12 Purrfect, Pawfect Promotional Products for Pets

Best Animal Promotional Products & Giveaway Items for Pets
Scott Kalapos on Aug 25, 2021

With more people returning to the office and leaving home workspaces behind, our furry pals are (understandably) going to have a hard time making the adjustment. After all, it's hard to go back to having your favorite person gone from 9 to 5 after having them by your side every day for the past year and a half. That's why we feel there's no better time to remind dogs, cats, and other beloved pets just how much they're cherished. One great way of doing this, while also promoting your brand, is to invest in promotional pet products from 4AllPromos. In this article, we'll share 12 of our top custom pet toy, snack, and accessory items that are sure to bring business to your brand while bringing joy to four-legged friends.

1. Zagasnacks Dog Bone Pack - Company Logo Dog Biscuits

Every good dog deserves to be thrown a bone now and then. With our Zagasnacks promotional dog treat packs, dogs everywhere can be treated to scrumptious and nutritious bone-shaped treats. These dog biscuits come in a classic shape, with 5 different colored treats being included in each bag. Each bag is made from clear plastic and is imprinted in full color with your logo design. Nutritional information is also included to keep concerned fur moms and dads in-the-know. Each bag of treats is 53/8 inches wide by 5 inches high and has an imprint area measuring 111/2 inches wide by 5 inches high.

Zagasnacks Dog Bone Pack | Custom Dog Biscuits with Logos

2. Custom Printed Pet Food Can Lids - Branded Pet Supply Giveaways

It's no secret that pet food can sometimes have an odor that's not so pleasing to humans. It's also an annoying hassle when a can of dog or cat food falls from a refrigerator, causing its contents to splatter on the floor. Both the odor and mess can be avoided when users have our promotional pet food can lids available. These round plastic lids are designed to tightly seal food cans shut and are able to fit most container sizes. They come in six different colors, which include yellow, red, royal blue, kelly green, black, and white. They're proudly produced right here in the USA. Great as promotional products for pet shops, kennel stores, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, and more, these items are imprinted with your logo in one color. For an upgrade fee, your logo design can include multiple colors. Each lid is 31/2 inches in diameter and has an imprint area measuring 21/2 inches in diameter.

Pet Food Can Lids with Company Logo Imprint

3. Paw Shaped Reflective Collar Tag - Wholesale Pet Giveaway Items

The next item on our list is aimed at keeping pets safe when going for walks or roaming outdoors. Our branded reflective pet collar tags are made in the shape of a cat's paw, with custom dog collar tags also being available. They help to give owners peace of mind, knowing that their beloved dog or cat will be visible to motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians, even after the sun goes down. These items come in colors of red, blue, and orange, with a large white reflective center. They can be printed with company logos as well as pet names and contact information to help return lost animals to their homes. For an upgrade fee, two-color imprinting is available, as are imprints on both sides of the tag.

Paw Shaped Reflective Collar Tags | Promotional Pet Collar ID Tags

4. Pawfect Pet Food Scoop - Branded Dry Pet Food Scoops

Many animals are fed both dry and wet food. Consequently, our wholesale imprinted pet food scoops make a great promotional partner to the food can lids discussed two paragraphs erstwhile. Our Pawfect Pet Food Scoops are eco-friendly items, being made from recyclable polypropylene. They have a fun and memorable shape, with a paw shaped scoop bowl extending out from a straight handle. They're easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. Coming in 1 cup and half cup measurements, these custom pet food scoops make dishing out dry food easier and less likely to involve spillage. They make great promotional products for most any animal related charity or business. They're available in 5 different colors and are imprinted with your logo in one location. Feel free to give us a call, email, or live chat message to learn of possible upgrade options.

Pawfect Pet Food Scoop | Wholesale Pet Food Scoops with Logo

5. Collapsible Pet Food Bowl - Promotional Portable Pet Food Bowls

When taking pets along on car rides, hikes, camping trips, or even vet visits, it's a wise idea to keep bowls for feeding and hydration on hand. This becomes a bit easier when our company logo collapsible pet bowls are in the picture. Dogs, cats, and other pets can eat and drink from these bowls while on the go. They hold up to 56 oz and have a unique square shape. This square form can collapse in on itself to reduce depth 30 times over! Each ships free of charge and has dimensions of 6 inches wide by 6 inches high by 33/4 inches deep when open. When closed, these numbers change to 61/2 inches wide by 61/4 inches high by 1/8 of an inch deep. Each is imprinted with a single color logo, with a second color and second imprint location being available for an added charge.

Branded Collapsible Pet Food Bowl

6. Large Triangle Pet Bandana - Logo Printed Dog Bandanas

Our large promotional dog bandanas are sure to be a hit at any animal-centric trade show, seminar, or charity event. These fun accessories give dogs a look of style with some attitude, all while displaying your company logo to all who pass by. These classic pet bandanas are made in the USA and come in 16 different color choices. Each boasts a triangular shape along with a 11/4" hemmed collar opening for easy and comfortable wear. A relatively low minimum order quantity of just 24 units makes these items a great fit for businesses of any size. These personalized pet bandanas are 19 inches wide by 11 inches high. A step and repeat company logo pattern comes standard, though a centered 5 inch wide by 7 inch high design can be included instead. While a single color imprint comes standard, multiple color designs are available as an upgrade option. Smaller sizes are also available - give us a call if you're curious to learn more.

