Promotional Mother’s Day Products for Every Type of Mom

Best 2021 Mother's Day Promotional Gifts & Giveaway Items
Scott Kalapos on Apr 20, 2021

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. There's no time like the present to start planning giveaways for this special holiday. These days, most moms are busy trying to keep their families healthy and their households running smoothly. In the process, many rely on the products and services your business provides for help. That’s why handing out customized Mother's Day gifts is the perfect way to thank them for their continued support and patronage!

There are many ways to go about this. For example, a pediatrician’s office could hand out giveaway bags to all moms that come in for appointments with their kids during the month of May. Meanwhile, sports leagues can give away gifts to fans who turn up over Mother's Day weekend. Just about any business or organization can thank working moms by offering swag bags during a holiday luncheon!

With so many possibilities, your business may wonder where to begin. 4AllPromos is here to help you get started. Today, we'll share some of our favorite promotional products to gift to customers, employees, and other members of your target audience this Mother’s Day. All of these options can be customized with your logo or a message, ensuring that your gift is one that helps to create advertising impressions and build brand awareness. In this way, each item doubles as both thoughtful gift for mothers as well as a powerful advertising tool for your business! Whenever moms use these products, they’ll think of the generous company that supplied them.

Promotional Gift Items for the Coffee-Loving Mom

If you were to take a large survey among mothers, the vast majority of responders would likely say they need coffee to effectively start and get through the day. That’s why custom coffee tumblers with your business name or logo on the outside are a great Mother’s Day gift idea.

Why stop there though when you can take things a step further? Consider filling each promotional tumbler with some custom chocolate candies or slipping in something unexpected such as a promotional USB flash drive for working moms. Add a ribbon to the outside, and you have an impressive gift set that is sure to please!


Blue Monday Travel Tumbler | Promotional Coffee Tumblers for Mother's Day


Giveaway Items for the Sentimental Mom

Does your business regularly work with new mothers? Does it frequently host events for employees or other women who have children? Is your school putting together an event for mothers of students to attend? No matter how you plan to honor moms on Mother’s Day, it’s important to send them home with a product they’ll truly cherish. For this reason, any organizations answering "yes" to the above questions (and even those who may not have) will want to make a memorable impression that speaks to the heart.

Sentimental moms will love promotional products that have a meaningful spin. For example, customized 3D crystal photo items with the image of a child’s footprint and a sweet poem would make great items to hand out at Mother’s Day breakfasts or luncheons. When the way to your audience's heart is... through the heart, a warm and thoughtful giveaway can make for the best possible promotion.


Engraved 3D Photo Crystals | Best Custom Mother's Day Gift Ideas


Customizable Items for the Sports Mom

There’s no doubt that sports moms are worth honoring. Not only do they get everyone to practice on time, but they’re always there to cheer on the team, win or lose. Putting together a special promotional giveaway for these types of mothers is easy, and dare we say it, even fun. This is especially if you’re a sports league or if your business happens to sponsor a youth athletic team.

So, what types of items should be included? Any devoted mother would love to have one of our imprinted stadium seat cushions to stay comfortable while spending hours watching her little athlete compete. Add matching logo embroidered stadium blankets to go with them for a truly memorable promotional gift package. If looking go with a larger item, custom fold-up chairs are also a wise buy.


Chenille Micro Plush Fleece Blanket | Promotional Stadium Blankets for Mother's Day


Promo Gifts for the Wine-Drinking Mom

Many mothers relish a good glass of wine at the end of the day every bit as much as they treasure their morning coffee at the beginning. Restaurants hosting Mother’s Day brunch events and dinners can capitalize on this by giving away swag bags with wine-related items inside.

Need some ideas to get started? How about some custom wine glasses with a special saying, motto, or cheeky quote? These always make for wonderful promotional gifts. Upgrade the gift to a gift set by way of packaging them in quality gift bags with bottle openers, candles, and a few candies. This creates a deservedly self-indulgent treat that moms are sure to remember.


Custom Imprinted Wine Glasses | Promotional Mother's Day Wine Gifts


Custom Items for the Gardener Mom

In the hunt for the perfect promotional Mother's Day items for outdoor businesses? Landscaping companies, hardware stores, lawn & garden shops, house painting services, masonry businesses, and many others can benefit from the brand building opportunities that this holiday presents. One sound strategy is to cater to your target market by investing in promotional gifts for mothers & grandmothers who like to garden.

There are quite a few different company logo imprinted products you can gather to make execute this plan. Promotional seed packets with a thankful message pair well with other outdoor items such as work gloves or hand shovels. Your business can also add in eco-friendly seed paper greeting cards that can be planted outdoors or even in windowsill gardens. Think of it as a way of giving flowers that, unlike traditional flower gifts, won't dry up after only a couple of weeks.


Planters with Custom Labels | Promotional Mother's Day Seed Kits


Promotional Gifts for the Traveling Mom

If your business is a travel agency, boutique hotel, or anything else in the hospitality industry, travel-related Mother’s Day items are essential. Products such as luggage tags, travel bags, or personalized carry-on cosmetic bags are all excellent ways to show your customers how much your business cares.

As the weather gets warmer, consider giving away personalized beach towels to help moms prepare for days by the ocean or pool. Custom key tags are another excellent giveaway idea, especially when paired with any of the other items in this article. One of the best parts about promotional travel products is that they promote your business everywhere they go. This includes airports, trains, bus stations, hotels and beyond.


All Purpose Logo Cosmetic Bag | Mother's Day Travel Gifts


Choosing the Best Mother’s Day Promotional Products

When it comes to creating promo giveaways for Mother’s Day, the key is to select several quality items and put them together in a coordinating container. This can be achieved in many ways, with cheap tote bags and gift boxes being just two examples. Alternatively, you can opt to hold a raffle for a single large item. The drawing could be open to all mothers who stop by your business the week before Mother’s Day. This can include something with a higher price tag, such as one of our premium drinkware gift sets or personalized bathrobes.

The possibilities for using promotional products for Mother’s Day are nearly infinite. All you need is a little creativity, an understanding of your audience, and a few items from the 4AllPromos inventory. We can’t wait to hear what you come up with!

For more information about our selection of customizable Mother's Day products, contact us today.

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