Selling Your Real Estate Services: Eight Promotional Product Ideas for Realtors & Brokers

Real Estate Promotional Products & Brand Awareness Strategies
Scott Kalapos on Jul 19, 2021

As anyone in real estate will tell you, it’s important to have your firm on the minds of any potential client who's looking to buy or sell a piece of property. One great way to achieve this is to invest in high-quality promotional products from 4AllPromos. In addition to helping your company stay in the public eye, these products ensure that your contact information is easily accessible at all times. Instead of having to search for it online, users can look down and find what they need right on the customized products you've provided them with.

Ready to bring in more real estate clients? Here are a few of our favorite ways realtors and brokers can use promotional products in their marketing efforts.

1. Use Customized Office Supplies

Whether hosting an open house or meeting with a potential client looking to sell, chances are someone will ask for a pen or piece of paper at some point. This is an excellent opportunity to promote your services through custom pens, note pads, and other office supplies. By providing these kind of complimentary items, your company can ensure that its logo will be in view whenever users need to jot down something important.

Preston Click Pen | Cheap Custom Pens for Real Estate Promotions

2. Create Promotional Housewarming Packages for Buyers

Another excellent promotional strategy is to create promotional item bundles for new buyers and first-time homeowners. All you need to make this happen is a logo imprinted economy shopper bag. From there, you can fill it with a variety of handy items that make moving and getting settled into a new home easier.

Econo Enviro-Tote Shopper Bag | Cheap Tote Bags for Realtors

For example, a wine bottle opener or a keychain make could great additions to a “Welcome Home” gift bag. Your company could also consider adding a pair of ceramic coffee mugs, a yearly calendar, or custom mints or candies. Not only will all of these gifts delight your clients, but they’ll also ensure they have your contact information nearby to refer new business your way.

3. Distribute Swag Bags to Vendors

Of course, not all of your marketing efforts center around buyers and sellers. Working directly with title companies, mortgage brokers, contractors, and other industry professionals is extremely important for spurring referrals.

To help show your appreciation for the people you partner with, consider creating swag bags to hand out. Add office supplies, tools, or even coupons and gift cards for local businesses. You can also order bulk stainless steel tumblers with your custom logo and contact information, which are always a favorite.

14 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler | Promotional Tumblers for Real Estate Firms

4. Offer Snacks and Drinks at Open Houses

Offering refreshments during an open house is a common practice for most real estate agents. However, who says you can’t add a promotional spin to what you’re providing?

A personalized water bottle and a bag of cookies is always a great parting gift for those who have taken the time to check out your listing. This will keep your real estate firm in users' minds. It will also establish goodwill, which is key to creating powerful relationship marketing bonds.

Alpine 25 oz Aluminum Water Bottle | Imprinted Water Bottles for Real Estate Agents

5. Hand Giveaway Items Out to Neighbors

When listing a new home for sale, neighbors are always good candidates for becoming potential clients. Bear in mind that they may be considering a move for the very same reasons as the present active sellers.

Consider creating a package of promo items to hand out to the properties around your listing. In the best-case scenario, current homeowners will want to schedule a time to talk about selling their properties.  At the worst, neighborhood residents gain knowledge of your company and have its contact information handy when they want to sell in the future.

6. Work with Commercial Property Owners

Commercial real estate agents and those who run real estate firms, can use promotional items to grow business in the commercial sector. Many individuals who own a business properties looking to expand their portfolios with additional investments. It’s often a good idea to get in touch with commercial property owners to find out what they’re looking for and/or if they want to sell what they already have.

When doing so, make sure to leave a few custom items behind. For example, you can hand out a few custom BIC pens and an executive notepad. You can even throw in higher-end options such as luxury tumblers. No matter what you choose, promotional products are a great way to let entrepreneurs know that you’re there to assist with all of their real estate needs.

Engraved BIC Pens | Custom Pen Giveaways for Real Estate Agents

7. Supply Promotional Products to Local Businesses

Another tip for using promotional products for your real estate business is to work with major local employers. In many cases, they may have employees who are relocating from different branches or cities who are in need of long-term housing.

To do this, consider putting together packages to help welcome new hires or transfers to the area. Fill cheap branded tote bags with small items that might help someone who is temporarily staying in a hotel. Items such as  notepads, candies, mints, phone directories, and gift cards to local restaurants are all great ideas. You can even team up with other professionals or businesses in your area to create a comprehensive package.

Ya-Ya Huge Budget Shopper Tote | Cheap Tote Bags for Real Estate Promotions

8. Have a Presence at Community Events

Events within the communities where you do business are an excellent opportunity to advertise and connect with potential clients. Between youth sports games, golf tournaments, festivals, charity functions, there’s always a chance to attract the attention of property owners or prospective buyers.

Consider handing out promotional calendars at holiday or end-of-year events. There are quite a few people who wait for these items, as they keep them up in their kitchens or home offices for daily use. It’s a great way to ensure your contact information remains in users' sight and on their minds.

Custom Real Estate Calendars | Promotional Products for Realtors

4AllPromos: Your One-Stop-Shop for High-Quality Promo Products

Customized promotional products are an excellent way for real estate industry professionals to gain attention and increase word-of-mouth advertising among potential clients. By using the strategies we’ve outlined in this post, you can attract more buyers and sellers while also thanking various vendors for their referrals and services. It’s a win-win all around!

If you or your company are searching for the best real estate promotional products, 4AllPromos has exactly what you need. Contact us today to learn more about our customization & flexible delivery options!

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