Get Lucky this St. Patrick's Day with 12 Great Promotional Products!

Best Promotional St Patrick's Day Products
Scott Kalapos on Dec 8, 2021

While December may seem a more likely time to speak of Saint Nick than Saint Patrick, there's no time like the present to get a jump on the competition and plan for future promotions. In just three months, St. Patrick's Day will be here. This fun and festive holiday is a great time to celebrate Irish heritage and culture. It's also a lucrative time of year for bars, restaurants, athletic venues and more. On this March holiday, people like to get together to have a good time with friends and family. Even those who aren't Irish get in on the wearing-of-the-green. It's a holiday that's often overlooked within the world of promotional products. This gives your organization the chance to beat out the competition by giving March 17 the attention it deserves. That's why we're putting together the 4AllPromos guide to the top 12 St. Patrick's Day promotional items.

Without any further ado, here are the top 12 gems... or should we say emeralds... of our St. Patrick's Day product collection.

1. 12" Spirit Shamrock

Our foam Spirit Shamrocks are great for cheering on one's favorite team, whether taking in the game at the stands or in a sports bar. These custom foam spirit mitts are made in the shape of a clover. Though they come in 7 different colors, green is obviously the most popular choice. Yellow, blue, charcoal, maroon, white, and red are also available. They come with a stock outline design around the clover, though this can be left out if you wish to keep them blank. Each is 12 inches long and comes with a one color imprint. Multiple imprint colors are available as an upgrade option for orders of 250 units or more. Double sided imprints are an available upgrade option on orders of any size.

St Patrick's Day Foam Hands | St Patrick's Day Promotional Products 

2. Spirit Shamrock Visor

Much like the foam mitts mentioned in the previous paragraph, our promotional Shamrock visors are great for all sorts of athletic events. They're a natural fit for any team using the "Fighting Irish" nickname, but can really be employed to root for any squad. Also made from foam, these fun imprinted visors are of the pop-up variety. Each has a 5 inch wide by 3 inch high imprint area on the brim. An alternative imprint area is located on the curved back of the visor. For an upgrade fee, both areas can bear your logo. A shamrock sticks up in the front, upon which "Kiss me, I'm Irish" is printed.

Kiss Me I'm Irish Foam Visor | Bulk Foam Visors for St Patrick's Day

3. Spirit St. Patrick's Day Top Hat

The last foam spirit item that we're going to include in this article is our logo imprinted St. Patrick's Day Top Hat. Fun for use in schools, around the office, in restaurants, at games, and at tailgate parties, these whimsical foam hats will have everyone feeling included in the holiday festivities. Again, green is the most suitable color, though white, red, maroon, blue, yellow, and charcoal are also available. However, you can select up to three colors on these hats. The hat itself is one color, while the band going around it can be another color, and the foam clover attached to the side yet another hue. A single imprint color comes standard, though multiple colors can be included in your logo design as an upgrade fee. Please note that to qualify for this upgrade, your order must consist of 250 units or more.

St Patrick's Day Top Hat | Custom Printed St Patrick's Day Giveaways

4. Clover Hand Fan

If you're searching for the best branded hand fans for St. Patrick's Day, look no further than our Clover Hand Fans. These products are perfect for taking in a parade, speaking up at auctions, keeping cool around the house and at work, and much more. Each features a single panel 4-leaf clover made from 16 point coated stock board. The clover is attached via adhesive backing to an 8" basswood handle. The clover is white by default, but features a fully customizable surface, as the imprint area and the clover itself are both 8 inches wide by 8 inches high. A single color logo imprint is available without a set-up fee. Multiple imprint colors are available as an upgrade, as are sandwich (double layer) clovers and second side imprinting.

Clover Hand Fan | Imprinted St Patrick's Day Hand Fans

5. Shamrock Bottle Opener Medallion Beads

Another promo item that's perfect for parties, events, bars, and restaurants can be found in the form of our custom St. Patrick's Day bottle opener medallion beads. They can be handed out as fun trinkets for showing off Irish pride and kept as mementos after parties, games, and corporate events. They're items with a dual purpose, as each of these green plastic medallion bead giveaways also contains a handy bottle opener. Users can wear them around their necks for decorative purposes, all the while keeping a highly useful tool close at hand. They're 2.75 inches in diameter and come with a single color logo imprint. A second color can be added for an upgrade charge, but this will result in a slightly longer production time. Please note that these items cannot be shipped to California at this time.

Shamrock Bottle Opener Medallion Beads | Bulk St Patrick's Day Promo Items

6. 16 oz Etched Pub Glass

The bottle opener medallions discussed in the previous paragraph can come into use when opening up one's beverage of choice. Once this has been achieved, users will need a vessel into which they can pour their drinks. Here's where our 16 oz personalized etched pub glasses come into play. Whether looking to enjoy a cold brew or a properly served room temperature pint of Guinness, these handsome promotional pint glasses can answer the call. Each is sandblast etched with your logo, making a great promotional product for any bar, restaurant, brewery, or liquor store. A sandblasted logo design is the most durable form of glass engraving around, making these items solidly eligible for heirloom status. They're low minimum order promotional products, with only 6 being needed to place an order. This makes them ideal as special gifts for a select and deserving few.

