13 Promotional Halloween Products So Good They're Scary

Best Halloween Promotional Products & Custom Halloween Giveaway Items
Scott Kalapos on Aug 6, 2021

While we're still in the dog days of summer, the cooling relief of autumn is fast approaching. With the change of season, there always comes a change in the products people will be actively seeking out and using. Apart from Thanksgiving, Halloween is one of the most prominent holidays of the fall season, particularly in terms of participation and marketing potential. With this in mind, 4AllPromos wishes to present to you our picks for the top 13 branded giveaway items for Halloween. Investing in these items now will give your business a head start on the competition, so we'll just cut to the chase and introduce them!

1. Pumpkins Recyclable Halloween Bag - Custom Printed Trick or Treat Bags

We'll start things out by discussing some of our most popular promotional Halloween bags. The first one on our list is the Pumpkins Recyclable Halloween Bag. These custom eco-friendly Halloween candy totes are perfect for providing fun for trick-or-treaters while generating exposure for your brand all over town. These are environmentally responsible items, as they're made from recycled 3.0 mil plastic. Orange in color, these tote bags are 12 inches wide by 15 inches high and feature a sturdy 3 inch side gusset. This enables them to expand to really pack the treats in. Each bag is decorated with stock art featuring a row of 5 jack-o-'lanterns bearing a mix of spooky and funny faces. Above the pumpkins is a sign reading "Happy Halloween". It's between the text and stock art that your 8 inch wide by 4 inch high custom logo imprint will appear. Like the stock design surrounding it, your logo will be printed in black ink.

Pumpkins Recyclable Halloween Bag | Custom Printed Halloween Totes

2. Ghosts with Pumpkins Silver Reflective Bag - Custom Halloween Safety Bags

The next Halloween tote bags we'll tell you about are our Ghosts with Pumpkins personalized reflective Halloween bags. These items are a top-seller year after year. It's not hard to see why, as they're an investment in both your business and the safety of your target market. With dimensions of 12 inches wide by 15 inches high, these bags are made from low density 2.5 mil reflective silver plastic. They help to make trick-or-treaters visible while out hunting for candy after dark. In addition to increasing safety while walking the neighborhood, these bags also contain Halloween safety tips involving pre and post-candy haul precautions. The stock graphic included on each bag features four friendly ghosts wrapping around a spooky tree with some jack-o'-lanters below and a haunted house visible in the distance. Each ghost offers children and their parents a pearl of wisdom for Halloween safety. They're made from recyclable materials and contain die cut handles for easy carrying. Your logo is imprinted in a 6 inch wide by 6 inch high area on the side of the bag opposite the stock graphics.

Ghosts with Pumpkins Silver Reflective Bag | Promotional Trick-or-Treat Bags

3. Cotton Canvas Halloween Bag - Imprinted Reusable Halloween Tote Bags

The third and final company logo candy bags included in this article are our promotional Cotton Canvas Halloween Bags. These take a bit of a turn from the two previously described models in that they're not made from plastic. Rather, they're constructed from ultra durable cotton canvas. These 14 1/2 inch wide by 15 inch high trick-or-treat tote bags are designed with longevity in mind. They'll last for several years, becoming a cherished part of Halloween memories as children grow into young adults. This will create a special place in the hearts of children and their parents for your business. Available in colors of orange, natural, and black, our canvas Halloween bags are able to carry heavy loads and stand up to inclement weather. Their 29 inch reinforced carrying handles can be held in the hand or worn over the shoulder. Each comes with your choice of any one of our four available stock art designs. These include graphics featuring a haunted house, vampire, jack-o'-lantern with bats & spiders, or a spooky Halloween tree. Each contains text reading "Happy Halloween" and provides a 8 inch wide by 8 inch high imprint area for your logo. Your logo will appear either beside or beneath the stock image, based on which model you choose. Please contact us to learn more.

