Stay Cool with Back to School Promotional Lunch Bags

Promotional Back to School Lunch Bags
Scott Kalapos on Jul 14, 2017

It may only be July, but there's no time like the present to get ahead of the competition and start thinking of the best promotional back to school items for your business. While we offer many promotional school supplies and other promotional items for children, today's article will focus on our many varieties and styles of promotional lunch bags and promotional lunch cooler bags.

Avoid soggy sandwichesOur promotional lunch bags are designed with durability, safety, style, and function in mind. Who doesn't remember those freezer blocks Mom always used to sneak into your school lunch? Sure, they kept your food cool and free from spoilage, but they also could have an effect on food flavor, texture, and moisture. Many a lunch period was marred by the decidedly soggy PBJ and inconsistently chilly desserts. Sure, it was in the name of health and intentions were well, but let's be honest here; few of us enjoyed it. 

Our promotional lunch cooler bags can put an end to such woes. With these, the need for ice packs is eliminated. Kids will love the uncompromised tastes and uncompromised style that our lunch cooler bags bring to the school cafeteria. Their parents will love knowing they've sent them off to school with a safe and healthy lunch. Your business will love the brand awareness that these promotional back to school products will spread as your company logo swarms schools and busses all week long.

While they are great promotional products for schools, we also have logo imprinted lunch coolers, six pack coolers, and custom meal management bags that can satisfy adult needs too. Whether they're bringing lunch to work, keeping drinks cold at outdoor events, or keeping food at ideal temperatures during long car trips, we have the best promotional insulated food & drink bags to suit any occasion.

Unless you're already well-versed in the rather specific terminology involving custom lunch bags, lunch cooler bags, and lunch totes, you may come across a few unfamiliar words throughout this article. As we're encouraging you to be proactive about jumping on discount back to school promotional items, we'll be practice what we preach and be proactive by explaining these terms right now.

If you're already in-the-know when it comes to these terms, you can skip directly ahead to read about the our 11 Top Promotional Back-to-School Lunch Bags.

Promotional Lunch Bag Materials

There are several different materials that go into our promotional lunch cooler bags, and they all come with their own unique benefits. Polypropylene, nylon, polyester, and canvas are the materials that go into the 11 lunch bags we'll be talking about today. We also offer several promotional neoprene lunch cooler bags and custom neoprene lunch tote bags

Polypropylene is a #5 recyclable plasticOur non-woven polypropylene lunch bags are some of our most eco-friendly promotional products. Polypropylene is one of the most common plastic polymers in the world and is also one of the most frequently recycled plastics. It is a very durable material whose density is measured in GSM, or grams per square meters. The higher the GSM rating, the stronger the polypropylene material will be. Polypropylene is one of the best materials for insulated lunch bags and has excellent bouyancy qualities. It likely won't be often that our promotional lunch cooler bags will be dropped into the water, but when they are, isn't it comforting to know they won't be lost or damaged? Whenever you see the image to the right of this paragraph, you know you have a polypropylene product on your hands.

We also carry many nylon lunch bags. Nylon is a material that dries quickly, is flexible, lightweight, and durable. It is resistant to mildew, water, wrinkles, and sun damage. This is why it's a material frequently found in the best custom collapsible lunch bags. Its strength is often measured in deniers, with a higher denier rating denoting a stronger nylon material. You'll often see deniers abbreviated as D, such as in the phrase "200D nylon shell". 

Promotional polyester lunch cooler bags are another promo product we offer. Polyester, when used in lunch bag construction, shares many of the same qualities as nylon. However, it is not as flexible as nylon, but is more effective when it comes to avoiding sun damage. 

Many of our business canvas lunch bags for kids are actually made of material composites. In other words, a lot of our lunch bags that contain canvas also are blended with other materials. Custom business logo cotton canvas insulated cooler bags account for some of our best sellers, but the canvas blended lunch bag we'll show you later on in this article is blended with polyester. Generally speaking, canvas lunch bags are strong and sturdy, but are best suited for indoor use.

Promotional Insulated Lunch Coolers - Insulation-Specific Terms

There aren't really all that many unfamiliar terms that will come up when reading about our custom logo imprinted insulated lunch bags, but there are a few we'd like to fill you in on. You'll see PEVA insulation referred a few times later on in this article. PEVA is shorter (and easier) way of saying polyethylene vinyl acetate. It's an environmentally-friendly form of insulation that is free of chlorine and is biodegradable. However, it is primarily just used for cooling and isn't present in our hot & cold cooler bags.

