special design to help your brand be a part of the scene when customers, employees, and target audience members celebrate Christmas. 

Christmas Tree Snow Globe Holiday Decoration

Metallic Lip Moisturizer Ball

Here's an item that can work as a corporate Christmas gift, but also will be a hit as a giveaway during any other time of the year. Our Metallic Lip Moisturizer Balls have the glossy look of a classic ornament and come in metallic copper, gold, and silver colors. Built in the shape of a sphere, each one contains vanilla flavored lip moisturizer that meets all FDA requirements. They'll go along quite well with promotional ornaments when packaged together as company Christmas and holiday events. Each ball is securely sealed for protection and is imprinted with your custom logo design.

Metallic Lip Moisturizer Ball

3M Large Printed Removable Vinyl Sticker Skins

We'd now like to tell you a bit about our 3M Large Printed Removable Vinyl Sticker Skins (opens in a new window). At first glance, these items may not seem to be all that relevant to building holiday spirit. However, when one thinks just a bit outside of the box, it's not hard to see how these fully customizable vinyl stickers can be decorated with a Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or other holiday theme. 

These items can be adhered to laptops and other home and office items to add a little bit of festive spirit to everyday surroundings. They're easily removable and won't leave any residue behind when taken off of whatever surface they've been attached to. Each is imprinted in full color, with custom shapes being available for no additional charge.

Large Printed Removable Vinyl Sticker Skins

Holiday Deluxe 7" x 7" Adult Coloring Book & Pencil Set

Many custom logo holiday products are focused on kids, but others are for the grownups. A great example of this can be seen in our Deluxe 7" x 7" Holiday Adult Coloring Book Kits. These custom adult coloring book sets come with a 24-page holiday themed coloring book with a customizable cover, as well as a box filled with 8 colored pencils. Christmas, Hanukkah, and general winter style designs are all available for the cover, which will also be imprinted with your business logo. These products are perfect as a stocking stuffer, retail item, trade show giveaway, or corporate holiday gift. 

Deluxe Adult Coloring Book & Pencil Set - Holiday Decoration Theme

Hanukkah Cookie Pail

If your business has a large Jewish audience or it simply wishes to reach out to the Jewish community, our Hanukkah Cookie Pails are a great product to invest in. Each comes with a vinyl decal bow featuring your custom design to celebrate the Festival of Lights. The cookies come in a box that looks quite similar to the kind that Chinese restaurants employ as take-out containers. Inside of the box, your existing and potential customers will find 9 scrumptious fortune cookies. The cookies hold over 100 different sayings, proverbs, and witty remarks, all of which are related to Hanukkah. They're certified Kosher, ensuring that your target audience will be able to eat and enjoy them. 

Chanukkah Cookie Pail

Autumn Pathway Holiday Card

Thanksgiving is another holiday on which you can reach out to both existing and potential clients to spread goodwill and build stronger relationships. One way of doing this is to send out personalized Thanksgiving greeting cards, featuring your company logo or name. One such card that we have in stock is our Autumn Pathway Card, which is pictured below. Each has a quaint, rustic outdoor scene on the front, which displays a covered bridge among beautiful fall foliage. Just below this, text reading "Happy Thanksgiving" is included.

Made from high-quality white cardstock, each of these cards is made with pride in the USA. Several holiday verse choices are available to include as a greeting. You can also add your logo or 4 lines of personalized text in Baskerville font. Please contact us if you have any questions about personalization options. 

Autumn Pathway Thanksgiving Holiday Card

Spirit 2 Piece Turkey Visor

For many people (and many businesses), football is a big part of Thanksgiving festivities. Whether attending a game in person or watching from the comfort of home, our Spirit 2 Piece Turkey Visors are a fun apparel accessory for cheering on one's favorite team. These pop-up style visors have a traditional brim shape, from which a turkey stands upward in the center back area. They come in your choice of several different colors, making them easy to match up with a school, business, or sports team logo. A single color and location logo imprint comes standard, but for an upgrade fee, your design can include multiple colors and appear in multiple locations. They'll match up well with our winter apparel items during outdoor sporting events.

2 Piece Turkey Visor


Full Color Indoor Pillow - 16" x 16"

The final item we'll include for you to browse, create, and decorate is our 16" x 16" Full Color Indoor Pillow. There is no minimum order quantity for these items, making them ideal for a business of any size. They can also be personalized with your special touch and unique designs to make a custom holiday gift for that special someone. They're made from a polyester textured fabric with a zippered closure and polyfill insert. They have serious longevity, as their covers can be removed for easy washing. 

Each of these pillows is 16 inches wide by 16 inches high and comes with a full color imprint on one side. For an upgrade fee, they can be imprinted on the opposite side as well, with either the same design or a different one. They can be designed with a custom theme to suit any holiday, though they can also be customized with logos and other designs to focus on another season or special occasion/theme.


Full Color Indoor Pillow for Holiday Promos


Shop 4AllPromos for the Best Custom Logo Ornaments & Promotional Holiday Decorations!

We've now arrived at the end of our guide to the best custom decorations for the holiday season. All of these ideas are sure to delight clients, employees, and all who are lucky enough to receive these items. If you have any questions about the products we've presented in this article, feel free to reach and contact us. We're glad to be of help in any way we can!

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