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A little laugh can go a long way in these trying times. Bring some smiles to everyone's faces by having your logo imprinted on our personalized COVID-19 T-shirts and wholesale social distancing shirts today! We have custom face mask T-shirts, unique Wash Your Hands T-shirts, thoughtful medical professional appreciation apparel, and more custom imprinted Coronavirus-themed T-shirts. Buy these 100% cotton T-shirts wholesale and your employees will have something fun & soothing to wear around the house. They're also great for essential workers to wear in public as a reminder for us all to do our part to stay safe and recover from this situation as soon as possible.

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In times of trouble, it can be easy to be overcome with anxiety and negativity. Not only do such things hurt morale, but they're also bad for business, not to mention public safety. When one stresses too much, forgetfulness can often follow. That's why our funny promotional T-shirts are needed now more than ever before. They offer a laugh, but also helpful instruction in a gentle way that will put those who wear them at ease. Let's also not forget those people who see them; with essential workers still having to go out there every day and brave the dangers for all of us, they can wear custom COVID-19 T-shirts and personalized social distancing T-shirts, imprinted with your logo. Your company can be the face of the reminder to keep calm while also staying cautious.

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Custom Social Distancing T-Shirts

Our promotional social distancing t-shirts enable your business to provide a firm yet fun reminder to the masses to stay safe by staying at home. Other models are directed toward those who can't stay at home, instructing users and those who see them in their apparel to stay a safe 6 feet apart from each other.

Promotional Work from Home Apparel

Our current situation has many people left with no choice but to work from home. This has its plusses and minuses, with one of the big minuses being the added stress of trying to learn a whole new way of life virtually overnight. Your business can help combat these anxiety-driven blues by way of adding a little humor to the lives of your employees and target audience. Imprint your logo on our custom funny work from home t-shirts and help them all get through the work day with a few more smiles.

Wholesale 2020 Graduation T-Shirts

For many high school and college seniors around the world, this year's graduation ceremonies are likely to be very different from what was originally expected. It's surely a disappointment, but it's also a highly memorable occasion for one to be a part of. 2020 graduating seniors will have plenty of stories to tell for years to come, and our company logo 2020 graduation T-shirts & funny promotional graduation apparel can allow your business to have a spot in their tales. These also make excellent promotional products for schools who want to recognize their graduates during an unusual and difficult year.

Custom Fundraising T-Shirts

While nearly any of our promotional T-shirts can be used as personalized fundraising apparel, some take things a step further. One example would be our Safe 6' Color Gildan Adult Cotton tees. These promotional T-shirts for charities result in a donation even before your event takes place, as a portion of all proceeds go toward Catholic Charities USA (opens in a new window). Despite the name of this organization, their service isn't just restricted to those of the Catholic faith; they help to provide food and essential items to people of all backgrounds. Every purchase of these shirts helps to fight poverty wherever it can be found.

Funny T-Shirts with Logos

It's often said that laughter is the best medicine. With the tolls of illness, stress, and isolation being exacted by COVID-19, everyone could use a little prescription for happiness. Your company can provide this by way of investing in our custom humor T-shirts with your logo. It's important that we stop and take a look on the bright side while making the best of a tough situation and these pieces of amusing apparel will help users to do just that.

Promotional Coronavirus Awareness Shirts

Finally, we'd like to direct the spotlight to our custom Coronavirus apparel that broadcasts uplifting messages to all those who wear and/or see them. Our personalized positive message t-shirts promote a message of peace, love, and hope for a vaccine to cure COVID-19 and any other pandemic that might come along in the future.