Our promotional thermal lunch bags are insulated such that they can retain both heat and coolness. Our three layer insulated lunch bags tend to consist of an inner foil wall and an exterior material with flexible cooling foam sandwiched in between.

Now that that's out of the way, get ready to meet the best promotional back to school lunch bags of 2017!

11 Top Promotional Back-to-School Lunch Bags

Peak Lunch Cooler Bag - Custom Promotional Lunch Sport Pack

Custom promotional lunch cooler bags - Peak Lunch Cooler Bag

Leading off is our athletically-inspired Peak Cooler Lunch Bag. Its appearance is reminiscent of a classic sports duffel bag and its PEVA insulation ensures that food and drinks stay healthy, cool, and refreshing. It can give that extra boost when preparing for the big game or help to refuel during halftime. Whether they're playing an indoor sport or an outdoor sport, this athletically themed lunch bag will keep their food and drinks in prime condition for preparing for the big game or refueling at halftime.

Even kids who aren't stars on the field or court will they'll still love bringing their lunch to school with this fashionable sports pack. It has all of the bells and whistles to set it apart from the also-rans of the lunch box world. Its dimensions of 9" wide by 8" high by 2.5" deep give it a sleek and sporty look at an affordable price. It is constructed of durable polyester and features a mesh side pocket which is perfect for holding an extra beverage or snack for when extra nourishment is in order. Adding to its appeal is a clear ID window located in the middle of the rear panel. This ensures that if mistakes are made and it ever winds up in the lost & found, it won't be there for long. Pair it up with one of our promotional business logo stadium cushions and parents will be able to cheer their favorite little athletes on from the stands in comfort while displaying your custom imprinted company logo both on the field and in the bleachers.

6 Pack Non-Woven Cooler Bag - One of Our Best Promotional Eco-Friendly Lunch Bags

Best promotional back to school products - 6-Pack Non-Woven Cooler BagThe next back to school item we'd like to share with you today is our promotional 6-Pack Non-Woven Cooler Bag. Don't let the name fool you - this promotional lunch bag is good for more than just toting a half dozen of your favorite brews. It's also quite handy as a very kid-friendly lunch bag. This is an eco-friendly lunch bag, as it is made of recycled 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene. As one of our many reusable promotional product for kids, these colorful lunch bags are spill proof and weather resistant. This makes it a great lunch bag for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be carried out to the playground during recess and brought back inside in top condition, regardless of the weather.

Food will be safe from spoilage, as this insulated hot & cold soft lunch box is designed with thermal qualities. A food-safe foil lining keeps food and drinks away from direct contact with the insulation and its 25" reinforced webbing handle makes sure that it can be toted around comfortably and easily. Its front slip pocket creates additional storage space for personal items, school supplies, extra snacks, or anything else a kid might need to get through the school day. The front panel provides a space for your custom imprinted company logo to reside, which can be either screen printed or created through full color imprinting. 

Here's a video that shows our 6-Pack Non-Woven Cooler Back in up-close and personal fashion:

Insulated Lunch Bag for Hot & Cold Use - A Great Back to School Promotional Item for Businesses

Best promotional hot & cold lunch bags - Insulated Lunch Bag for Hot & Cold UseOur Insulated Lunch Bag is another one of our promotional hot & cold lunch bags that we'd like to tell you a little about. This is a personalized lunch tote bag made of sturdy polyester which is coated with a layer of thermal film. Beverages, fruit, and salads will stay refreshingly cool and hot lunches will stay warm and satisfying all day long when a school lunch is packed inside of this promotional lunch bag. It features the classic brown lunch bag shape, but without any of the sogginess, tearing, or environmental waste that those old fashioned lunch vessels carry. 

A hard plastic bottom insert keeps the bottom of this lunch bag safe and keeps food and drinks supported and temperature controlled for hours. Its 8" wide by 12" high by 7" deep proportions create a tall and thin lunch bag that fits well inside of any backpack and can easily be carried by hand when on its own. Speaking of backpacks, this lunch bag makes for a perfect cross-promotion with any of our promotional eco-friendly recycled drawstring backpacks. A top Velcro closure prevents accidental spills and makes sure that no lunch items will be released until this bag is sitting safely atop the lunch table. This is an ideal lunch bag for grocery stores, restaurants, department stores, schools, and grocery stores. Your business logo will be screen printed or printed by way of the full-color process front and center. Anyone who sees these lunch bags will see your custom designed logo, spreading company awareness wherever the lunch bag goes. School cafeterias, busses, walks to and from school, and sporting events are just a few of the places where these promotional lunch bags will assist in your advertising efforts for years.

