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Best Promotional Holiday Ornaments
Scott Kalapos on Oct 1, 2021

Time has surely been flying, as a second consecutive unusual, stressful, challenging year is just about in the books. In uncertain times, having traditional comforts is a great way to create feelings of security and stability. When your business comforts its target audience in such a way, the benefits of perfectly executed relationship marketing will be just around the corner.

To this end, as well as truly hoping to provide some comfort, cheer, and joy to the public, 4AllPromos provides a sizable assortment of promotional ornament gifts. These items help your employees, customers, and target market members celebrate the season, while also making your organization a part of the festivities. There are many different styles available. In this post, we'll cover 15 of the most prominent kinds of custom holiday ornaments found in our inventory.

1. Custom Round Ornaments

The expression "an oldie but a goodie" exists for good reasons. While it's fun to innovate and engage in new experiences, there's a certain place in everyone's hearts for certain classic items and institutions that will never go away. Such is the case with our promotional round Christmas ornaments.

These traditional holiday staples are what most everyone pictures when they imagine a festive and joyfully decorated Christmas tree. Their presence helps to evoke warm memories as well as to create new ones for people of all ages. Our round holiday ornaments come in many different colors and are imprinted with your company logo. They come complete with hanging hooks, making them easy to add to any tree. Many also come in their own individual boxes for a gift-like presentation.

Round Ornament | Promotional Holiday Ornament Gifts

2. Promotional Flat Christmas Ornaments

Our custom flat holiday ornaments represent a modern style that is growing in popularity. Their sleek look and rich colors will win over many fans as they decorate trees in homes, offices, and beyond. The flat shape of these items enables them to take up less space when being stored and shipped, as well as allowing for maximum efficiency when decorating in tight spaces.

An additional benefit to flat ornaments is that they provide a more easily legible background for logo imprints. Our flat ornaments are made from eco-friendly polypropylene, a material that is fully recyclable and highly durable. Though the example pictured is of a flat circular ornament, these items can come in a wide variety of different shapes.

Boxed Flat Round Ornament | Best Custom Made Christmas Ornaments

3. Company Logo Boxed Holiday Ornaments

Our branded boxed ornaments put some extra emphasis on the "gift" part of ornament gifts. That's because each one is individually packaged in its own attractive box. These are cheery and aesthetically pleasing retail boxes, which enable these items to be used as giveaway items or sold as promotional products online or in retail stores. The boxes also provide a bit of extra protection for the ornaments when in transit or when being stored before and after their annual time on the tree.

Some of our boxed ornaments come in elaborate window packaging, while others come in more basic styles. The common bond among all of them is that they're highly popular and are among some of our best-selling personalized ornaments year after year.

Boxed Christmas Ornament | Wholesale Christmas Ornaments

4. Personalized Photo Christmas Ornaments

When you're looking to provide an ornament with extra special meaning to individual users, our promotional photo ornaments are the way to go. We provide these in a few different styles. The ornaments pictured below are our Full Color Scallop Edged Christmas Ornaments. With these, and models that are like them, specific photographs can be uploaded to our site, which we'll then transfer onto your ornaments. This makes an unforgettable gift that is sure to be treasured for generations to come.

Another style of photo ornaments you'll find on our site consists of ornaments with open spaces for users to slide or snap in the pictures of their choice. Ornaments with photos are a great way of celebrating the love families have for one another, as well as for honoring the dearly departed. Alternatively, they can provide a way for images or/from your business to appear at the center of holiday celebrations.

Full Color Scalloped Edge Ornament | Company Logo Photo Ornaments

5. Custom Shaped Holiday Ornaments

There are many symbols that are associated with Christmas and the holiday season as a whole. As one might imagine, it's not uncommon for people to decorate their trees with ornaments in the shape of such symbols. This is the main idea behind our custom shaped Christmas ornaments.

We offer ornaments in the shape of trees, snowmen, Santa Claus, snowflakes, bells, hearts, stars, stockings, diamonds, and more. These can make great additions to promotional holiday gift sets and kits, with some of our custom shaped ornaments being placed inside of promotional tote bags with other seasonal items such as holiday themed pens, stuffed animals, or stress toys.

Star Ornament | Custom Shaped Christmas Ornaments

6. Branded Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

While ornament gifts are beautiful and a joy to look at, some can be quite fragile. This can be a bit of a problem when young children or enthusiastic pets are romping about. Even the most cautious and meticulous people out there aren't immune from knocking over and breaking an ornament every once in a while.

The messes and potential injuries resulting from such yuletide shrapnel can be avoided when decorating with custom shatterproof ornaments. These ornaments are made from extra sturdy materials that ensure safe landings when dropped. They're ideal for families with young children or fur babies, as they add an element of safety to one's holiday cheer. Our shatterproof ornaments come in round, flat, and assorted custom shapes, providing something to suit everyone's tastes.

Shatter-Resistant Ornaments | Bulk Shatterproof Ornaments with Logos

7. Personalized Engraved Wooden Ornaments

If you're looking to provide your customers or employees with holiday ornaments that lend a touch of rustic charm, there are few better options than our custom wooden ornaments. Their subtle brown and tan colors, coupled with elaborate shapes and unbeatable craftsmanship, create an air of low-key sophistication that everyone will love.

They're perfect for antique shops, ski resorts, museums, carpentry services, architecture firms, craft shops, and much more. Each is imprinted or engraved with your personalized company logo design or special message. Many models also come packaged in their own individual kraft paper envelopes.

