In-Person Events are Back: Best Promotional Products for Sporting Events, Concerts & More

Custom Promotional Giveaway Items for Live Events
Scott Kalapos on Jun 1, 2021

After a long and tumultuous year, life as we knew it is beginning to make a comeback. As summer nears, sporting events, concerts, trade shows, festivals, and more are kicking off again following the lifting of many COVID-19-related restrictions, bringing us ever closer to throwing away the "new normal".

Will your business will be hosting, sponsoring, or attending an event this year? If so, it's a great idea to help attendees celebrate (and remember your brand) with high-quality, customized promotional products. These giveaway items are an excellent way to commemorate the occasion and leave a lasting impression.

1. Delight Families with Custom Drawstring Backpacks

If you’re attending an outdoor event geared towards families, we have a suggestion. Consider filling several of our promotional drawstring backpacks with fun, summer-ready products. Think of things like imprinted water bottles, snack bags, pennants, and other memorable items. Even small mementos like promo sports balls, custom temporary tattoos, and puzzles are a good way to get your business noticed. You can also add family-friendly items such as safety awareness coloring books, tip sheets for parents, and other important information.


Custom Drawstring Backpacks for Event Giveaways



2. Wine and Beer-Themed Items for Adult Attendees

If sponsoring an event for 21-and-over crowd, handing out wine and beer-themed items is often a natural choice. These giveaways could include custom wine glasses, corkscrews, shaker glasses, and other branded barware accessories. All of these can be engraved with name or date of the event along with your company's name or logo.

4AllPromos also has a wide selection of promotional beer items such glasses, company logo bottle openers, tasting paddles, and promotional growlers. Need something to give away as a raffle prize? Put a few products in a gift basket and auction them off for your favorite charity. These ideas are ideal for wine tastings, concerts, art shows, elegant corporate galas, and more.

Custom Logo Imprinted Wine Glasses

3. Soak Up the Sun at Beach or Outdoor Parties

Now that the weather has warmed up and most states are allowing people to gather again, outdoor parties will become increasingly common. These can be company picnics, music festivals, or any other summer event held under the sun or by the beach.

Promotional t-shirts are always an excellent giveaway item at these types of gatherings, as are promotional sunglasses with logos. In general, branded apparel items are always a great way to go when considering giveaway items for events. In addition to being budget-friendly, they can also be used long after the party is over. Try handing them out at beach parties, community barbecues, holiday parades, grand openings, and more.


Custom Sunglasses with Company Logo



4. Auto Club Gatherings and Local Car Shows

Auto enthusiasts often come back out along with the sun when the warmer seasons arrive. Special events such classic car shows present an excellent opportunity to draw attention to your business or organization. Handing out promotional giveaway items to the crowd is a great way to become part of the fun and the memories that follow.

So, with this in mind, which products should your company choose? Personalized keychains are affordable giveaways that are always popular with car enthusiasts. If operating with have a bigger budget, miniature toolsets, baseball caps, and travel mugs, should also receive some consideration. These are items that also work very well for parades, community events, and holiday celebrations.


Promotional Keychain Giveaways for Car Shows



5. Tee Up for Local Golf Tournaments

Is your company hosting a charity golf tournament or perhaps sponsoring a youth golf competition? In either case, giveaway items along the lines of travel mugs, polo shirts, and company logo hats can make the event even more fun. Hand them out to participants and spectators to thank them for their support while promoting your brand in the process.

We also offer a variety of customized awards to give to golf tournament winners and top performers. By adding your logo on the front, you can ensure that it's shown off every time the big winner flashes their success.


Personalized Etched Golf Awards



6. Industry Specific Trade Shows

If you thought the days of attending a trade show in your industry were over due to social distancing restrictions, think again. Now that many ordinances are being lifted, organizations are pulling together to make these events happen over the summer and into the fall. Therefore, there’s no better time to start planning your booth giveaways and swag bags.

You can opt to stick with the basics, like our promotional pens with logos. Another approach would be something a little more unorthodox. It could suit your company well to buy customized magnets in bulk for handing out to crowds. They can be distributed in individual bags along with your business card, brochures, and additional company information. These giveaway items are ideal for industry networking events, trade shows, home & garden conventions, and more.


Promotional Outdoor Magnets | Imprinted Event Giveaway Items

7. Summer Farmers’ Markets

Local farmers' markets can be a prime location for setting up a booth to provide additional information about your business. It also presents an opportunity to make new contacts and to remind your neighbors of the top-rate products and services your company has to offer.

When attending an event such as this, it's always a sound strategy to hand out our branded cotton tote bags. Attendees will appreciate having a bag to carry all of the produce they buy, and you’ll enjoy knowing you’re getting free advertising as they walk around with them in hand.


Company Logo Cotton Tote Bags for Giveaway Items



8. Sporting Events and Games

Sporting events are finally back, and many fans will be returning to watch their beloved teams compete in person this summer. From baseball to soccer, volleyball, auto racing, and more, there are near-endless opportunities to promote your business at sporting events.

Bring attention to your business or charity by way of handing out fun and useful promotional products. Free t-shirt nights are always a big hit for stadiums and live music venues. Don't forget, promotional noisemakers and imprinted foam fingers make it extra exciting to cheer on the home team.


Imprinted Foam Fingers & Custom Foam Hands in Bulk


Celebrate Summer with Custom Giveaway Products from 4AllPromos

With fewer COVID-19 restrictions, this summer is on track to be the closest thing to normalcy that we’ve seen in over a year. There's no doubt that people across the country are ready to gather together and celebrate. Choosing the right promotional products to cater to crowds at the types of events we've discussed, as well as countless others, presents a huge opportunity for success.

From custom apparel to items for tailgating, we have everything your business needs to make a lasting impression with your target audience. To learn more about our customization process, contact the 4AllPromos team today! We look forward to helping you select the perfect products to meet your promotional needs.

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