Drawstring Koozie Backpack Cooler - A Custom Logo Imprinted Company Branded Lunch Cooler Bag

The next lunch bag we're going to introduce represents our family of top-of-the-line promotional collapsible coolers. We offer several high quality Koozie products, and our Drawstring Koozie Backpack Cooler is one of the best. In addition to working well as a school lunch bag, it also steps up to the plate to deliver a promotional advertising home run while keeping food and drinks cool at company picnics, field trips, outdoor events, and on long trips by car, bus, train, or airplane. 

Promotional drawstring lunch cooler bags - Drawstring Koozie Backpack CoolerThis promotional lunch cooler bag is constructed of long-lasting 70D nylon and is watertight, so mold and sogginess will not be concerns. This lightweight drawstring lunch bag features a spacious main compartment with dimensions of 13" wide by 16" high. A front slip pocket creates a handy space for storing money, ID cards, keys, pens, pencils, pocket notebooks, and most anything else that needs to be transported along with a lunch, snack, or drink. The company logo imprint area is 36 square inches, which is prime advertising real estate for your screen printed or embroidered business logo. Camping supply companies, outdoor clothing outfitters, gyms, grocery stores, restaurants, and museums will all find this to be an ideal company branded lunch bag for their advertising goals. It's also a great promotional giveaway item for camps, who will get year-long advertising exposure after sending their campers home at the end of summer with this or any other of our business logo imprinted lunch bags.

For additional information regarding our Drawstring Koozie Backpack Cooler, you may refer to the video located below:

Paws N Claws Lunch Bag - One of Our Best-Selling Promotional Items for Kids

Your business logo will get a ton of exposure when custom printed on these promotional children's lunch bags. Elementary schools, pre-schools, toy stores, kids' clothing shops, pediatrician offices, amusement parks, zoos, and many other organizations will find these cute animal print & shaped lunch bags to be a perfect promotional tool. Almost all kids love animals and almost all parents love being able to send their child off to their first day of school in a cute ensemble worthy of the family photo album. These are the kind of lunch backpacks that naturally draw attention wherever they're taken, and that means a lot of exposure for your school, business, charity, camp, or veterinary clinic. 

Cute animal print promotional lunch bags for kids - Paws N Claws Lunch Bag

Kids can choose from a selection of bears, bees, cows, dolphins, ducks, eagles, elephants, frogs, kittens, monkeys, owls, penguins, pigs, puppies, sharks, or tigers when it comes to these animal printed lunch bags. Good for holding more than just food, a front slip pocket creates space for school supplies, small amounts of money, toys (such as our promotional miniature stuffed animals, which by the way, are a great tie-in with these lunch bags), or any other special item from home that a young child might want to bring along for comfort on his or her first bus ride. 

Parents will love how cute these novelty lunch bags look on their children, but they'll also love how durable these promo lunch bags are. Kids aren't very careful with their possessions, and that's why a lunch bag designed for children needs to be able to stand up to some less than ideal treatment. 210D polyester construction sees that this is done, and mylar lining ensures that cleaning is safe and easy. Therefore, this is a lunch bag that will not only last for years, but will also look great while doing it. When a child gets a little older and wants a more mature looking lunch bag, these promotional lunch backpacks can move on as a hand-me-down item to their younger siblings. 

12 Ounce Cereal-On-The-Go -  A Fun Novelty Promotional Item for Kids

Everyone likes to switch things up for a change of pace every now and then. Kids are no exception to this concept; if anything, they enforce it. That's why novelty promotional back to school items are such a hit. Once such item is our 12 oz Cereal-On-The-Go container. If a child feels like having breakfast for lunch or is hit with a hankering for cereal at any other time, this item will surely come in handy. It features a 12 oz plastic bowl as well as a 5.7 ounce container for milk, which is kept cool by way of a freezer gel pack. This is a business promotional product that will build confidence and self-reliance in children, as it allows them to easily prepare their own meals. It's never too early for anyone to learn their way around the kitchen, and our 12 Oz Cereal-On-The-Go container is a good place to start.

