How to Order Corporate Holiday Gifts

How to Order Custom Corporate Gifts on Time & Under Budget
Scott Kalapos on Nov 15, 2021

The end of the year is almost upon us. This means that now is the perfect time to start ordering corporate holiday gifts. In addition to providing an excellent way to show appreciation toward employees, customers, and vital contacts, these gifts are also handy for boosting morale and recognizing specific individuals for their year-long efforts.

If you aren’t sure where to start, the promotional product experts at 4AllPromos are here to help. Here are a few tips on how to find the right items that your customers, staff, and vendors will love.

1. Start Planning Early

The most important part of ordering promotional corporate gifts is to start early. After all, your company needs to ensure that there’s enough time for personalization and shipping.

This is more important than ever, as recent problems with supply chains and shipping issues have limited the availability of many products. This makes it crucial to ensure that there's enough of a time gap between ordering and planned delivery dates to be prepared for anything.

Here at 4AllPromos, we still have plenty of items in stock to suit the needs of your business. However, there might be some limitations. As a result, we can’t stress strongly enough that starting your planning in the fall is vital to success.

2. Choose Custom Products That Everyone Will Love

Selecting the right holiday gifts for staff and customers begins with finding an item that will appeal to everybody. For example, an embroidered polo shirt or a fidget spinner may not be the gifts that will delight everyone in your company this holiday season. Focus on something that about everyone can use on a daily basis, such a smartphone charger or a new promotional coffee mug.

Custom Coffee Mugs for Corporate Holiday Gifts

While the bulk approach often works well, sometimes it can be better to order a handful of bigger ticket items to hand out to specific people instead. This is an excellent way to spread your budget to ensure quality over quantity with your corporate gifts. It also drives home the whole "it's the thought that counts" mantra.

3. Determine Your Budget

It is also important to determine a budget early. This will to help decide which corporate gifts would be best to order for this year. Some premium items tend to be more expensive when ordered in smaller quantities. Still, buying promotional items in bulk is usually the most budget-friendly option for those looking to hand out corporate gifts to a large number of recipients.

For example, custom engraved watches cost far more than promotional calendars. If a company's main goal is to give watches to only a select few top performers, then these gifts are like a viable option. However, if the plan is to send a gift out to every existing customer, then sticking to something smaller such as imprinted notepads or branded tote bags is a better tactic.

Personalized Engraved Watches for Corporate Gifts

The more specific you can get on a set budget and how it relates to your corporate gift goals, the easier the process of narrowing down items will be.

4. Choose the Right Promotional Products Supplier

We might be biased here, but it really is important to find the right promotional products supplier. We’ve seen plenty of instances where companies have had a hard time getting their orders on time, within their budget, and made to their specifications.

Fortunately, 4AllPromos has all of the budget-friendly holiday gifts that your business could need. Whether your organization needs a specific item or just a few fun giveaways for a special event, we’re always happy to make it happen.

Personalized Otterbox Stainless Steel Tumblers | Best Corporate Gifts

5. Customize Your Gifts

Of course, you don’t want to give out just any old corporate gift to your employees and customers. Instead, take the time to design your own promotional products by adding a logo, special message, or your company name.

Just about every item in our inventory offers some way to add your own special touch. Consider things like engraving, embroidered designs, full-color imprinting, and a lot more. This is a great way to turn a simple gift product into something that will continue to spark excitement for years to come. A custom embroidered Sherpa blanket can quickly become a beloved family heirloom, making your company a part of holiday traditions for years to come.

Custom Embroidered Sherpa Blankets for Corporate Holiday Gifts

Are you looking for some design ideas? A company logo and contact information are a good option for items that go out to customers. For employees or vendors, using a motivational quote or a message that confers a bit of gratitude are both solid choices. Adding dates, times, and locations in the form of custom coordinates is always a great idea as well.

6. Don't Forget Packaging

When handing out corporate holiday gifts , the importance of packaging should never be overlooked. Many companies forget this aspect. As a result, they find themselves scrambling last minute, struggling to find something ideal before it's time to give out the items.

This can be avoided by selecting customized packaging as part of the process of ordering corporate gifts. We can help with options such as tissue paper with a company logos, personalized greeting cards, logo imprinted canvas tote bags, promotional wine bottle bags, and so much more. Are edible gifts a part of the plan? We have a menagerie of promotional gourmet gift boxes for you to select from.

Promotional Gourmet Gift Boxes with Candy & Nuts

Buy the Best Corporate Holiday Gifts from 4AllPromos

Make this holiday season your company’s best with custom corporate gifts from 4AllPromos. We have thousands of different options to choose from. Order corporate gifts in bulk or treat a small group to our no minimum order premium promotional products. Please contact us today for more information or to place your order.

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