16 oz Etched Pub Glass | St Patrick's Day Promotional Beer Glasses

7. Irish Fortune Cookie Pail

In the fun and lighthearted spirit of the holiday, we proudly present to you our St. Patrick's Day themed promotional fortune cookie boxes. When you wish to provide your customers, target audience, employees, or students with a sweet treat, these items are definitely a go-to. Each pail holds 9 individually wrapped fortune cookies. Over 100 different printings can be found on the little papers that lie inside. Some have jokes, others have old Irish sayings and proverbs, and others bear classic quotes or witty one-liners. The cookies are certified Kosher and come in boxes that look similar to those used for Chinese food takeout. Each box has an ornate bow decal on top. The decal has a one color imprint in straight text, though can contain multiple colors for an added fee.

Irish Fortune Cookie Pail | Fun St Patrick's Day Promotional Snacks

8. Gildan Heavy Cotton Classic Fit Adult T-Shirt

While our 5.3 oz Gildan Heavy Cotton Classic Fit Adult T-Shirts aren't necessarily a St. Patrick's Day item, they can be ordered in many colors. One of the available color choices is green. You can imprint your green t-shirt with your logo or St. Patrick's Day greeting, thereby creating a piece of promotional apparel suitable for the holiday. These custom adult t-shirts are designed for users who live an active lifestyle. They're constructed from a heavy 5.3 oz 100% cotton and pre-shrunk jersey knit fabric. The only exceptions are the Dark Heather and Safety Green versions, which are 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Each shirt has a 7/8" collar with taping at the neck and shoulders. The collar is seamless, while the sleeves and bottom hem boast double needle stitching. 11 colors are available, while the shirts come in sizes Small through 3XL. Sizes 2XL and 3XL come at a slightly higher price. Each is imprinted on your choice of the left chest or in a full front are. Only 24 units are required to make an order.

Gildan Heavy Cotton Classic Fit Green T-Shirt | Company Logo St Patrick's Day T-Shirts

9. Stock Shape 3/4" Photo-Pointe Lapel Pin

One of the many fun and affordable styles of promotional products available for this holiday are our wholesale imprinted St. Patrick's Day lapel pins. Shipping 100% free of charge, our Stock Shape 3/4" Photo-Pointe Lapel Pins come in many choices, with a 3-leafed clover being one of the most popular. These can be attached to hats, jackets, shirts, and vests via the included military clasp backing. Everyone can feel like the luck of the Irish is on their side when they're sporting these fun lapel pins. Each features your logo under a protective epoxy dome, framed by a brass toned casing. They're individually polybagged for easy distribution and are made with pride in the USA. For an upgrade charge, multiple imprint colors and silver toned frames and pin clutches can be included.

Stock Clover Shape Photo Pointe Lapel Pin | Wholesale St Patrick's Day Pins

10. Self Watering Planter

Your company can go green on St. Patrick's Day in more ways than one when it invests in our custom logo printed planter kits. Our Self Watering Planters present a fun promotional gift that will last far beyond the day they're received. They're quite easy to care for, as each comes with a glass water reservoir. These reservoirs are where users will pour water to nourish the plants. The great thing about them is that they hold the pot and included hydroponic wicks, allowing users to easily see when the water level is high or low. This ensures perfect water amounts at all times and helps to eliminate the risk of under or over-watering. Included in each kit is a ceramic planter pot, glass water reservoir, two hydroponic wicks, a peat pellet, and a seed packet. There are a wide variety of seeds to choose from, including several different types of flowers and herbs. Of course, a clover plant always makes a great idea for a St. Patrick's Day gift. Your company logo design appears on the front of the glass reservoir, staying visible at all times.

Self-Watering Planter Kit | Custom Plant Gifts for St. Patrick's Day

11. 3" x 3" Shamrock Sticky Note Sheets

Our shamrock shaped promotional sticky note sheets make for unique and useful office supply items for St. Patrick's Day and all through the spring & summer. Each set of sticky notes comes in pack of 25 sheets, all of which measure 3 inches wide by 3 inches high. While they are white by default, they can be imprinted in full color for free. A safe or full bleed imprint area can keep the sheets covered, making these clover shaped sticky notes look exactly as your company envisions them. If you need any help creating a design, our talented team of professional artists will be glad to step in and lend a hand. Made by BIC, these custom sticky note pads can be ordered in many other shapes as well. Give us a call, email, or live chat message to learn more.

3" x 3" Shamrock Sticky Note Pads | Custom St Patrick's Day Office Supplies

12. 6" Lovable Lion with T-Shirt

We'll bring our list of St. Patrick's Day giveaway items to an end with something for the kids and anyone who is young at heart. Much like the t-shirts we mentioned earlier, our small promotional stuffed lions don't necessarily have to be used for St. Patrick's Day. However, each one wears a little t-shirt that can be included in your choice of several different colors. Pick a green one, imprint it with your logo and/or a nod to the holiday and you'll have an irresistible St. Patrick's Day promo item on your hands. Each lion is 6 inches tall and is created in a sitting position with its arms outstretched as if giving a hug. A friendly smile graces its face, while a furry mane provides some texture and color contrast.

6" Lovable Lion with Shirt | Promotional Stuffed Animals for Giveaways

Turn to 4AllPromos for All of Your Holiday Promotional Item Needs

We hope you've enjoyed reading through our guide to the best custom branded giveaways & promotional products for St. Patrick's Day. As always, if you have any questions about the products we've presented, we highly encourage you to contact us today. Fittingly, we'll end things with this old Irish blessing extended from our hearts to yours:

"May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door.”

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