Cotton Canvas Halloween Tote Bag | Promotional Halloween Candy Tote Bags

4. 2 oz Candy Corn Bag - Wholesale Halloween Candy Bags

The bulk affordable Halloween candy bags we're about to explain aren't meant for collecting candy, but rather to hold candy that users can pass out to trick-or-treaters. Our 2 oz Candy Corn Bags never fail to please as giveaway items at trade shows and events, custom retail products, or components of promotional Halloween gift bags. If you're looking for low-cost promotional items that can be tied in with Halloween ad campaigns or any other time during fall, these are a perfect match. Each unit consists of a clear plastic bag which holds 2 oz of candy corn, a classic Halloween favorite. The top of the bags are occupied by retail style headers that are imprinted with your company logo in full color. Both sides of the header can be decorated, with the area on the front being just slightly taller than the one on the back. They're a great pick for passing out to trick-or-treaters, at school Halloween parties, costume parades, company parties, and more.

2 oz Bag of Candy Corn | Wholesale Cheap Halloween Candy Bags

5. Custom Molded Chocolate Bar - Company Logo Candy Products

The next sweet treats on our list are our 1 oz custom molded chocolate bars with imprinted wrappers. These are fun and unique promotional candy bars that offer three advertising opportunities for the price of one. Each candy bar is specially molded to contain the shape of your logo design, message, or other desired content. Then they're wrapped in your choice of gold or silver foil which is surrounded by an imprinted wrapper sleeve. The sleeve also contains your logo artwork, this time in full color. When the candy bars are unwrapped, people will see your logo design yet again, as a one color imprint is included on the interior of the wrapper. When stored at room temperature, these customizable candy bars have a shelf life of 1 full year. They don't need to be reserved exclusively for Halloween promotions though. These custom confections can advertise your brand all year long. They're also available in a larger 1.75 oz size.

Custom Molded Chocolate Bar | Promotional Candy Bars for Halloween

6. Scary Stuff Coloring and Activity Book - Promotional Halloween Coloring Books

Not all treats have to be of the edible variety. Kids will have plenty of productive and educational fun when your company provides them with our Scary Stuff Coloring & Activity Book. These company logo coloring books feature 16 pages (20 if counting the covers) of fun and spooky images to color in as well as entertaining games and word puzzles. These wholesale coloring and activity books help to nurture both creativity and academic skills. Each one has a full color cover featuring a stock design of a flying witch, smiling full moon, black cat, bats, owl, and a ghost, many of which are holding colorful crayons. Your company logo is included in the area below the cover art, which is printed on high quality paper.

Scary Stuff Coloring & Activity Book | Custom Printed Halloween Coloring Books

7. Finger Bone Pen - Imprinted Novelty Pens for Halloween

Writing chores for kids and adults of all ages can be injected with a bit of festive seasonal fun when performed with our promotional Halloween drinkware items? If so, our 14 oz Light-Up Skull Cups will not disappoint. These clear plastic mugs have large and sturdy carrying handles. They're formed in a human skull shape for some eerie fun. Each has LED lights in three colors inserted into the bottom panel. They'll certainly bring attention to your logo imprint when flashing bright colors in dark rooms at parties, trade shows, and other indoor or after-dark events. They'll also grab attention during the day. When they're filled with ice water and struck by sunlight, the result is a beautiful and dazzling display of light refraction. One side of these custom Halloween mugs is imprinted with your logo, though double sided imprints can be accessed for an upgrade fee. Each holds 14 oz of liquid, providing plenty of space to accommodate a full can of one's chosen beverage.

Finger Bone Pen | Custom Imprinted Novelty Pens for Halloween

9. Pumpkin Fidget Spinner - Imprinted Advertising Fidget Spinners

Though the custom fidget spinner craze might not be quite at the level it saw during 2017, they still remain highly popular as promotional giveaway items. This is particularly true for the education industry, as the tactile experience provided by fidget spinners helps children to focus and cope with anxiety and excess energy. They're especially helpful for children (and adults) who are on the autism spectrum or who are affected by ADHD. Our wholesale pumpkin fidget spinners are no exception. They're a festive way to have fun and feel good, regardless of one's age. Coming in an orange color and sporting three rounded jack-o'-lantern spinning handles, they're sure to be a hit giveaway item at any fall trade show. Steel bearings are included on the interior. These allow the fidget spinners to enjoy maximum movement, offering a full minute of spin time. They're safe and healthy toys, meeting CPSIA standards and being recommended for users over 3 years of age. The circular center cap area is imprinted with your company logo design in a space with a diameter of 7/8 of an inch. Each is individually polybagged for organized and easy distribution.

