Seven Tips for Promoting Your Brand to Kids and Their Parents

How to Promote Your Brand to Children & Families
Scott Kalapos on Sep 17, 2021

Is your business participating in school events this year, such as book fairs or educational programs? Finding the right items to please the younger population while building brand recognition with their parents may sound like a difficult task. We're here to remind you that it doesn’t have to be!

At 4AllPromos, we offer a wide variety of promotional items that both kids and their parents will love. These customizable products are a great way to spread the word about your business or organization while creating interest with a side order of fun.

In this article, we have seven tips to share with you on the topic of how to promote a brand toward families using unique giveaway items.

1. Choose Products for the Right Age Group

The most important thing you can do when promoting to students and parents is to select age-appropriate items. Younger children, such as elementary school students, might be excited by a bouncy ball. Conversely, there’s a good chance that their older sibling in high school won’t be nearly as thrilled. In a similar vein, a customized wallet or phone accessory may bore a younger child while pleasing a teen. The point is, it's important to select products that best align with the group they're being given to.

Need a few ideas? Custom bucket hats, notebooks, pens, and phone chargers are popular ideas for the older crowd. Meanwhile, younger elementary and middle school students enjoy small toys, coloring books, backpacks, and custom fanny packs.

Promotional Bucket Hats with Company Logo

2. Select Promotional Products That Promote Family Time

Helping families spend time together will show that your organization cares about their happiness and well-being. At the same time, it helps to ensure that they remember your business. For example, a set of custom dominoes makes a fun addition to family game night. Other items that will get the job done include small peg game sets, playing cards, and puzzles.

Personalized Game Sets for Families

If you’re looking to create a gift bag with multiple items, consider placing a few children’s books inside a custom tote bag. This can help to inspire reading time for the whole household. You can even add personalized bookmarks for a total package.

3. Choose High-Quality Custom Wearables & Apparel Accessories

Branded apparel and accessories are another great way to promote a business to children and adults. Logo printed t-shirts, bandanas, necklaces, and more are all excellent options that can be printed with company logos, names, and/or messages.

Custom School Logo T-Shirts for Giveaways

The vast majority of our promotional products come in numerous sizes and colors to suit your needs. Whether you’re sponsoring field day or a special school spirit event, a custom t-shirt with your logo is beneficial in helping the whole family remember your business & its support of local schools.


4. Consider School Pride and Team Spirit Items

When a child is doing well in school, parents love to have the chance to show it off. They also love having the opportunity to express the whole family's support for a specific youth sports team. Your business can help them express their pride and school spirit with custom car magnets. They're a great choice when it comes to engaging in mobile advertising when traveling to and from games, commuting, or heading anywhere else.

Interested in giveaway items that can be distributed at local football or basketball games? Custom foam fingers with school colors and team names are a wonderful way for fans to cheer players on. We even offer noisemakers that can be customized with your company logo to stir up the crowd!

Wholesale Foam Hands, Fingers & Spirit Mitts with Logos

5. Make It a Prize for Meeting a Goal

Most elementary or middle school students love receiving prizes for meeting specific goals. Creating a fun promotional gift package as a reward for efforts and achievement can be an excellent idea. Successes such as meeting a selected fundraising amount, reading a specified quantity of books, or earning good grades, are all achievements that can be recognized with promotional gift sets.

This doesn't have to be an all or nothing thing. Different promotional prizes can be awarded for varying levels of achievement. For example, the top three readers in each grade level can get a bigger prize such as a custom beach ball or t-shirt. All others who have put in the effort to participate can receive a grab bag filled with small ticket items. Bookmarks, pens, coloring books, and seed packets are all ideal choices available to customize through 4AllPromos.

Bulk Imprinted Beach Balls for School Giveaways

Don’t Be Afraid to Promote to Children in Your Target Market

Here's another tip. Use promotional items that appeal to the children of your target audience! For example, consider an insurance agency. Obviously, second graders aren’t going to be interested in purchasing a policy.

However, if they get a keychain at school or fun fidget spinners, there’s a good chance they’re going to take it home to show their parents. This could lead to better brand recognition with the adults in the family. We can all agree that that this can only lead to positive results.

Company Logo Fidget Spinners | Best Promotional Products for Kids

7. Think About What Your Own Children Like

Are you still having trouble choosing promotional products to hand out at local schools or during community events? Take a moment to think about what your children, grandchildren, or other kids in your life enjoy. In fact, you can always for their input on what they or their friends might find valuable or exciting. They might even have a unique idea that you hadn’t thought of. After all, they say the best way to find out what your target market is looking for is to simply ask. It's like having a focus group in your own home!

Customize Your Entire Promotional Strategy with 4AllPromos

Promoting your brand to kids and their parents doesn’t have to be an insurmountable challenge. By selecting fun items that people of all ages love, your brand can win a spot in the minds and lives of families everywhere.

Are you ready to add your custom design to one of our high-quality promotional products? Contact us today with any questions or for help getting started.

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