Why Promotional Products Work

Why Promotional Products Are Successful in Marketing
Scott Kalapos on Jun 18, 2021

Whether you’re a marketing and branding expert or new to the industry, you probably know that most consumers have to see a company name a few times before they’re enticed to make a purchase. This is called a “touchpoint,” or a point of interaction between a brand and its target market. With customized promotional products from 4AllPromos, you can speed up this process and ensure your business gets the attention it deserves.

However, brand awareness isn’t the only reason to add imprinted giveaway items to your marketing strategy. Below, we’re breaking down six additional key reasons why promo products work.

1. Drawing Attention at Trade Shows & Industry Events

When you’re attending a trade show or convention alongside hundreds of other businesses, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to create buzz around your brand by giving away high-quality promotional products. After all, everyone loves a free gift. Passing out something fun, interesting, or useful is sure to send more traffic (and potential customers) to your booth or exhibit.

This attention often continues after the event is over. In fact, 88 percent of recipients remember (opens in a new window)1 the name of the company imprinted on the products they receive!

2. Increasing Brand Credibility

Promo items aren’t just for passing out to event attendees. They’re also a great way to keep your employees and business premises looking professional while creating a unified branded experience. This never fails in increasing trust levels among all who observe your company in action.

For example, restaurants can use custom wine glasses engraved with their unique logo, or a coffee shop can serve drinks in personalized mugs. Even small items such as pens can be customized with a logo or branded color scheme to make your organization look more polished.


Personalized Engraved Wine Glasses


3. Exciting Employees Throughout the Organization

Your staff works hard to keep your business running smoothly. Why not reward them with a unique gift? Consider items such as t-shirts, imprinted office supplies, and drinkware, all customized with your company’s logo and branding. This is a great way to boost morale and provide a token of your respect and appreciation.

4. Assisting with Fundraising Efforts

Of course, not all promotional products are meant to be handed out for free. Schools, sports teams, non-profits, and other organizations can purchase branded items to help raise money for fundraising and charitable causes. For example, a high school football team could create a gift basket featuring custom stadium blankets and other tailgating accessories to auction off at a fundraiser to purchase new uniforms.


Stadium Blankets with Company Logos


5. Providing Consumers with Something They Can (and Will) Use

Promo products aren’t just a vehicle for advertising a business. They also provide target audience members with a useful item they’re sure to appreciate & associate with your brand. Cheap tote bags are a great example, as they can be used in a variety of situations, from the grocery store to the airport.


Cheap Promotional Tote Bags for Trade Shows & Events


People are more likely to reach out to the company that gave them the free, handy gift they’ve used again and again when in need of products or services. When that company is yours, the benefits are undeniable. Studies show that 85 percent of promotional product users (opens in a new window)1 end up doing business with the company that provided the item.

Creating a Continuous Stream of Free Advertising

Advertising your business online, on television, or on local billboards can be costly. In fact, a 30-second spot on a national television station can cost up to $115,000 (opens in a new window)3! Of course, this doesn’t include the price of video production, actors, and the many other key ingredients of a great commercial. The same goes for any other form of advertising. Your business will need to pay for the placement and the creation of your ad materials.

Luckily, there’s a cheaper solution that provides constant exposure for your business: promotional products. When you hand out personalized beach towels, custom water bottles, or promotional sunglasses with your logo, users will advertise your brand everywhere they go. For example, if one of your trade show booth visitors brings their custom coffee tumbler to the airport, hundreds of people will see your logo and contact information! Even small items such as custom key tags are an excellent way to promote a company. This word-of-mouth style of advertising can be helpful for reaching new customers and broadening target market reach. Plus, because most people keep their promo products for an average of eight months (opens in a new window)3, your brand’s information will be in front of your audience for much longer than a TV commercial or pay-per-click ad.


Personalized Beach Towels | Best Promotional Products for Giveaways


Best Practices for Using Promotional Products

There's no doubt that you now understand why promotional products are such a great addition to a marketing strategy. Still, it's crucial to be aware how to use them most effectively. Here are a few best practices to ensure you make the most of your giveaway investments:

Choose High-Quality Products
Promotional items are an excellent way to make a positive first impression with your audience. However, this is only possible when you hand out high-quality products. Pens that break easily or tote bags with holes won’t impress your customers. Consequently, it is important to choose which items you're going to give out wisely. At 4AllPromos, we take pride in offering a wide selection of items made from high quality and durable materials.
Customize Your Items for Each Audience and Event
Relevance is vital throughout all aspects of marketing. Your messaging should always be tailored to the targeted audience. Naturally, when shopping for promotional products, it’s important to consider who will be receiving them. For example, custom padfolios are a great fit for professional conventions, but they are less than ideal when employed as carnival prizes.
Give Your Audience a Choice
Consumers love to have options, so give your audience the power of choice! This could mean investing in pens in multiple colors or offering a wide range of different promotional products at your next tradeshow. Either way, your audience will appreciate getting to choose what giveaway item they take home. Most importantly, they’ll be far more likely to use it!
Be Mindful of Your Budget
Promotional products are available at nearly all price points. This gives you ultimate control over your marketing budget. The best part? At 4AllPromos, we offer a variety of options that are both high-quality AND affordable.

Discover the Benefits of Promotional Products at 4AllPromos

Is your business ready to take its marketing efforts to the next level? 4AllPromos has everything needed to create custom giveaway items that your audience is sure to love. Browse our catalog online or contact us today for more information!

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