Best Promotional Novelty Food Items - 12 Oz Cereal-On-The-GoWhile it is large enough to provide a satisfying meal, it is still small enough to fit comfortably within a backpack. It is constructed of food safe BPA-free plastic and its function goes beyond the cafeteria. It's a great option for when a child gets hungry on a bus, plane, or extended car trip. If your employees or customers don't have any children, this item still makes for a fun and creative corporate gift. This is because it can easily be filled with dog food or cat food instead of cereal, and water in place of  milk. It makes for a great food and portable water bowl for dogs and cats and ensures that your furry family members always have a snack and drink ready on hikes and road trips. Your business logo will be imprinted on the bowl portion of this item for maximum visibility and brand exposure.




Infographic - Tips on How to Prepare a Healthy School Lunch for Children

This seems like a good place to stop and take a quick break to share an informative infographic with you. This particular infographic comes courtesy of (opens in a new window) and includes a wealth of information about how to make a healthy lunch for children. Parents and children can work together with these instructions for some quality bonding time preparing some quality food. Eating healthy can be fun and educational, and this infographic provides some tips on how to bring that concept to reality.

How to Prepare a Healthy School Lunch - Infographic courtesy of

Stay Fit Cooler Gift Set - One of Our Best Promotional Meal Management Bags

Best promotional meal management bags - Stay Fit Cooler Gift SetIf you're asking, "What is a meal management bag?" or just wondering what function they serve, we're here to explain for you. A meal management bag is a bag (obviously) that houses other containers and items designed to help with dieting, healthy eating, and successful execution of meal planning. This particular custom meal management bag is an eco-friendly promotional product, constructed of recycled 80 GSM non-woven polypropylene. It contains a beverage shaker which is perfect for making health shakes and low-fat smoothies as well as a plastic salad container complete with utensils and a snap-on lid. This makes a great promotional gift or promotional sales item for gyms, health food stores, vitamin companies, health insurance companies, and sporting good stores. 

Your custom business logo is imprinted on multiple items within our Stay Fit Cooler Gift set, allowing for triple the brand awareness generation at no extra cost. Children and adults alike can use this promotional meal management bag to meet their weight loss and fitness goals. Users will think of your brand whenever they're working out and eating healthy and they'll be displaying your corporate logo at the same time. With all the benefits this custom branded meal management bag brings, it is one of the most effective company branded products for building goodwill and creating positive associations within the minds of users and their school/work/gym mates.

A black exterior with bold contrasting colors will really make your custom imprinted business logo stand out. Even when the bag is being transported and during times where its individual items are not in use, it will still draw eyes and start conversations. This is the kind of health-promoting and socially aware promotional product that will make brand awareness spread like wildfire. It also makes eating healthy a positive experience, as this meal management bag's insulation properties keep drinks cold and refreshing and keep salads, fruits, and vegetables cool, crisp, and delicious.


Color Pop Lunch Cooler -  A Top Promotional Lunch Tote Bag

Best promotional lunch tote bags - Color Pop Lunch CoolerWhile we carry many popular charity awareness tote bags, custom logo imprinted recycled tote bags, and promotional high-end luxury tote bags, our promotional lunch tote bags are some of our most utilitarian and frequently seen custom totes. Our Color Pop Lunch Cooler is designed with more mature and fashion-forward users in mind. Therefore, it's a great promotional back to school item for college students who need a handy tote bag to transport their meals around campus between classes. Its sturdy 600D polyester canvas construction, coupled with its sleek and elegant design, provide ample proof that sophisticated style and durability are not mutually exclusive.

This promotional lunch tote bag boasts a protective silver bottom, white mid section, and boldly colored top, carrying handles, and zipper areas. It has two vertical pockets which are convenient for storing ID cars, money, writing implements, phones, and nearly any other personal item a user needs. Its dimensions are 14¾" wide by 11½" high by 5" deep, and therefore it is one of our larger custom business logo lunch bags. A Velcro top closure and 14½" carrying handles create easy access and lightweight, stress-free transportation. As is the case with all of our custom lunch coolers, our Color Pop model is insulated to keep food and drinks chilled for hours at a time.

