Hello 2021! Ring In the New Year with These Promotional Products

Best Custom Promotional Products for 2021
Scott Kalapos on Dec 18, 2020

After the dramatic turn of events in 2020, most people are excited about the promise of what’s to come in 2021. That being said, there’s never been a better time to stock your promotional cabinet with custom items that will delight your target market.

From the best promotional travel mugs to the toppromotional technology gift sets, 4AllPromos has everything you need to ensure your audience remembers your business throughout the coming year. Plus, many of these items can also be used as gifts to show your employees just how much you value them.

To make the process easy, the 4AllPromos team has curated a comprehensive collection of the best customizable items for promoting your business. Read on to learn about some of our suggested products for helping current and potential clients ring in the new year.

Customizable Products for Coffee and Tea Lovers

Ready to make sure your business stays top of mind for all of the coffee and tea lovers out there? Our custom coffee mugs are a great choice. With so many different color and size options, you’re sure to find one that truly represents your brand. One our engraved ceramic models is pictured below.


Bright Red Ceramic Engraved Mug | Custom Coffee Mugs


While ceramic mugs are nice on their own, you don’t have to stop there. Buying custom mugs in bulk and filling them with candy or other special treats is also an excellent idea. You can even add tea bags or pouches of hot cocoa to each one to create a cozy giveaway package. Finish the gift off with a cellophane bag and a ribbon for a polished look.

Your options don’t end there. We also offer personalized travel mugs for active customers and employees. These handy products come in numerous sizes, styles, and colors with plenty of room to add a company logo or message. They're ideal for commuting, camping, hiking, and even enjoying a cozy night in when it's finally time to rest.


Stainless Steel Tervis Travel Mug | Best Promotional Travel Mugs


Personalized Wine and Bar Promo Items

Another giveaway category to consider in the new year comes in the form of our wine and bar promo items. While the beginning of 2021 doesn’t look like it’s going to be prime for banquets and large gatherings, there is hope that we’ll be able to continue with these cherished social traditions in a few months. With this in mind, our custom wine glasses will be a wonderful way to commemorate the occasion. Personalized wine bottle bags also offer a great take-home option as giveaway items. This is especially true when you opt to have wine labels created with your company name and the date of the event.

There are many other ways you can use our promotional wine and bar gifts. Do you have an Airbnb room or run a boutique hotel? Leaving custom wine openers in each room as a welcome gift is an extra special touch your guests are sure to enjoy. Hosting a virtual New Year’s celebration with your employees? Sending custom beer glasses to each team member is the perfect way to start 2021 off on the right foot.


11 oz Citation Wine Glass | Personalized Wine Glasses with Company Logo


Promotional Tech Products

If you’re looking for the best promotional tech products of 2021, 4AllPromos has you covered. Our catalog includes a variety of specialty items such as imprinted power banks, wireless speakers, selfie sticks, and much more. These all make great handouts for events and meetings. They can also perform well as retail items or giveaways for your most loyal customers.

While our tech gifts are excellent for building brand awareness, they also make fun and functional gifts for your employees. Promotional earbuds, for example, are ideal for handing out to staff members working remotely. Pair them with our promotional blue light glasses and a few individual snacks in a reusable tote bag. Thoughtful presents such as these help employees to feel appreciated and stay motivated to do their absolute best each day.


Custom  Earbud Kits | Promotional Tech Giveaway Items


Customizable Stress Balls

It’s no secret that many people will still feel a little on edge as we move into 2021. Custom stress balls can help your patrons & target market members calm down and take a breather when the tension starts to boil over. Their small size is convenient in that they don’t take up too much room in a desk drawer, locker, or other storage space. We have promotional stress toys in dozens of colors, shapes, and sizes. These include Lego-style building block stress squeezers, color changing stress balls, and many others.

If your business is hosting a virtual showing of the 2021 Super Bowl or running promos related to the big game, consider sending our football stress balls to your customers and employees. These foam footballs have plenty of space to add your custom logo or motto, so nervous viewers know exactly where their stress relief came from.


Football Squeezies Stress Reliever | Imprinted Stress Toys


Promotional Kitchenware Items

Eating healthier, sticking to a budget, and even taking on a new hobby are all popular New Year's resolutions. The common bond between all three of these is that they can all revolve around cooking and meal preparation. Therefore, there’s no better time to promote your business through custom cooking utensils and other promo kitchenware items. After all, everyone has to eat. Users will be sure to see your company’s name while whipping up a frugal & healthy meal. This will make them more likely to remember your business when they need products and services in your area. 4AllPromos has several options to choose from, including cake servers, ice cream scoops, cheese graters, and more. We even offer personalized oven mitts and aprons for baking enthusiasts.


Sublimated Clamshell Oven Mitts | Custom Oven Mitts & Pot Holders


Another way to delight your customers and ensure your business stays on their minds is to give out custom cutlery items. From sturdy steak knives with wooden handles to entire cutlery blocks, these products offer a unique way to advertise your brand. Custom barware accessories also make a great giveaway item that’s anything but mundane.

If you’d like to create a kitchenware gift bag, our custom eco-friendly tote bags are an excellent option. They're perfect for gathering and holding collection of items. Putting together a bag of kitchen accessories for a real estate client who just closed on a new home or to welcome a new tenant to your apartment complex? These are just two of the many opportunities for promoting your brand with our tote bags. The possibilities for pairing these promotional items together are limited only by the imagination!


Eco-Friendly Non-Woven Shopper Tote | Custom Recycled Tote Bags


Delight Your Customers with Products from 4AllPromos

Whether you’re looking for the best promotional ceramic mugs, tech gadgets, or kitchen accessories, you can find them at 4AllPromos. Once you’ve picked out your perfect giveaway products, our team of artists is here to assist you with the entire customization process. We'll work together to ensure your promo push is a success in 2021 and beyond.

Need additional information? Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your brand!

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