Vaccine Card Holders: Why They're an Effective Promo Product for Any Industry

Promotional COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holders with Company Logos
Scott Kalapos on Oct 13, 2021

We're presently living through a very unique period in history. Millions of people across the globe have received their COVID-19 (Coronavirus) vaccinations. In many areas, businesses, cities, and even countries are requiring proof for entrance to restaurants, events, and more. Therefore, the need to keep track of official vaccine cards is only going to become more significant.

As a business, you can help people to deal with this obstacle while also spreading the word about your organization. This can be achieved with customized vaccine card holders. At 4AllPromos, we offer several designs, providing ample flexibility to find one that's a match for your company’s needs.

How can vaccine card holders be used as promotional items? Read on for a few different applications to consider.

Healthcare Facility Giveaways

As a healthcare clinic or doctor’s office, keeping your patients safe is always a top priority. Whether offering COVID-19 shots in your office or simply encouraging patients to get them elsewhere, handing out a complementary vaccine card holder is a great idea.

At 4AllPromos, our holders come in numerous color options and feature plenty of space for adding your practice’s name or logo. Best of all, they’re designed to fully envelop and protect official vaccination cards, making them easier to keep in purses, briefcases, or another personal storage areas. They are especially helpful promotional items for parents, as keeping track of both adult and adolescent cards can be tricky.

Promotional COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holders | Custom Healthcare Giveaways

Custom Employee Return-to-Work Kits

Is your business finally letting employees return to the office after a long period of remote work? Employee return-to-work kits are ideal giveaway items when it comes to making them feel welcome after such a long hiatus. Here's an idea for such a kit. Try filling custom tote bags with a selection of promotional office items, such as pens, notepads, and (of course) a vaccine card holder. Employees appreciate the thoughtful gift. Meanwhile, your business will appreciate the ability to more easily manage health and safety protocols.

Promotional Products for Schools and Educational Centers

Schools and educational centers can also benefit from using wholesale COVID-19 card holders as promotional items. Teachers and staff members are sure to desire a safe place to keep vaccination records as they return to campus. These cards can even be personalized with a school's name of mascot for a spirit-heavy touch.

Events on college campuses often attract organizations that are not necessarily part of the education sector. These companies can also benefit from using COVID vaccination card holders as giveaway products. Handing out card holders is an excellent way to help students keep their records safe and accessible. Plus, by adding the name of your business and its contact information, your organization will be on their minds the next time they need relevant products or services.

Custom COVID Vaccination Card Holders for Schools

Promotional Giveaways for Community Events

Is your business planning on hosting a booth at any upcoming community events? If so, consider passing out vaccine card holders to those who stop by. Anyone who is vaccinated needs one of these durable CDC card sleeves, which is why offering customized options, imprinted with your logo, is such a good idea.

Insurance agencies, banks, law firms, dental offices, accounting companies, and just about any company in between will benefit from having a useful promotional item such as a vaccine card holder. They're certainly a memorable way to stand out from the crowd!

Travel Agencies, Hotels, and Property Rentals

As travel restrictions continue to fluctuate, it’s becoming increasingly likely that vaccinations could soon become requirements for domestic and international travel. With that being said, companies that operate within the travel and tourism industries can benefit from giving vaccination card holders to prospective and existing customers.

Whether you own a hotel or offer up a private residence for rental through a service such as Airbnb, handing out these sleeves as a part of your welcome package is an excellent idea. Additionally, travel agents who help facilitate vacations and business trips are sure to delight customers with this small token of warm wishes for good health and a safe voyage!

Small Vaccination Card Holder | Bulk COVID-19 Vaccination Card Holders for Travel

Other Uses for Branded Vaccination Card Holders

Anyone who has a COVID-19 vaccination card should have a holder to keep this piece of vital information safe. A cover is useful for preventing damage, such as liquid spills, rips, tears, and more. Having a solid cover to protect your information prevents the many frustrating inconveniences of having to replace it later. As a result, there are nearly endless opportunities to hand these products out to target markets across all industries.

Customize High-Quality Vaccination and COVID-19 Card Holders at 4AllPromos

If you’re looking for vaccination card holders to customize with your business information, look no further than 4AllPromos. We have multiple designs to choose from, spanning several colors and sizes. Best of all, they come in bulk to suit your promotional needs. Contact us today to place an order or to find out more about our various customization options!

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