8 Marketing Materials to Promote Your Professional Tax Business

Promo Marketing Materials for Tax Professionals
Scott Kalapos on Oct 9, 2023

You know that your tax preparation business provides stellar service, and your current customers do too. However, you need a steady stream of new clients to make tax season profitable.

In this digital age, you may think that will come entirely from Facebook ads, social media platforms, and email marketing, but don't forget the other channels: direct mail ads and promotional products.

Of course, things like developing a great website and ranking high on search results are essential, but you can garner more business in various ways, and you should create a comprehensive strategy that considers each of these options.

Boost your content marketing by providing the contents of your customers' desks, cupboards, and purses, so they're ready to go when it's time to do taxes! Let's look at eight ace marketing materials for your tax preparation business, no matter your income bracket.

Coffee Mugs Are Exactly What Busy Tax Professionals Need

Coffee mug for tax professional | Company branded coffee mug for tax season marketing

Your employees work hard to provide stellar service to your tax clients, and it's important to give them a little love occasionally. Include branded coffee mugs in your marketing budget - they will more than pay for themselves from the added productivity.

You can also consider raffling a coffee cup off to return clients: create a newsletter with tax tips and collect customers' email addresses to get started.

Suggested product: Customized Classic Engraved Black Ceramic Mug 11 Oz

Welcome New Customers With Stylus Pens

Person using stylus pen | Client searching online with stylus pen

For new clients, you want something cheap and portable that will remind them who to turn to when tax season comes around again.

A wildly popular marketing tool for all businesses is a stylus pen, which allows the user to more easily tap, type, and scroll on their touchscreens.

While it might not have a click-to-call function, this techie tool will get customers thinking about taxes every time they hop on Facebook.

Suggested product: Printed Techno Stylus Pen

Desk Organizers Can Help Out Your Valued Clients

Gift desk organizers for clients | Build relations with local business leaders | Keep your business looking tidy

Improve focus around the office by providing your team with well-designed desk organizers. Potential clients may also be turned off by messy office spaces, and you may miss out on new business all because of a few papers!

As an example of how to use this tool, offer them to customers who provide client referrals as a way to boost your caseload.

Suggested product: Customized Screen Print Desk It Organizer

Deluxe Executive Pens Are a Great Way to Spoil Your Tax Preparers

Executive pens as tax season marketing

You can't keep a client coming back if you don't provide stellar services, and that comes down to how well your tax team is doing. Even if you have the perfect social media presence on every popular platform, no one will want to return if they don't feel they got their money's worth.

Encourage your employees to do their best during tax season by offering a luxurious pen set to those who are able to retain the most existing customers or win the most new clients.

Product suggestion: Printed Rosewood Pen & Pencil Set

Sticky Notes Will Market Your Tax Firm One Page at a Time

Sticky notes for marketing | Offer sticky notes to clients | Advertise tax services on sticky notes

Whether customers are jotting down a note about tax law explained by a CPA, or they're filling up their bulletin boards with their weekly tasks, you can remind them of your services by printing your company name on sticky note pads.

A favorite marketing tool of businesses everywhere, this is a simple way to create goodwill with your customers while also keeping your brand on their minds. You can include your company name, website URL, and a thoughtful message that will resonate with your clientele.

Suggested product: Custom 3M Post-It Notes 3 x 3 - 50 Sheets

Piggy Banks Assure New Clients That You Help Them Avoid Wasting Money

Piggy banks for small businesses | Promote tax preparation services with piggy banks

You're in the business of saving people cash on their taxes while still satisfying their responsibilities to the government. There's no better representation of that than one of the more playful tax season marketing tools: a cute, friendly piggy bank.

Your clients can use it to teach their children fiscal responsibility, or they can just gather up their pocket change and save it for a rainy day. Advertise them as a fun giveaway on your social media and website, perhaps for those who set up their consultations early or refer new business to you.

Suggested product: Printed Combination Safe Bank

Clipboards Can Help Everyone Stay Organized During Tax Season

Clipboards for certified public accountants |

Have you ever considered how you can use another company to market your own? It's true! Level up your tax season marketing by offering clipboards to other businesses in the finance industry or even unrelated companies in your local marketplace. Not only are you assisting your fellow business leaders by providing them with a helpful tool, but each of their employees is now carrying walking ads for your service. Make sure to add a prominent link to your website so curious customers can learn more.

Suggested product: Promotional Letter Size Clipboard with Metal Clip

Stress Toys Make Tax Time a Little More Fun

Fidget spinner to promote tax services |

Way more fun than a business card, fun fidget spinners provide even more visibility than a little bit of cardstock. When your clients are bored during virtual meetings, they can pick up this fun toy; for some people, this actually helps them focus better and boosts productivity. It's certainly less distracting than scrolling Facebook during a meeting!

Consider unique promos associated with this that will appeal to younger individuals, such as encouraging them to post on social media playing with their spinner. You could also create short videos of your team providing tax tips and offering a fidget spinner as a prize for a lucky client who shares the link.

Suggested product: Wholesale Fidget Spinners

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