Poly Pro Printed Lunch to Go - One of Our Best Promotional Back-to-School Items for College Students

Promotional Luxury Lunch Cooler Tote - Poly Pro Printed Lunch to GoMuch like the Color Pop Lunch Cooler, our Poly Pro Lunch to Go is a promotional lunch cooler bag geared toward a more adult demographic. Specifically, it's a custom business logo lunch tote bag for women. Its zebra print or leopard print design gives it a high-end feminine look that is a hit with women of all ages. Also available in a royal blue plaid design, this is an eco-friendly lunch cooler, constructed of sturdy non-woven polypropylene. It is equipped with PEVA insulation, which allows busy college students and professionals to rest easy, knowing that their drinks, snacks, and meals will stay cool and refreshing, no matter how hot and strenuous their day may be. 

24" inch handles and a top  Velcro closure make it a breeze to transport and access the contents within this custom logo imprinted lunch tote bag. Salons, clothing retailers, campus book shops, and women's accessory stores will all find this to be an ideal promotional product to display their company logo in high fashion. Your company logo will be imprinted on the slip front pocket for optimum location and visibility. Visit the following link to order this great promotional back to school item that will educate the public about your business as its users are pursuing their higher education.

Non-Woven Lunch Bag - A Top Eco-Friendly Promotional Lunch Cooler Bag

There's something about that classic brown paper bag lunch bag look that strikes a cord of nostalgia within us all. However, the environmentally-conscious among us aren't so fond of the waste these one-time-use paper bags provide. Our promotional back to school Nonwoven Lunch Bag removes such concerns. It is constructed of environmentally-friendly, 100% recycled polypropylene. It is a custom reusable lunch cooler bag that combines a classic look with green-thinking philosophies to create a lunch bag that pleases everyone. When we say everyone, we're not forgetting about you and your business. Your custom business logo will be beautifully imprinted front and center on these colorful lunch bags in either a silkscreen or full-color printing process. 

A thermal and food-safe foil lined main compartment provides plenty of room for a main course, drink, and sides. Grocery stores, schools, hospitals, school supply companies, office supply companies, and bus lines will all find this to be an ideal back to school promotional item for kids and their parents. A 5" Velcro flap closure and 16" reinforced webbing handle make this a lunch cooler bag that is easy to carry and operate for users of all ages. 

These are highly customizable lunch bags, as there are many bold colors available to choose from. Select from yellow, white, red, reflex blue, hunter green, purple, orange, burgundy, black, lime green, purple, and navy blue to find the color that best matches your corporate logo.


Identification Lunch Bag - A Promotional Collapsible Lunch Cooler for Kids & Adults

The last back-to-school business promotional item we're including on this list is our Identification Lunch Bag. As its name would imply, this is a lunch bag that includes an ID holder (located on the back of the bag), which makes it so that even if the bag gets lost, it will quickly be returned to its rightful owner. This small promotional collapsible cooler bag is made of rugged 70D nylon and is easy to open and close with its foldable Velcro flap closure. It is PEVA-insulated, so its contents are kept cool throughout the day, allowing it to provide a refreshing  mid-day meal to power students through recess and the rest of their school day with ease. 

Another useful feature of our Identification Lunch Bag is its side mesh pocket. It is just the right size for housing a beverage holder. If a user wants to keep their drink warm or keep an extra drink container on hand, this external pocket is a great way to do it. A 20 square inch rectangular area on the front of the bag is where your company logo will be boldly imprinted. With your logo standing out so prominently, this works as an identification device on both sides. One side ensures that users won't lose their lunch cooler bags and the other side ensures that your business won't lose a second of advertising time. 

Useful for both children and adults, this is an item that adeptly fulfills your promotional needs. Grocery stores, gyms, office supply companies, technology companies, environmental agencies, state parks, camping supply companies, and most any other business for that matter will benefit greatly from investing in this product. As it easily fits within a backpack, we suggest that you offer it as a package deal with one of our promotional cotton and canvas drawstring backpacks.


If you'd like to see this lunch bag in action, take a look at the video located below:


Well, there you have it - our top 11 picks for promotional back to school lunch bags. We hope this article was an entertaining and informative read that has helped you to find the best lunch bags to fit your promotional needs. We also hope we've managed to teach you some new things about the world of lunch bags and provided a helpful tool with the healthy meal preparation infographic. If there's anything we left out that you would have liked to have seen covered, or if you're interested in knowing about some of other top promotional back to school items (such as our promotional sticky note pads, custom logo imprinted crayons, deluxe promotional BIC pens, or any others), leave us a comment. We aim to please and your input allows us to do it better than anything else!

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