Large Triangle Pet Bandana | Custom Bandanas for Dogs


7. Fire Hydrant Pet Waste Bag Dispenser - Novelty Pet Waste Bag Containers

It's an act of courtesy for people to pick up what their pets drop off. Anyone taking their dog for a walk on the beach, in a park, on a nature trail, or down a street/sidewalk will certainly want to be equipped with bags to handle solid waste. While this is beyond a doubt the least enjoyable part of walking one's pooch, we're here to help make it a little more fun. Our fire hydrant shaped promotional novelty waste bag dispensers come in your choice of red, yellow, blue, and white. These cheery little containers add a bit of a laugh to the cleaning process. They're also eco-friendly, as they contain biodegradable bags for disposing of waste. Dog owners everywhere will be showing off your company logo as they set a good example for others. Each is imprinted with your logo in a single color, with additional imprint colors being available for an upgrade charge.

Fire Hydrant Pet Waste Bandana | Custom Printed Pet Waste Containers

8. Dog Safe 9" Flyer - Promotional Dog Safe Flying Discs

Most dogs love a good game of fetch. Your business can be the face of fun and good health via exercise for canines everywhere with our branded dog safe flying discs. Our pet safe flyers are cheap promotional items that provide plenty of fun for dogs and the humans who love them. Made from a sturdy copolymer material, these items are durable and can stand up to the strong bite of a playful dog. The material they're made from is non-toxic as well as recyclable, making these flying dog discs environmentally responsible toys. They come in five colors: royal blue, red, neon orange, yellow, and white. Each has a diameter of 9 inches and a depth of 1 inch. Every disc is imprinted with your company logo, in a generous imprint area with a diameter of 51/2 inches.

9" Dog Safe Flyer | Bulk Flying Discs for Dogs

9. Tennis Ball Toss Pet Toy - Company Logo Dog Toys

If you're looking for the best custom fetch toys for dogs, look no further than our Tennis Ball Toss Pet Toy. These wholesale dog toys will delight canines and their companions, offering hours of exercise and fun bonding time. Available in 14 different colors, these toys consist of an super industrial strength tennis ball attached to a woven lanyard. The tennis ball is augmented via a foam plug, which allows it to be retrieved both on land and in the water. These toys can be used for play as well as for training exercises. They're a sure-fire hit as giveaway items for vets, pet shops, feed and grain stores, department stores, pet lodging facilities, shelters, and more. The lanyard and tennis ball can both be imprinted with your logo, with single and multiple imprints being available. Please contact us for detailed pricing information.

Tennis Ball Toss Pet Toy | Promotional Pet Toys for Giveaways

10. Round 40" Pet Bed - Custom Branded Pet Beds

After a fun day filled with walks, treats, and toys, pets will want to snuggle up for a snooze. There's no better place for them to do this than on our promotional pet beds. Offering a round shape and spacious 40 inch diameter, these beds are perfect for large dogs. They can also be used for pets who like to sleep and nap cuddled up with each other. Filled with shredded foam for plush comfort and insulation, these beds will quickly become any dog's favorite. Each has a waterproof 600 D polyester top with PVC backing, as well as a black nylon bottom. As is the case with many of the items in this article, these pet beds are made in the USA. They're also available in several other shapes and sizes. They can be ordered in 14 different colors, so finding the one that best matches your company logo will be easy. A single color and location logo imprint on the top comes standard. However, you can opt to upgrade to included multiple logo imprint colors and even embroidery.

Round 40" Pet Bed | Company Logo Pet Beds

11. Custom Pet Accessory Bag - Promotional Pet Accessory Sets

When traveling near or far, pet owners will want to be prepared. Your business can help them do this with our company logo imprinted pet accessory kit bags. These promotional product kits consist of sturdy zippered gray bags with your choice of blue, red, or black detailing with white paw prints. Inside of each bag, users will find two collapsible pet bowls, ideal for offering both food and water while away from home. They're great items to take on car rides, camping trips, hikes, vet visits, and more. A detachable zippered bag is also included. This bag can be used to hold snacks, medications, pet waste bags, or a variety of other animal-friendly items. The larger bag has a convenient front storage pocket for additional items, as well as a comfortable shoulder strap for carrying. Each is decorated with your screen printed logo design. Logo imprints featuring more than one color are available for an upgrade fee.

Custom Pet Accessory Bag | Promotional Pet Supply Item Kits

12. Pet Care Travel Kit - Personalized Travel Kits for Pets

Our promotional Pet Care Travel Kits are a must-have for any pet owner who travels frequently or likes taking their pets along for fun day trip outings. Highly popular as promotional products for vets, animal shelters, animal charities, pet shops, and more, these items will be a hit any trade show or corporate event. Each kit has items designed for the well-being of both pets and fur parents. The elements of these pet care sets are held within a reusable drawstring bag. The bag is imprinted with your logo design and is biodegradable, making these items an eco-friendly choice. Inside of each bag, users will find a 1 oz hand sanitizer bottle, a mini tissue pack, two latex gloves, and 7 biodegradable pet waste bags with a PVC dispenser. They allow users to clean up after their pets while keeping their hands clean as well.

Promotional Pet Care Travel Kit | Custom Imprinted Pet Care Item Sets

4AllPromos is Where to Buy the Best Promotional Pet Products with Your Logo

That's the end of our run through our top 12 promotional pet accessory items. Hopefully these items have given you some solid plans for your next promotion, though the preceding link will take you to our main pet supplies page for additional ideas. As always, our talented artists and product professionals are willing and able to help make your animal themed promo product investment as profitable, satisfying, and fun as possible. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the products we've shown you today or questions regarding any of our other items. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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