Holiday Shopping 2021: Why You Should Order Your Promotional Products Early

Reasons to buy promotional holiday products ahead of time
Scott Kalapos on Oct 19, 2021

The seasons are changing, and that can only mean one thing – the holidays are right around the corner. However, there are a lot of big changes this year, even when compared to 2020. This is why 4AllPromos is here to help your business make the most of its holiday promotional strategies.

If you’ve kept up with the headlines, there’s a good chance that you already know about the major shipping and supply chain delays happening this year. Perhaps your organization is even in an industry where these issues affect everyday operations. With this in mind, if your company is planning to order promotional products this holiday season, now is the time to do it. Why? Read on and we'll cover everything you need to know.

What’s Causing the Issues with Holiday Shipping?

When it comes to manufacturing products, there’s no denying that much of what Americans purchase comes from other countries, such as China. Unfortunately, the reliance on international shipping can cause significant roadblocks. This especially true when issues arise such as the recent COVID-19 outbreak shutting down a major Chinese port. While the port is back up and running, Chinese officials have put several safety protocols in place, leading to an extensive backlog of products ready to be shipped.

Another event that is expected to impact holiday shipping times is the Suez Canal blockage. While the Ever Given container ship was freed at the beginning of April, the shipping industry is still dealing with the aftermath. That's resulted in delays worldwide.

Even products that claim to be made in America could include components and materials from overseas. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to get a head start on holiday promotional product shopping, no matter what (or how much) your business plans to buy.

Why Ordering Your Promo Products Now Is Such a Good Idea

At 4AllPromos, we want to be as transparent as possible about this situation. Specifically, we want to explain the role it will play in what we’re able to do for our customers. While we have many items in stock at our warehouses, others must be shipped from various manufacturers. With so much uncertainty in the global supply chain, it’s hard to know exactly how long shipping will take as we approach the holiday season.

Knowing this, we’re advising customers to place orders as early as possible to accommodate any expected (or unexpected) delays. Once your business makes a purchase, our staff will remain in touch to provide information in regard to estimated delivery timeframes. In doing so, it is our goal to ensure that you will know exactly when orders will be delivered. We will strive to provide all possible assistance when your organization is waiting for an order to arrive.

How 4AllPromos Can Help with Your Holiday Promotional Strategy

Of course, we couldn’t encourage you to place your order for holiday promotional products without offering a few suggestions. Here are our favorite options to gift your employees, customers, and target markets this season:

Custom Made Holiday Ornaments with Logo Designs

Looking for an affordable way to thank your employees for all of their hard work or your customers for their continued support? If so, promotional holiday ornaments are a great idea. We have several bulk ornament designs for you to choose from. Many in stock and ready for personalization now. We suggest placing an order prior the start of the holiday season.

Holiday Charm Ornament | Custom Made Christmas Ornaments

Corporate Holiday Cards for Customers

As the end of the year approaches, it’s an excellent time to send out branded holiday cards with well wishes for your valued clients. We offer dozens of designs that your customers, vendors, and staff members are sure to love and appreciate.

Swirl Happy Holidays Card | Promotional Holiday Greeting Cards

Promotional Holiday Party Favors

Is your business hosting a holiday party this year? Many companies took a break from this last year, but are looking to resuming this festive tradition. Whether it be glassware for a semi-formal event or simple treat bags for giveaways at a casual open house, now is the time to order those custom holiday party favors.

Hand Blown Glass Holiday Ornament | Corporate Holiday Party Favors

Imprinted Holiday Office Gifts

Many companies choose to reward their employees for all of their hard work at the end of the year. After another year of uncertainty, this has even more important for maintaining morale. At 4AllPromos, we have all sorts of personalized holiday office gifts for you to imprint with a custom logo or message. Items such cell phone chargers, apparel, journals, planners, and more are always a hit with employees.

Small Candy Cane with Clear Label | Cheap Promotional Holiday Treat Giveaways

Get Ahead by Ordering Your Holiday Promotional Products Now

Regardless of specific strategies or needs, now is the absolute best time to order holiday promotional products. As Thanksgiving draws closer, we expect to see less availability and longer shipping timeframes. However, we will work hard to ensure that all of our customers get the quality ornaments, gifts, and cards they're looking for.

Browse our inventory today and feel free to contact us with any questions. We’re happy to help your business make the most of the holiday season with customized promotional products.

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