Wooden Snowman Ornament | Branded Wooden Ornaments

8. Promotional Glass Holiday Ornaments

When on the hunt for holiday ornaments that are unique, classy, and visually stunning, our personalized glass Christmas ornaments simply cannot be ignored. 4AllPromos offers glass ornaments in many different varieties. Our collection includes traditional glass ornaments, hand blown glass ornaments, hammered glass ornaments, and more.

Colored glass as well as clear glass options are available, so it's safe to say that we cover all aesthetic preferences. These high end ornament gifts are a perfect way to show your appreciation for your employees and customers. They're the kind of instant heirloom material that will have your logo displayed during the Christmas season for many years to come.

Hand Blown Glass Ornament | Personalized Glass Ornament Gifts

9. Customizable Ceramic Ornaments

Coming in many shapes, sizes, and colors, our custom logo ceramic holiday ornaments are another highly popular variety. These ornament gifts come in a unique and high-end ceramic material that truly has a personal touch. They can be ordered in assorted shapes and customized with your logo or special holiday wishes to lucky users.

In addition to use as Christmas tree decorations, our ceramic ornaments will also look great in shop windows, in office holiday displays, as decorative items to cheer up in-home office spaces, and beyond. They're perfect souvenir items for gift shops and winter retreats such as ski lodges and sleigh rides.

Ceramic Ornaments | Company Logo Christmas Ornaments

10. Company Logo Engraved Metal Ornaments

We've already mentioned several ornament styles that have potential as heirlooms, due to the durability of their materials and the beauty of their craftsmanship. Yet another style fitting this bill can be found in our promotional metal Christmas ornaments. Made from sleek, smooth, and durable metal and appointed with hanging hooks and/or tassels, these are some of our most popular festive holiday items.

Each is engraved with your company logo or personalized message. They can be purchased in many holiday-centric shapes, with Christmas trees, bells, snowflakes, hearts, and more being available options.

Engraved Metal Snowflake Ornament | Customizable Metal Ornaments

11. Wholesale Faux Leather Christmas Ornaments

Much like our wooden models the custom made leatherette ornaments you'll find at 4AllPromos boast plenty of rustic-meets-modern charm. Rich brown tones make an attractive match for the deep green of a Christmas tree and will also mix nicely with more brightly colored ornaments and lights.

They're made from a faux leather material, which has all of the appeal of a leather decoration while still remaining animal-friendly and 100% free of animal products. They're a great buy for arts & craft stores, souvenir shops, leathercraft businesses, fashion boutiques, and more. They can be imprinted or engraved with your customized text and come with convenient and durable hanging accessories.

Leatherette Bell Ornament | Promotional Faux Leather Holiday Ornaments

12. Logo Imprinted Plush Holiday Ornaments

Want to promote with something cute and cuddly this holiday season? If so, we recommend taking a look at our promotional plush ornament gifts. These adorable holiday novelties can come in the form of stuffed animals, Christmas stockings, and more. They're a wonderful idea for promoting a shelter, veterinary practice, kennel, or pet store during the holiday season.

Like our shatterproof ornaments, they're a safe option that's kid and pet friendly. Imprinted with your logo or chosen text and equipped with attractive hanging ribbon loops, our plush holiday ornaments will bring smiles to the faces of all who receive them.

Stuffed Animal Holiday Ornament | Custom Plush Christmas Ornaments

13. Light Up Ornaments with Company Logos

Christmas lights don't have to be the only items that illuminate a tree. Our imprinted light up ornaments quite effectively see to that. We provide an array of holiday ornaments that are equipped with LED lights to add some brightness and color to trees, displays, and even stand-alone decorations. Some of these consist of ornaments that can change color, while others display multiple colors simultaneously. Some go for a different effect, such as our top hat wearing snowman ornaments, which have brightly lit LED noses.

Light-Up Christmas Ornaments | Branded LED Ornaments

14. Custom Made Seed Paper Ornaments

Does your business, charity, or other organization routinely gift the world by putting an emphasis on protecting nature and environmental sustainability? If so, there are few promotional holiday products that will be a better fit than our wholesale seed paper ornaments. These eco-friendly Christmas ornaments are made from 100% recycled materials and come with a seed paper planter in the same shape as the ornament.

The planters can be put in the ground to produce gorgeous wildflowers when spring arrives. They're ideal for garden shops, nature centers, recycling companies, conservation commissions, and any other organization that seeks to protect the environment.

Seed Paper Christmas Ornaments | Promotional Eco-Friendly Ornaments

15. Personalized Commemorative Ornaments

The holiday season is certainly a fertile breeding ground for priceless memories. Promotional commemorative ornament giveaways can capitalize on this fact. Parents will always treasure the first Christmas of each and every child. Meanwhile, as the child grows older, they'll come to appreciate our Baby's 1st Christmas ornaments in their own right. We can also customize ornaments to celebrate weddings, engagements, birthdays, retirements, graduations, and any other notable moment in one's life. Additionally, we can create special memorial ornaments to pay tribute to lost loved ones, who, although not physically present, remain in users' hearts each and every day.

Noah's Ark Baby's First Christmas Ornament | Custom Commemorative Ornaments

4AllPromos is your #1 source for the best custom holiday & Christmas tree ornaments

The above are 15 of our top styles of custom 2021 Christmas & holiday ornaments. We're sure that each and every one of them has something special to offer to your target audience and that they'll be loved by all lucky enough to receive them. If you have any questions about the ornaments we've discussed, ornaments we didn't mention, or anything at all for that matter, feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience. We wish you and your loved ones a holiday season filled with love, joy, laughter, and the best of health and fortune!

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