Pumpkin Fidget Spinner | Cheap Promotional Halloween Giveaway Items

10. Pumpkin Strobe - Fun Halloween Accessory Giveaways

Our promotional Pumpkin Strobe lights are perfect for any company searching for the perfect accessory to round out a gift bag or to attract visitors to booths at trade shows, job fairs, and other events. These are affordable and amusing items that can be used to increase visibility while trick-or-treating or to liven up desk space around the office. These orange, pumpkin shaped lights contain a red LED that strobes brightly. Operation is simple, as they can be activated via the on/off switch located on the back of the unit. Each comes with an attachment clip, enabling them to be easily hooked on to belts, caps, pockets, handbags, and more. They can also be worn on necklaces for a piece of festive Halloween party jewelry. A single color logo imprint comes standard, with multiple imprint colors being available for an upgrade fee.

Pumpkin Strobe | Cheap Promotional Halloween Accessories

11. Monster Cash Scratch n Win Card - Wholesale Imprinted Scratch-Off Cards

Fundraisers, fairs, carnivals, trade shows, company parties, and grand opening ceremonies are just a few of the situations in which custom printed scratch off cards make ideal giveaway items. Any such event taking place around Halloween would be the perfect time to invest in our Monster themed scratch-off cards. While they cannot be used for cash prizes, lucky winners can receive just about anything else. They're ideal items for bulk giveaways as they ship free of charge, are easy to transport and store, and come at an affordable price. Each one has a full color image of Frankenstein's Monster reaching out greedily for a prize. Your full color logo imprint appears on both sides of every card. A scratch off panel covered in removable gold colored latex resides on the front of the card. This can be scratched away to reveal whether or not an individual user has won a prize. Our promotional scratch cards are available in several other sizes and themes, making them a great investment any time of the year.

Monster Scratch n Win Card | Custom Logo Printed Scratch-Off Cards

12. Brain Stress Reliever - Custom Novelty Stress Toys

BRAINS...BRAINS... they'll all be clamoring for more brains once your company offers our Brain Shaped Stress Relievers. A great promotional giveaway item for the Halloween season, these unique stress toys make a perfect addition to a trade show goodie bag or employee gift set. Shaped like a human brain and coming in your choice of blue, red, or white, these stress balls are made from squeezable polyurethane foam. They're sure to be a hit as promotional products for schools, psychology & psychiatry clinics, neurology practices, tutoring companies, and more. These stress relieving brains fit in the palm of the hand and are always there for a comforting squeeze when anxiety builds and the pressure is on. When released, they quickly regain their shape. Each is imprinted with your personalized logo design, with multiple imprint colors (up to 4) being available for an added charge.

Brain Shaped Stress Reliever | Wholesale Stress Toys with Logos

13. One Eyed Monster Gaiter Scarf - Personalized Face Covers for Halloween

Our promotional Halloween themed face coverings are a great choice for those who may not feel safe going completely mask-free. Whether used for trick-or-treating, company parties, or errand running trips, these custom gaiter scarves help to infuse some playful fun into personal protection. While they are white on the inside, the side that faces outward is decorated with a cyclops style monster face. A salivating, gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth is included amid green skin and a single blue eye. Made from 100% polyester, they easily slip over users' heads for easy wearing. They're comfortable and durable and have the ability to become part of Halloween costumes that can be used year after year. There's no minimum order quantity and shipping is absolutely free. Every mask comes with an optional text box for including a company or user's name.

One-Eyed Monster Gaiter Scarf Face Cover | Custom Face Coverings for Halloween

Buy Halloween Promotional Products in Bulk from 4AllPromos

Those are our 13 top picks for the best customized Halloween giveaway items and promo products. Please contact us if you have any questions about these or any of our other logo branded items. We're always ready and willing to help by pitching in and doing everything in our power to make your promotional dreams come true. We wish you a safe, healthy, and happy Halloween!

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